Brazilianite Crystals

Atlantean Energy: Manifests Creativity!

➤ By Liz Oakes

Brazilianite embodies an interesting and potent energy that relates to ancient Atlantis. 

This Atlantean vibration may have a profound effect on your creative abilities, especially if you have lived a past life in ancient Atlantis.

This was a civilization which had learned to utilize the power of crystals, to manifest amazing creations on a grand scale!


Be aware that it was misuse of power that brought an end to this ancient civilization, which came crashing down and was totally destroyed.

If you were part of that ancient civilization and misused the energy of crystals, the action of this golden stone is known to cleanse the past and re-empower you spiritually. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Brazilianite Has Many Positive Attributes

This golden crystal has a number of excellent spiritual properties and a strong Atlantean energy, which is powerful to aid manifestation.

They are good crystals to aid your will-power, due to their strong stimulation of the solar plexus chakra.

Brazilianite crystal also has a loving heart based energy, and as long as it is used with integrity, may be beneficial to aid your life.


It is also associated with enhancing creativity, and taking creative action which is stimulated by this stones resonance at both the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

The vibration of this lovely crystal has a number of other positive attributes, including its action to help you to release anger and by making you aware of your personal power.

This energy also aids you to be aware of anyone who tries to take advantage of you, and to deal with this in a new creative way.

Why Would You Use Brazilianite?

As Brazilianite crystals commonly have touch of green in them, this gives you a clue to the chakras that they work within.

They work within the heart chakra, where their loving heart based energy may bring an increase of Divine love.

This energy encourages the flow of universal love and positive blessings throughout your life. They also strongly resonate within the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of the will.

The energy embodied within these stones helps to meld together the vibration of the unconditional love from the heart with that of the solar plexus chakra, to create an energy that aids a heart based use of the will.


This blended energy will also help you to release feelings of anger or bitterness relating to things that occurred in the past, that you may be holding on to.

These stones have a lovely energy, and this is a strong vibration at both the sacral and solar plexus chakra, which helps to enhance your will power.

They are good sacral chakra stones as their vibration resonates within the sacral chakra also called the second chakra, where they may magnify the strength of your creativity. 

This is a powerful crystal to aid creative manifestation through the energy of the third chakra.

These two chakras work together to create a harmonious flow of inspired creativity.

This is an excellent stone for anyone whose work is creative, such as painters, musicians or writers like me.

They are beneficial crystals for writers to use, and they are helpful for anyone whose work requires you to think creatively.

You may find that the energy of Brazilianite crystals will help you to be more creative on a day to day basis and may spark new ideas and new ways of thinking.

This is partly because they have a good energy within the sacral or navel chakra which is where creativity is birthed.

If you are just starting out as writer or painter, or with other creative pursuits, the vibration of these crystals may also help to enhance your overall creativity.

How To Use Its Atlantean Energy

Like most crystals Brazilianite is beneficial to use to meditate with and they help you to make an easier connection to your higher self and have a good energy to boost spiritual growth.

One of the best ways recommended is to use these stones in meditation to assist you to more easily is to make use of their highly spiritual energy to make a connection to beings in the Spiritual realm.


These crystals have a powerful resonance to aid you if you have had past lives in Atlantis where you may have misused your personal power.

Use this powerful stone in meditation to help you to make contact with beings in spirit from ancient Atlantis and from Lemuria.

This energy is advantageous to aid you to let go of blocked energy that may be caused by past misuse of power. 

You may like to combine it with some of the high crystal energy stones that aid you to gain access to the higher spiritual planes. 

This may help you to clear past life issues that have held you back in this current life.

Another excellent way to use them is to keep a piece within your auric field for as long as possible each day. 

While it is possible to obtain this stone made into jewelry, it is uncommon and may be hard to find. 

An alternative is to use a piece of this stone, and keep it in your pocket, as close as possible to the center of your body, near the chakras its vibration most effects.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder and this makes it easier to wear on your body.

Who Should Use It?

The effect of this stone's vibration may help you to have the courage to allow others to appraise your work.

Keep one of these crystals on you for as long as possible each day and place one under your pillow, especially if you could use a boost to your confidence.


These crystals have an excellent energy to help anyone who is a writer, artist or musician and who has not yet allowed others to see, read or hear your work. 

This crystal may help you if you are doing creative work, and need some stimulus to boost your faith in yourself and your abilities. 

The energy of this bright yellow crystal may help you to put yourself out there to be noticed.

These yellow crystals have a strong resonance within the solar plexus or power chakra to help to boost your personal power. They may help you to learn to say no when required. 


They have strong metaphysical properties that are especially helpful if you have been downtrodden for a long period, and need help to move forward.

You may have embodied negative energies that need releasing if you have now developed a bit of a martyr complex.

By its resonance within the area that governs personal power, it may aid you to take control of your own life and make choices based on what you would prefer.

Using these yellow crystals may be beneficial to use for relationships that are too close, commonly known as co-dependence.

Using Brazilianite crystals may be helpful to ensure that others do not cross your boundaries.

How Will It Help You?

Brazilianite crystals may help you in the following ways:

  • Their energy helps you to release negative energy that has caused you to feel  continuously worried about what others think of your actions.
  • By replacing this negativity with positive energy this may help you to prevent issues that have stopped you from living the life you would like.
  • They may be advantageous in situations where parents don't seem to be able to get their children to live by the house rules and where they find it hard to say no.

If you are in any sort of relationship where someone else is manipulating you, this stones vibration will help you to break free from this oppression.

  • They help to create emotional balance, especially if you keep them nearby or on your body to allow the energy to aid you on a daily basis. 
BrazilianiteBrazilianite Gemstone Specimen

This manipulation or abuse may be from your partner or your children, and this stone's energy may aid you to make your own choices especially at difficult times.

The vibration of Brazilianite crystals can aid these relationships, and may help parents who have allowed their children to control the family.

Their vibration may help you to work out what is required for harmony and inner peace to prevail in everyone living in your home. 

It can also be helpful for parents who find it hard to let go of their children, and allow them to live their own life.

Ancient Atlantean Energy That Aids Manifestation!

Because Brazilianite Crystals embody an energy that relates to ancient Atlantis you may be able to utilize this energy in meditation to discover more about any past lives you may lived in ancient Atlantis.

This was a civilization which had discovered ways to use crystals to do amazing things, and to manifest amazing creations on a grand scale.

Because this civilization came to an end because of misuse of power, many people who lived in this time may have issues relating to having misused crystals.


If you lived in this ancient civilization and misused crystals, use this crystal in meditation to enable you to discover what had happened in past lives.

This may help you to clear this energy along with any related negative thoughts that might prevent this.

Via the use of your will-power, at the solar plexus or power chakra, this golden crystal has a strong Atlantean energy which may aid manifestation.

It is also known to enhance your creative abilities, and may boost your confidence and enhance your creative energy.

This may assist you to show others your creative work, and therefore make strides forward towards living the life you desire.

 Brazilianite Healing Properties

The healing properties of Brazilianite crystals may be helpful to use as a natural health alternative and can be used for crystal healing.

They may assist issues within the physical body due to their resonance within two important chakras.

They have a good action when used by crystal healers to help problems within the sacral chakra which is the area that governs the female body.

They are good healing crystals to assist females in particular as this stones physical energy works both the sacral or navel chakra to help female reproductive organs.

They may also be helpful to assist energy blockages causing problems within the sexual organs and the endocrine system and aid hormone production.

They have a strong action to aid healing within the area of the solar plexus chakra and may aid issues related to the area of the stomach.

This crystal may be helpful to support the healing of kidney problems and to aid you to release a build up of heavy metals in the body.

Their vibration is also said to be useful to aid sunstroke and heat stroke and they are known to assist fevers and may help to stabilize body temperature.

If you create a crystal elixir from this stone, this is known to be helpful to apply to aid skin problems.

My Final Thoughts: Manifestation

These golden yellow crystals are favorable stones for manifestation.

They are a great stone that has an excellent energy to help you to achieve your desires using the power of your own will-power, as it may be boosted by the energy of these stones.

Brazilianite is known as a stone that aids creative manifestation and this is not all about money, although it will also aid you to manifest money.

In summary: they also are strong stones to aid confidence and self esteem as they are known to trigger a strong sense of self-confidence and self assurance.

They are said to boost the flow of good luck and may encourage prosperity and a brighter future.

They are a good stones to have in your life as by their action to support you as you let go of negative emotions they help you to feel more positive.

Where Is It From? Brazilianite Meaning

The meaning of this stones name relates to the country where it was originally discovered in Brazil in South America.

It was first reported by Frederick Harvey Pough along with Edward Porter Henderson who together named the stone.

The major place it comes from is Conselheiro Pena in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, and this is where most of the biggest and most beautiful Brazilianite stones come from.

Since its original discovery it has also been found in New Hampshire in the United States and Yukon Canada but the stones from there are commonly much smaller crystals.


It is a sodium aluminium phosphate mineral that is said to be a quite rare crystal. 

Their color is most commonly bright yellow but they may also be pale yellow, yellowish green, green or colorless.

This yellow-green phosphate mineral may form as globules that have radiating fibres as well as short elongated prismatic crystals that often have striations on them. 

When they form as prismatic crystals they are quite beautiful, and both how they  look and their energy can be quite stunning.

Brazilianite is not often found made into jewelry, due to the fact that the rough stones are not easy to cut as they are brittle and crack easily when cutters try to work with them.

Natural or rough stone is the most common crystals that are sold and unlike many other minerals tumbled stone is rare as too much stone is lost in the process of tumbling them.

There are some jewelers who have mastered the art of working with this stone, and there are beautiful gemstones made from this crystal, which would be lovely to wear.

Their metaphysical qualities make them in demand by collectors, and although they are labeled as rare they are usually available at specialty crystal suppliers.

When they were first found they were incorrectly thought to be a variety of Chrysoberyl. They have sometimes been mis-identified as Amblygonite, as many stones are quite similar to these two stones in color.

Best Crystals To Use With Brazilianite

What are the best crystals to combine with Brazilianite?

Used with Cerussite, this combination may create an amazing transformation as this is a stone of spiritual alchemy, and as well is a stone that can enhance creativity.

A powerful aid that you can use in combination with Brazilianite is Rhodizite, which is actually helpful to use in combination with any stone. Rhodizite crystals are very small, but have extremely potent energy.

Rhodizite will magnify the energy of this stone, and improve your ability to utilize its vibration more fully.

Just take care when using these together that you keep your thoughts positive, because it will magnify whatever you are thinking about when you are using it.

One of the powerful stones to use are the beautiful Yellow Citrine Crystals, seen in the picture of earrings below.

There are a number of other solar plexus chakra stones you may like to use too including includes Libyan Desert Glass, Amber, Yellow Apatite or Yellow Topaz.

There are a number of strong crystal energy stones that have a high energy that may also be combined with this golden stone to boost its energy to aid contact with the spiritual realm.

Stones such as Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite, Herkimer Diamonds, Herderite and Phenacite are powerful used with this stone.

Phenacite is useful to aid you to bring those things you see during meditation into your life.

To boost its manifestation energy, combine it with other solar plexus chakra stones, not just the golden stones.

Some of these are also excellent crystals to manifest money. This includes stones such as Garnierite, Yellow Tourmaline, Green Ridge Quartz or Golden Healer.

Using these beautiful yellow stones with Moldavite or Herderite, which are high vibration crystals, will help you to manifest change in your life.

To help you to make contact with your highest guides as well as to aid you to make contact with beings that relate to your past in Atlantis or ancient Egypt, use it in combination with Star Hollandite Quartz, Stellar Beam Calcite or Danburite crystals.


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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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