Open Doorway To Past Life Recall

Written By Liz Oakes

Covellite opens a doorway to past life recall and may help to transform your dreams into reality.

It enhances a positive outlook, and may help to enhance lucid dreaming, astral travel and past life recall.

It has strong metaphysical properties and by utilizing its quite unique energy correctly it can help to bring miracles into your life.

This lovely stone helps you to open a doorway to the past and may help to trigger psychic gifts such as clairvoyance. 


It supports you as you remember the wisdom that you may have obtained in past lives.

These stones have powerful healing properties and are particularly known for their action to help the healing of breast cancer, see more below.

Where Is It From? Covellite Meaning

Some of the best pieces of this stone comes from Montana in the USA.

But deposits of this stone have also been found in Italy, Germany, Sardinia, Wales, Alaska and Peru.

Its color ranges dark blue to black, with a shimmer of gold or red color on the surface. The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the person who first discovered it

It was named for Nicholas Covelli, who first found specimens of the stone in Italy.

Why Would You Use It?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use this stone including:

  • This deep blue stone will stimulate the chakra for psychic ability, the third eye chakra as well as the highest chakra in the physical body, the crown chakra.
  • This is a crystal that stimulates a positive outlook on life, and may assist you to transform your dreams into reality.
CovelliteDeep Blue Covellite

Yet this stone is something of a contradiction in some ways, as it is not always an easy stone to work with.

Its vibration may assist you with discovering how to be psychic, and it will promote and support the journey into the deeper, dark side of your spirit.

This may trigger negative reactions in some individuals, but because of it's ability to promote the positive side, it may make this journey easier to take.

  • It may assist you with making contact with spirit guides, and is a powerful stone overall to stimulate your psychic abilities.
  • It may trigger the psychic visionary gifts such as clairvoyance or psychic visions, the ability to lucid dream, astral travel and will aid past life recall.

It is a powerful stone to use to pursue lifetimes from the past, and to review and release the karma associated with events from those lives.

By allowing certain individuals to access the Akashic records in the etheric realm, Covellite helps you in this quest.

CovelliteCovellite Pendant

Covellite is easy to buyand if you are ready to take this journey, you may combine it with Nuummite, to recall for release situations from past lives.

Using this information you may be able to promote healing, both for yourself and others.

This may be particularly helpful if you suspect that health problems may relate to karmic issues.

Who Should Use It? Wearing This Stone

If you work in psychic employment, or as a channeler, medium or tarot reader, this stone will help you.

This is a stone of the intellect that aids the mind to become more organized.

It aids you to be able to communicate to your clients, in a structured way.

It is known to be a beneficial crystal for tarot readers to use as it will help you to communicate the words you receive from spirit, in a way that is understood by your clients.

Covellite PendantCovellite Pendant

Wondering who should use it?

Even though this stone makes a strong connection within the higher chakras it also has a good action within both the base chakra and the earth chakra. 

It may aid you to ground yourself, and its grounding energy can prevent spaciness.

This crystal may assist you if you wish to expand your intuition, and may help you to connect with your guardian angel or guides. 

If you already know your guide, it may help you to be responsive to their energy and communications more easily.

Wearing a Covellite Pendant like the one showing above may be helpful if you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, but particularly for breast cancer.

It is said to be useful to aid disordered cancer cells to become re-ordered, and is said to purge associated toxins from the body.

The flow of electrical energy throughout the body, may be enhanced by the vibration of this stone. 

How To Use It: My Final Thoughts

This crystal is especially useful if applied within the sacral or navel chakra of the body. The stone may heat up as it releases negativity, and this is an indication that it is working.

Still working within the sacral chakra, these crystals may improve libido if needed, and are also useful to stimulate heightened creative skills.

Its positive vibration will enhance a positive outlook, and this may aid you to transform your dreams into reality, and live the life you desire.

CovelliteContains Lovely Gold Flashes

In summary: while it may be a stone of contradictions, it has the ability to aid your life in many ways. It allows you to see past life karma and release it.

Covellite will stir up the energy and may aid the breakdown of blockages.

This particularly applies to the area of the body where it is placed. So if you have a particular problem, place the stone at that area.

Best Crystals To Use With Covellite

What are the best crystals to combine with Covellite?

To particularly aid you with shamanic journeying, combine them with Shaman Stones, Iolite or Fulgurite.  

Adding Astrophyllite to the mix may make the journey easier as it will bring through more 'light'.

You may use it with other stones that aid access to the Akashic records, including Peach Heulandite, Cavansite, Blue Apatite and Chiastolite, which is also known as Cross Stone.

To get insight and understanding of the total situation of your life, including your past lives, use it with Phenacite.

Golden Rutile In Quartz is particularly powerful to combine with it, for past life exploration, and to add the energy of forgiveness of issues from past lives.

You may also combine it with Dioptase or Azurite, and the combination of any of these together is very effective.

If you are particularly interested in lucid dreaming, combine it with the specific stones that will help you to do this, to emphasize this energy. 

Some of the stones that aid you to start to lucid dream include Scolecite, Wavellite, Diaspore and Sugilite.

For deep past life journeying it may be combined with Nuummite. Used with Tinaksite the combination will help you to be more positive.

Use it with Aqua Aura Quartz, or other quartz varieties of any kind, to aid the flow of electrical energy through the body.

More Pictures Of Covellite


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