Snowflake Obsidian

A Stone Of Purity, Stability & Balance

➤ By Liz Oakes

Snowflake Obsidian brings stability and balance to your life and are strong grounding stones that aid the release of excess energy into the earth.

They are a Stone Of Purity that help you to release old patterns of behavior that are no longer of value to you.

Use them in meditation as they stimulate the third eye and help you to make a connection with your loved ones in Spirit, known as mediumship.

The vibration of these crystals allows you to be more aware of coincidence and synchronicity, at the time it occurs.

Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake Obsidian

They are useful healing crystals for you to use, as they have a number of powerful healing properties.

This is a powerful stone that has a highly beneficial action to help the release of negative energy, and are very attractive stones with excellent metaphysical properties. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Snowflake Obsidian?

Snowflake Obsidian crystal is known as a stone of purity as they help you to release undesirable ways of behaving that are no longer benefiting you.  

Due to their action to bring more balance to your life, their vibration may help you to feel more in control of what is playing out in your life on a day to day basis.

They can be beneficial to bring stability, by assisting you to be more composed and self possessed when problems are surrounding you.

Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake Obsidian

They have a very balancing energy and may assist you to be aware of the existence of powerful positive beings that embody Spiritual light and love.

At the same time this balancing energy helps you to be conscious of both light and dark energies.

This helps you to be more aware when you make contact with negative or malevolent spirits, that can create a chaotic situation that you need to avoid. 

The energy of this predominantly black crystal is advantageous to ground you and make you feel more strongly rooted into your existence on this planet.

They assist the release of negative energy and are advantageous to bolster your strength and may encourage you to feel more balanced, both physically and mentally.

Their vibration may help you to feel more in control of what is playing out in your life, and they may assist you to be more composed and self possessed when problems are surrounding you.

Increasing Coincidences or Synchronicities 

Through their energy to increase synchronicities or coincidences in your life, they can help you to be aware of the need to take your life in a particular direction.

When a number of coincidences start to occur on a regular basis, this may be Spirit trying to get your attention.

Take notice if this happens, especially if you have something on your mind that worries you and that you need to find a solution to.

White Snowflake ObsidianWhite Snowflake Obsidian Stones

They may help you to be more aware at times when this is occurring and may assist you to understand why something is happening.

Check out the article about coincidence and synchronicity, as it is of value to understand how this energy works.

By being aware of the process that relates to coincidences that occur, you can make better choices when you are confronted by the need to make changes in your life.

The energy of these crystals can help you to persevere and to stay the course when you need to adapt your life due to situations occurring around you that you have no control over.

They will help you to hang in there, and keep going forward in a positive direction, clearing negative thinking that might be blocking you from living your best life.  

How Will It Help You? 

White Snowflake Obsidian stones have a lovely calming and soothing energy, which makes them an excellent addition to your daily meditation.

Use them to more easily relax into the deep meditative state required for successful meditation.

These crystals resonate within the third eye chakra, and this makes them a powerful asset to aid the development of psychic gifts. 

Snowflake Obsidian

There are a number of psychic powers that are related to the energy of the third eye. 

They are beneficial crystals for past life work as their vibration can assist you to recall details of past lives.

They are a good stone to aid you to discover information about past lives that you were not aware of, which can help to bring positive change to your life.

Natural Snowflake ObsidianNatural Snowflake Obsidian

They are helpful base or root chakra stones that aid grounding, and may also help to balance both your body and mind.

Like other types of Obsidian, they will assist spiritual grounding by moving any excess energy down through the base chakra to the earth chakras for grounding.

They are helpful crystals for emotional healing and their energy can stimulate positive energy and release negative emotions. 

Where Is It From? Snowflake Obsidian Meaning

Also known as White or Gray Snowflake Obsidian, the meaning of their name relates to gray and white patches that are present on a black background within obsidian stone.

As they look a little like snowflakes they got that stone name and it stuck. So are you wondering how this stone is created?

Obsidian stone is an extrusive igneous rock related to volcanic activity. Like Black Obsidian stone, they are created by a volcanic eruption when volcanic felsic lava cools quickly.

The result of this rapid cooling of the molten lava is a type of volcanic glass known as Obsidian.

Rough pieces of this natural volcanic glass must be used with care as the rough or raw Snowflake Obsidian stones may have sharp edges. 

The majority of Obsidian stones are said to not really be crystalline in nature as due to the rapidity of the cooling no crystals are formed.

Except Snowflake Obsidian is partially crystalline in nature and you can see the crystal patterns that have formed in the stones.

This is because the snowflake pattern is comprised of the mineral cristobalite that forms as small white cristobalite crystals in an otherwise black crystal.

These tiny crystals of cristobalite quickly cluster in the darker volcanic glass causing white patches or lines, suggestive of snowflakes.

There are many other types and colors of Obsidian and there are a large number of locations where they are found.

Large deposits of Snowflake Obsidian have been found in Iceland, Mexico and the United States as well as in Italy, Scotland and South America.

Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake Obsidian

This is an easy crystal to obtain, and while the tumbled snowflake obsidian stones are the most common variety selling, natural raw or rough stones can be purchased fairly easily.

You can also buy nice pieces of gemstone jewelry made from polished pieces of this stone as well as carved pieces such as egg shapes that are made from polished stone.

Uses Of Snowflake Obsidian: Top Meditation Stones

One of the best uses of these black white stones is for meditation. Meditation with Snowflake Obsidian is beneficial for a number of reasons including:

They are an excellent stone to place on the third eye chakra during meditation to enhance psychic abilities.

Their powerful vibration enhances the function of your third eye and assists you to make contact with other Spiritual beings.

They embody a powerful energy that aids the release of negative energies, and may encourage the emergence of various psychic gifts or powers.

One of the psychic powers that may come through when you are deep in meditation is the development of mediumship or channeling ability.

Using them in meditation can also assist you to become centered, and to relax more easily and go with the flow.

Their energy may help you to release control over what you expect and to allow yourself to surrender to what Spirit wants you to discover.

This can help you to learn how to let go of old karmic situations that might be holding you back.

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Polished Snowflake Obsidian EggPolished Snowflake Obsidian Egg

While in meditation, be open to discovering detailed information about your past lives that you had no awareness of.

Listen for messages from your spirit guides or other spiritual beings who may wish to get your attention while you are traveling in the higher realms.

Pay careful attention as the vibration of these stones can also assist you to recall details of past lives that may relate to events in your current life.

This knowledge can help you to release the energy you are holding onto that relates to old karmic situations that might be holding you back.

Releasing karma can lead to inner peace, greater happiness and a more carefree existence.

Healing Properties Of Snowflake Obsidian

These black and white stones are known to be good healing stones that are popular with crystal healers as they can help your physical healing in a number of ways. 

Their action within the physical body acts as an effective pain reliever. This action is well known and they are said to help muscle cramps, strengthen the bones and aid wound healing.

They are known to help to relieve joint pain, pain related to arthritis and muscle aches, spasms and pain caused by injuries.

Their resonance within the three lowest chakras makes them excellent crystals to help you to lose weight.

It is said that their energy is helpful for women as its known to balance hormones and stabilize the menstrual cycle

Rough Snowflake ObsidianRough Snowflake Obsidian

They are also said to help the veins and your blood circulation, through their energy within the vascular systems. 

They are said to be an excellent detoxification stone and are known to enhance your eyesight and are reported to stimulate better vision.

They are beneficial crystals for stress as they have a calming and soothing energy that may help the release of tension, stress and anxiety.

They may correct skin blemishes and enhance skin texture as well as aiding detoxification and healing of wounds.

Their energy is said to create smoother skin, aid the stem cells, and may assist the healing of influenza and rhinitis.

If you suffer from any of the health issues above, it may benefit you to wear them on your body as keeping them within your aura is a powerful aid for healing.

How To Use It? Wearing Snowflake Obsidian

It is good to wear Snowflake Obsidian as it has a gentle energy and protective properties that make it advantageous to wear on the body. 

This attractive stone is also one of the zodiac birthstonesWhat better way to use this powerful tool than to wear a piece of lovely gemstone jewelry made from it.

This type of obsidian is a beneficial healing stone that is known to help you to release negative patterns of behavior and may help you to let go of bad habits. 

Snowflake Obsidian Gemstone PendantSnowflake Obsidian Gemstone Pendant

These Sagittarius birthstones are beneficial when worn against your skin, and wearing a Snowflake Obsidian bracelet or pendant may be the best way to use them.

This stone is fairly common so it is usually easy to obtain pieces of jewelry made from it. 

It is good to wear Snowflake Obsidian against your skin as having it close can stimulate your energy field and boost grounding and increase its healing energy.

Pieces of this protective stone are often very attractive, and while a piece of jewelry may be similar to others they are never totally the same.

There are a number of effective ways to use these stones, and pieces that sit against your skin are the most beneficial to wear.

The healing properties of stones like these are excellent for grounding you, and they also help to balance both your body and mind.

The most well known type of Obsidian is the plain black stone, which has a number of properties in common with these black and white crystals.

Wearing Snowflake Obsidian assists spiritual grounding by moving any excess energy down through the base chakra to the earth star chakras for release.

Who Should Use It?

This beautiful stone may benefit those of you who have found that recent events mean that you have spent more time than you'd like in isolation.

Spending too much time alone can create unhealthy behavioral patterns, and may change how your thought processes and belief systems work.

These crystals can bring increased perception about what is happening in your life, and provide a valuable insight to aid your understanding of the way you've been living your life.

This can aid the release of harmful thought patterns helping you to make a fresh start in these times of change sweeping the world.

They may help emotional release, and ease your mind when you are dealing with negative thoughts that are worrying you.

Snowflake Obsidian

For best results keep a piece of this stone within your energy field for as long as possible each day.

If you can't get jewelry, simply keep a piece in your pocket, or on your bedside table at night.

In common with their close relation Black Obsidian Stone, they have a number of powerful qualities, including strong grounding properties. 

Both of these stones are beneficial to use for home protection, by gridding entrance areas as they have highly protective properties.

They may also assist you to release negative feelings and ideas from your subconscious mind.

 My Final Thoughts

If you are having difficulty dealing with feelings of loneliness, keep a piece on your body or on the bedside at night.

This is a popular choice to assist you to become stronger and more empowered as you face each day.

For those of you who are struggling, this stones energy also can help you to hang on and persist with what you need to do, and to stay the course until the issues come to a head and life changes.

Snowflake Obsidian

In summary: using this crystal may be worthwhile to assist you with past life recall and can assist the healing of karmic issues that you have brought forward into this life for resolution.

Use them in meditation to summon help from the Spiritual realms to aid you to look back and gain perspective about events that may have occurred in another lifetime.

This may also help you to better understand current events and the role of past life issues in your current life and they aid you to persevere during difficult times.

Best Crystals To Use With Snowflake Obsidian

What are the best crystals to use with Snowflake Obsidian? There are a number of crystals below that combine well with them. 

If you feel you need extra help to aid you with grounding, there are other powerful grounding crystals that you may choose to use for this.

This includes Black Tourmaline, Black Jade, Shungite, Ilvaite or Black Diopside.

These stones have a strong third eye chakra energy which may be enhanced by combining them with other strong third eye stones.

There are a number of very powerful stones that stimulate this chakra including Lapis Lazuli, Azurite Malachite, and Vera Cruz Amethyst or Golden Healer Quartz which are both a lovely type of Quartz crystal.

Azurite MalachiteAzurite Malachite
Golden HealerGolden Healer Sphere

If you have been using these crystals to assist you to persevere when life is hard going, but still need more help, you might choose to use them with any of the other crystals for perseverance.

Specific crystals that can help you with this includes Nuummite, Labradorite, Ilvaite, Picasso Marble and Kyanite.

The energy that assists coincidence and synchronicity to play out in your life is quite potent.

It may be assisted by using these crystals with some of the other stones that also assist this to happen.

There are a large number of crystals you might choose to use for this purpose, and a good many are featured on my page about coincidence and synchronicity.

Specific crystals you might choose to use with them includes Galaxyite, Ruby, Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone.

These stones have a good energy to assist you to make contact with those who are on the other side in Spirit.

To boost your ability to use your mediumship or channeling gifts to make contact with your loved ones who are in spirit, use them with other stones that aid mediumship.

There are quite a few, including Shattuckite, Petoskey Stone, Merlinite and Pollucite.

If you have arthritis and need to boost the way this stone works to help you, combine it with Petrified Wood.

These stones are powerful to aid grounding, and will combine well with other members of the Obsidian family.

It may be of value to pair this variety of obsidian with different types of obsidian.

This includes Black Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian or Rainbow Obsidian as they all have beneficial metaphysical properties.

More Pictures Of These Stones

Natural Snowflake ObsidianNatural Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian

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