Spessartine Garnet

Stone Of Harmony & Good Health

Written By Liz Oakes

Spessartine Garnet has a strong stimulating vibration that is powerful to boost how you feel. 

These crystals have metaphysical properties that are known to assist manifestation and aid creativity.

They also stimulate the brain, strengthening logical reasoning, mental clarity and activating imaginative thinking.

It is an impressive healing stone that is also known as the stone of Harmony and Good Health, as it helps the body to heal in a number of ways and brings peace and harmony.

Spessartine GarnetSpessartine Garnet

It has a good number of healing properties that are extremely beneficial to use for self healing.

It's energy is advantageous to keep close to you to assist the body to restore itself, as it brings the power of the natural world into play to aid the body to heal.

Where Is It From? Spessartine Garnet Meaning

The meaning of the name of this type of Garnet comes from the area that it was first found in the Spessart region of Germany.

Their name relates to the Bavarian word for forest, as the forested mountainous region was where these stones were first found.

Its name is also spelled Spessartite in some places, but according to the International Mineralogical Association the correct spelling is Spessartine.

The word garnet relates to a Latin word 'granatum', which means pomegranate as it was felt they looked like pomegranate seeds.

The natural color of this variety of Garnet is orange through to red. Due to the addition of iron many stones can be orange-brown or reddish-orange.

The darker red stones are thought to be a mixture of this variety with Almandine Garnet, which is a quite dark red.

This variety of garnet comes in a range of orange and red colors all of which are quite beautiful.

These crystals are commonly either yellowish orange, orange, orange-red or red and this does depend on the amount of manganese in the stones.

 Orange or Mandarine Garnet called Garnet Of The Sun

Orange SpessartineOrange Spessartine

They may also be yellow, brown, red-brown, rose-red, scarlet or red with a tinge of purple. They are found in the massive form as dodecahedral crystals, trapezoidal crystals or as a mix of the last two.

Many of the red Brazilian stones have complex stepped faces and terminations, many with terminations all the way around like the one pictured both above and below.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between red Spessartine and deep red Almandine Garnet unless they have a specific formation that identifies them.

Almandine combined with Spessartine was less common in the past but it is now possible to get  lovely orange red or even a bright scarlet red colored stones, see pictures throughout this page.

Brilliant orange Spessartine gemstones have been found in Madagascar, and due to their color and brilliance are marketed under a specific name, Mandarin Garnet, and may also be seen selling as the Garnet Of The Sun. 

The orange crystals are sometimes found with quartz, including Smokey Quartz seen in the image below, but these are said to be very uncommon, even rare.

Orange Spessartine Garnet with Smoky QuartzOrange Spessartine Garnet with Smoky Quartz

Other places where these stones have been found includes Namibia, Mozambique, Israel, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Myanmar, China, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and the USA.

You can buy pieces of Spessartite Garnet, and this variety of garnet make wonderful gemstones to use in jewelry as they are extremely attractive.

There are a large number of garnet varieties, so if you'd like to learn more about how to distinguish between them, take a look at this very interesting article on the subject.

Why Would You Use Spessartine Garnet? 

You might choose to use these stones as they have some excellent healing attributes including:

  • They aid healing on a number of levels as their vibration naturally aids the body to rebuild and restore parts of itself that need repair.
  • They embody within them a wonderful compassionate energy that comes from Mother nature herself.
  • They have a potent action to stimulate a natural healing and restoration process  in the body.
  • Their energy is known to protect you from danger and may help you to let go of fear.
Spessartine GarnetDeep Red Spessartine Garnet with striated patterns on all surfaces

Spessartine Garnet is a powerful stone for abundance and prosperity and may be highly beneficial to combine with the 7 laws of attraction.

Their energy may bring all sorts of things into your life, depending on what you visualize and therefore attract.

All garnets will bring through manifestation, and different varieties specific things.

This garnet variety works to manifest an increase in your creativity, and is known to be helpful for procreation, so may assist you if you wish to get pregnant.

 How Will It Help You?

Their action within the base or root chakra may be helpful to heal sexual problems.

The healing properties of stones like these are known to be powerful to enhance your sexuality as they work strongly within the three lower chakras.

They have a strong vibration that is quite stimulating to the auric field.

Like all of the types of garnets, these crystals are helpful to assist with the release of negativity from the auric field.

They have excellent metaphysical properties that help to stimulate feelings of commitment to others, and may bring about an improvement in your relationships.

Their energy within the crown chakra is helpful to aid your mind, assisting you to think more clearly and may help to stimulate your imagination.

How To Use It? Wearing Spessartine Garnet

It may be beneficial to wear this stone if you have need of its action to assist any of the many health issues mentioned below.

If you read through the section on the problems it assists, you will see that it is a very beneficial stone to keep on the body.

SpessartineSpessartite Garnet Earrings

One of its useful actions is to ease stress and to create feelings of peace and harmony.

They are known to be helpful stones to assist pain, so it may be useful to keep a piece on the body if you are suffering from painful health problems.

They may also help disorders of the lungs.

If you cannot find jewelry made from the stone, a simple tumblestone like the ones pictured further down the page will work just as well.

Their energy at the solar plexus chakra may boost manifestation, so you may find it beneficial to use these stones in combination with the laws of attraction to bring those things you desire into your life.

Who Should Use Spessartine Garnet? Healing Attributes

Spessartine Garnet have a quite deep yet gentle healing vibration, that will flow through all areas of the body. 

This energy may help to relieve stress and create feelings of profound peace and harmony.

These crystals have many excellent healing attributes, and will heal on all levels of the etheric body to assist physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

These stones are known to aid the healing of a number of area of the body, including the heart and lungs and diseases of the blood, as well as aiding spinal issues.

Red is the color for passion, and the deep red stones have a strong resonance within the organs governed by the base chakra, including the sexual organs.

They are known to be helpful to aid a range of sexual problems and combined with their energy to boost creativity may also work on a procreative level to aid infertile couples.

Any color of Spessartine Garnet is known to have a number of other beneficial healing attributes.

This includes aiding issues within the stomach area, relieving digestive upsets and assisting issues within the bowels.

SpessartineRed Spessartine

They are known to assist the healing of bacterial infections within the stomach region and may be beneficial for those who have an intolerance to soy or to lactose.

They are known for their action to help pain in the muscles and may assist those with a range of allergic problems including with seasonal allergies that may affect the lungs.

They are also known to help health problems such as asthma and bronchitis and emphysema.

They are said to assist with the healing of a deficiency of calcium or magnesium, by assisting your body to assimilate these minerals. 

Best Crystals To Use With Spessartine Garnet

What are the best crystals to combine with Spessartine?

If you wish to stimulate your imagination, there are a number of  crystals that will work well in combination with this crystal to boost imaginative thinking.

Specific stones you might choose to use with it includes Picasso Stone, Tangerine Quartz, Citrine or Pietersite.

If you feel you need to galvanize your thinking, and aid greater clarity, use them in combination with other crystals to boost mental clarity.

This includes Larimar, Powellite, Citrine, Yellow Apatite, Azurite or Mariposite.

These stones are known to have a good action to help those with allergies. If you would like to boost their action, use them with other crystals for allergies including Shungite, Fuchsite, Cookeite or Hyalite Opal.

These crystals have a good healing action to help muscle pain, but if you feel you need extra help you may combine them with other stones that help to relieve pain in the muscles.

Stones you might use to help pain in your muscles includes Cookeite, Pyrrhotite, Jet,  Emerald or Malachite.

JetJet Pendant

These stones have a good action to boost creativity and in particular are known to help artists and writers as well as dancers  or actors, assisting you to manifest creatively.

Use it with other creativity stones that also particularly stimulate the sacral chakra, such as Carnelian, Heliodor, Libyan Desert Glass or Yellow Apatite.

These are good crystals for stress relief, but if you feel you need a little extra help you might choose to use them with other stones that relieve stress.

There are a large number of stones that aid stress so check out my page on crystals for stress to see the list of stones you might choose for this purpose.

Some stones are known to be particularly helpful when used with this stones to assist stress. This includes Amazonite, Mangano Calcite, Picasso Marble, Howlite or Variscite.

These lovely orange or red garnets also combine well with other colors of this crystal family including with the Green Garnets which you can read about here.

Pictures Of Both Red & Orange Spessartine Garnet

Spessartine Garnet
Spessartine Garnet
Spessartine GarnetSpessartine Garnet

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