Shamanite Black Calcite

Powerful Protection & Meditation

➤ By Liz Oakes

Shamanite Black Calcite is an excellent stone for meditating with as has a strong vibration with a powerful energy for psychic protection.

It is highly beneficial to use in meditation as it creates an energetic block to prevent psychic attack.

They also have a calming restful vibration that helps to create a better nights rest.

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

As the name suggests it is a powerful stone to use for shamanic journeying.

These stones have been used in the past for healing, as well as for journeying during meditation by local Indian shamans.

They also have a strong energy to connect to the earth to cleanse you of negative energy. They are useful healing crystals for you to use as they resonate within all chakras. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Shamanite Black Calcite?

There are quite a few reasons why you might choose to use it. This stone is known to have a powerful energy to cleanse you of negativity. 

This is not really surprising as it is so high in carbon, and carbon is what most water filters use for cleansing the water.

Shamanite Black Calcite is a powerful stone to use to help you with spiritual cleansing and purification.

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

It is a strong psychic protection stone that is now joining the list of spiritually protective crystals as one of the most sought after stones.

Due to its other assets for making spiritual connections it is a powerful stone to either use alone or with other crystals in meditation.

This is a strong stone to aid spiritual healing and is known to be a powerful aid to prevent psychic attack. 

A Powerful Meditation Stone

This is a powerful stone to use for meditation as it has an energy that aids spiritual grounding as it connects you quite easily to the earth and grounds you very well with the earth energy.

It makes a beautiful heart based connection at both the higher heart chakra and the heart chakra.

It can almost bring tears to your eyes with its loving energy. It is quite unique to find this all in one stone.

ShamaniteShamanite Black Calcite

These stones have a strong resonance within all the chakras, so will help you to make connections regardless of what your purpose is.

They have a strong ability to connect to your power chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, and will help to cleanse you of negative energy.

How To Use Shamanite Black Calcite

Shamanite Black Calcite is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation. 

If you are not sure about what is the best way to meditate, check out these easy techniques for meditating to help you to get started.

Meditation with this crystal is a powerful way to utilize its energy, and it has a quite beneficial vibration that will aid you with taking shamanic journeys.

ShamaniteShamanite Black Calcite

These black crystals resonate within all chakras and have a powerful energy for psychic protection.

It helps to establish an energetic barrier that acts as an obstacle to deter psychic attack.

Use it with other stones that help to prevent prevent psychic attack to boost the level of protection.

While using it for meditation is highly beneficial, it is an excellent stone to keep on you at any time, due to its highly protective energy. 

Meditation With Black Calcite

Simply holding a piece of Shamanite Black Calcite in your hand before even going into meditation makes a strong heart chakra connection.

I believe it is responding to your thoughts, and as you begin to think about meditating you will find its energy vibrating at the third eye chakra, and within the top of your head.

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

It has been used for a long time by Indian shamans to communicate with spirit guides, and ancestors in spirit.

So if you desire this to happen keep this at the forefront of your mind as you begin to meditate.

I feel that the psychic gift that is your most dominant one will come to the fore while using this stone.

Each time I have used it I did not want to put it down when I finished, and it is so lovely to keep on your body. Is is a powerful stone for automatic writing.

While writing this page I have been holding my piece of this stone in my hand, and I can feel that it is bringing through the words as I write. 

If you are using it to do personal healing and wish to direct its energy, it can be a powerful force for helping you to solve personal power issues.

Holding it in my hand I find the energy moves around quite easily, and while it can be easily detected within all chakras it can be felt very obviously within the higher chakras.

Develop Psychic Gifts & Contact Spirit Guides

It is well known that it has an energy that can take you on shamanic journeys if you wish to go there.

On these journeys you may feel the presence of high vibrational beings while using this stone.

It is said that they are beings from other dimensions, here to help humanity make the transition to a deeper and more expansive consciousness.

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

If you wish to connect with them, reach out to them during meditation and tell them what you require. 

Using Shamanite Black Calcite may help to stimulate the development of your psychic abilities.

It may stimulate clairaudience which is also known as psychic hearing as well as clairvoyant abilities or psychic visions.

This stone has some powerful metaphysical properties. It may be helpful to aid you to connect with your spirit guide if you have not previously made contact with them.

You may notice the presence of your guides coming closer while you are using it, and you will feel quite protected.

If you experience visions of quite strange things, this may be related to your clairvoyant ability opening, so simply relax and roll with what is happening. 

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

I have been sleeping with a piece of it under my pillow or sometimes on my bedside table as it brings deep and restful sleep. 

By helping to relax you, it leads to a restful nights sleep, particularly if you hold it in your hand as you are getting ready to relax into sleep.

Excellent Energy To Aid Spiritual Grounding

Shamanite Black Calcite has an excellent energy to aid spiritual grounding through the earth chakra.

This will be highly beneficial if you are feeling sensitive after meditation with strong crystals.

If you have been doing spiritual practices and have been working with any of the high vibration stones, you can easily become ungrounded.

So having a piece of this stone on your body will help you to avoid that spaced out feeling. 

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

While I have always felt that Black Tourmaline was the best and strongest grounding stone, I quite like the way that this stone grounds you.

It makes such a quite strong connection that it takes you down through the base or root chakra to the earth star chakra for grounding to Mother Gaia.

Where Does This Unique Stone Come From?

Also known as North American Black Calcite, this brownish black stone is found only in a very remote location in the Colorado mountains in the United States. 

While some sources say this is a newly discovered stone, that's not quite true, as it has been in use for a very long time by the local tribes.

It has a unique vibration that has been known about by the local Indian healers who have used it for spiritual purposes for longer than white man has lived in the area.

Most of us did not have access to Shamanite Black Calcite until a deposit was discovered on a remote mountain property, and made available to the crystal community.

It is said to be comprised of a mixture of Black Calcite along with other minerals including Baryte, Zircon, Marcasite, Pyrite, Quartz and Strontianite.

It is a rare type of stone, with a very high carbon content. You may also see minute fossils of tiny shells in some pieces, which may appear as tiny white spirals in the stone.

This stone is probably the same stone that is being sold as "Master Shamanite". 

Shamanite stone comes in a range of shades of grayish black from a very dark gray almost black color through to a light gray as well as a medium brown color, and many pieces have white inclusions.

My Final Thoughts

Shamanite Black Calcite has had very little written about it, as it is such a newly discovered stone.

Robert Simmons writes about a stone he calls Master Shamanite in his book Stones of the New Consciousness, which I think is the same stone.

Although your experience may be different to what he talks about in his book, you may like to read more about how he says it may be used as it is could be helpful to you.

Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite

In summary: while using it in meditation, it is possible that you may feel the opening of the crown chakra and feel quite relaxed and peaceful about the course of action you will take.

Going into meditation with it is interesting, as you seem to sink into a deeper feeling of relaxation than most stones will take you, as it is taking you to a place of amazing peace and harmony.

It is said that you can use one of these calcite crystals to make contact with your power animals, spirit teachers, and angels during shamanic journeying with it, so keep this in mind if this is of interest to you.

Best Crystals To Use With Shamanite Black Calcite

What are the best crystals to combine with Shamanite Black Calcite? 

Use Lepidolite crystal with it, as it goes well when utilized to aid purification of your auric field. Cryolite, Larimar and Zircon also combine well with it.

If you wish to use these stones specifically for shamanic journeying, you might choose to combine Shamanite Black Calcite with Nuummite, Shaman Stones, Celestobarite or Covellite, and with Baryte to aid you to return safely.

Use it with high vibration stones such as Moldavite or Cryolite.

As it contains a number of other minerals within its make-up, using any of these with it may benefit the other stones, including any of the quartz crystal varieties, as well as Baryte, Iron Pyrite and Ascension Stones which are rich in Marcasite.

More Pictures Of Shamanite Black Calcite

Shamanite Black Calcite
Shamanite Black CalciteShamanite Black Calcite
Shamanite Black Calcite Meaning & UsesShamanite Black Calcite Meaning & Uses

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