Serpentine Stone

A Stone Of Earth Energy 

➤ By Liz Oakes

Serpentine stone has a strong energy known to stimulate the arousal of kundalini energy.

It will work at any chakra to clear blocked or stagnant energyIf you feel that there may be blockages in any of your chakras, this stone is a useful aid. 

This is a good healing stone that may assist with healing problems within the heart and lungs and it is an excellent stone for cellular regeneration.

Serpentine wide 2Serpentine Stone

If you wish to aid the healing of the earth, its vibration of earth energy will aid you in this aim. 

This green crystal is also a helpful to encourage you to make contact with the elemental beings as the members of the Devic realm resonate with its energy.

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Why Would You Use Serpentine Stone?

The name of this stone gives you a clue as to what one of its most potent metaphysical effects may be.

This stone is said to be one of the safest stones that you might choose to aid you, if you want to activate the Kundalini.

The kundalini energy, or Serpent Power, is purported to reside at the base of the spine, wrapped three and a half times around the sacrum, until roused.

Serpentine StoneSerpentine Stone

As part of the process to raise your kundalini energy, Serpentine Stone is known to be an extremely potent and effective stone to use.

If you awaken your kundalini, you may experience a wide range of different effects.

The intensity of this experience often stimulates sexual feelings as it opens new areas to create 'enlightenment'. 

The energy of the kundalini moves up the spine, from the base chakra until it emerges at the crown chakra. 

Many people have reported extraordinary experiences when this happens and it may feels very much like a hot flame as it makes its way up. 

SerpentineSerpentine Stone With White Aragonite From Tasmania

It is easy to buy Serpentine stonebut it has a strong energy that may sometimes be overlooked as it is such a common stone.

It has many excellent qualities that make it a stone for every collection. It is a quite potent stone to utilize to stimulate the arousal of the kundalini energies. 

Many people are unaware that they have blockages in some of their chakras.

Using this green stone is beneficial to help you to clear any blockages, as it acts within any chakra to clear blocked or stagnant energy.

 How Will It Help You?

They are a Gemini birthstone, and are excellent worn within the heart chakra as either a Serpentine bracelet or necklace.

It is an excellent stone for cellular regeneration, and it may be helpful to wear them to boost this energy.

Serpentine StoneSerpentine Stone

They may also aid healing of diabetes, and eliminate parasites, as well as helping you to better absorb both magnesium and calcium. 

To assist with healing problems within the heart and lungs wear them close to these areas.

These stones can be found on the zodiac birthstone list and may be available as jewelry.

They are potent healing crystals for you to employ to encourage contact with the elemental beings.

Using this stone may also aid you to make contact with angelic guidance.


If you would like to help in healing the earth, this vibration of earth energy will also assist you with this intention.

It resonates with the Devic realm, and for this use choose the lighter green stones.

Wearing This Stone

The Serpentine and Green Jade Pendant shown below is an example of some of the beautiful Serpentine jewelry that is made.

Although the color of this stone varies, many of the pieces are quite lovely, and they make beautiful jewelry.

Serpentine and Green Jade PendantSerpentine and Green Jade Pendant

If you do intend to use it for kundalini activation, it is good idea to begin by wearing it so that you can adjust to its unique energy gradually, before using it in a body layout.

Serpentine stone is easy to buy, and you can place a piece of the stone in your pocket, or put one under your pillow so that you adapt to its vibration.

As it is a fairly common stone, you should be able to obtain Serpentine jewelry, but if not, get yourself a piece of the stone.

Kundalini Activation

Although it is known for its kundalini awakening, other Serpentine properties make it a very useful stone and it is a strong heart chakra stone.

Before attempting to do kundalini activation it is wise to read all the information available on the process.

Note that there may be side effects if you force the process to happen when you are not really ready for its effects.

SerpentineSerpentine Stone

Kundalini activation is associated with 'enlightenment', and this whole process has been written about in depth in many books. 

If you have a strong interest in this, you might like to read more widely on this subject, as there is a lot more to this than is outlined here.

The kundalini awakening experience revolves around the Kundalini serpent moving up from the base of the spine through the center of the spine.

It comes all the way up to the crown chakra where it emerges, like an enormous snake hovering over your head.

On its way up the spine it will open the channel. It will clear each chakra as it goes, until it reaches the pinnacle at the crown.


This process may occur spontaneously in some individuals, but in many others it is the result of specific processes.

The use of Serpentine Stone as part of this activation, is useful as it will alleviate some of the possible discomfort it is possible to feel.

This is because using this stone will allow you to clear the chakras as the movement occurs.

Using Serpentine For Kundalini Activation

Serpentine stone often contains Black Magnetite or Lodestone within it, which is a magnetic mineral.

Rough Serpentine with this inclusion look quite different to the normal green stones.

While there are a variety of ways for using the stones, if you have someone else helping you it is more effective and easier to do.

Serpentine StoneSerpentine Stone

When you are laying the stones on the body, for this you will need to place a piece of Serpentine stone at the base chakra, where the kundalini sits and then another at the crown chakra to draw the kundalini up the spine.

If you can get flat stones that sit flat on the skin this will help you to keep them in place.

Your helper may have another stone, and stroke it along the spine from bottom to top to aid the rise of the kundalini.

Having other kundalini stones in contact with the body may be an advantage though not essential.

My Final Thoughts

Elemental beings may be encouraged to make contact with you.  Place a piece of the Serpentine rock in your garden to aid the process.

They may aid you to access the energy of the planet and may aid those who wish to heal the earth.


In summary, remember that this is a stone that embodies ancient energy that resonates within those ancient reptilian areas of the brain. 

It will aid you to rewire your brain, and it may aid you to let go of any aggression you might be feeling.

Combine it with Seraphinite for this use, as it is an excellent combination.

Where Is It From? Serpentine Meaning

Serpentine Stones are found in a large number of places including in Australia, Britain, Russia, Norway, Italy, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil and the United States.

The meaning of the name Serpentine comes from the latin word 'serpentinus' meaning serpent rock and from the Greek word 'serpens', meaning snake.

This was because of the way that many pieces of this stone have a similarity to the appearance of snakeskin.

Serpentine is a fairly common stone and although it is predominantly a green color it comes in shades of green from fairly light green to darker green.

Colors may include greenish-black, red, brownish-red, brownish-yellow, yellow and white colors.

It was highly valued by the Aztec civilisation. The color of these rocks may depend on where it comes from.

One of the specific varieties of Serpentine found in Arizona in the United States is also known as Arizona Lizard stone.

Best Crystals To Use With Serpentine

What are the best crystals to combine with Serpentine stone?

To aid kundalini activation, if you have a piece of one of the following stones, Red Jasper, Ethiopian Opal, Snakeskin Agate, Jet or Blizzard Stone,  they might be used to assist the process.

You may also use it with the crown chakra stones such as Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst Crystals and Purple Jade. 

It is known to work well with other heart chakra stones including Green Aventurine, Emerald and other green stones.

Both Moldavite and Shiva Lingam stones are known to create transformation, so these are powerful aids in this process.

Serpentine intergrows naturally with Stichtite, and this combination stone is called Atlantisite.

For rousing the kundalini this is another potent stone. This combination is also excellent for self-healing and resonates strongly within the heart chakra.

If you wish to utilize Serpentine stones energy within the brain, you might choose to use some of the potent high crystal energy stones that have a strong impact in this area.

Use it with stones such as Darwin Glass, Phenacite, Scolecite or Natrolite, which are all strong stones within the crown chakra.

This is a stone that will resonate with many of the solar plexus stones.

This includes Brazilianite, Heliodor, Golden Yellow Topaz or Libyan Desert Glass also known as Libyan Gold Tektite, especially if your Serpentine stone is a paler green color.

Serpentine Stone Aids Kundalini AwakeningSerpentine Stone Aids Kundalini Awakening

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