Mookaite Jasper aka Mook Jasper... 

Slows Aging, Protective & Encourages Adventure

Mookaite Jasper Bead BraceletMookaite Jasper Bead Bracelet

Mookaite Jasper crystals come in a range of beautiful earthy colors and embody a beneficial energy to slow aging.

They will help you to change how you think about the whole aging process.

This change of focus is beneficial to slow aging in the body.

These stones are also helpful to assist healing, and may be utilized by placing one under the pillow, for long term improvement in your health.

This may be beneficial to help you to age more slowly, and they are also helpful for pregnant parents to use. These stones are also known as Mook Jasper.

They encourage adventure yet at the same time aids physical protection when carried. Jewelry made from this stone is beneficial to have on you when going to unfamiliar places, as it will alert you to imminent danger.

Where Is It From? Mookaite Jasper Meaning

These stones have been in use by the Australian Aboriginal people as a healing stone since before explorers arrived in Australia. 

The metaphysical properties of these beautiful crystals may assist you when making decisions, and their vibration may help you to decide which path to take in life.

This stone is in the quartz family as many types of jasper are, and these crystals are an often interesting mixture of various shades, with a kind of marbled effect or stripes through many specimens.

The colors of Mook jasper stones are predominantly colored yellow, mustard, white, brown, red, and shades of pink and purple. Most are a mixture of a few colors, and often in stripes with very earthy shades in many pieces.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper is a type of quartz that comes from a specific area in Australia.

The meaning of this stones' name relates to the place where it is comes from, on the Mooka Station located near the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia.

The origin of the stations name comes from the local Mooka Creek an Aboriginal word meaning running water.

While its name is sometimes spelled Mookite or Moukite, this is incorrect, as it comes from Mooka Station, so should be spelled  to reflect that.

This Crystal Helps With Aging

Part of the reason why your body physically ages, is related to your attitude towards aging, and your belief that it is inevitable.

While this is true to a degree, your physical body responds to your way of thinking, and the more you believe in the aging process the more you physically age.

One of the things that is powerful about the vibration of Mookaite Jasper, is its action to help you to change your beliefs about the inevitability of the body's degeneration.

Mookaite JasperColorful Striped Mookaite Jasper

The energy of this crystal helps to raise the vibration of your body and the vibration of your thoughts that relate to aging, helping you to feel younger in your attitude to life.

Mook Jasper stones may take some time to have an effect, rather than a quick fix, as they are working to change ideas that have taken many years to become beliefs.

Mookaite Jasper crystals are beneficial to aid healing, and keeping one under your pillow may help your health, including to assist the health of pregnant mothers.

It is a good idea to place a piece of Mook Jasper under your pillow, so that every night its energy will help to slow aging you while you sleep.

Exquisite Crystals

By aiding you to change how you think about the whole process of getting older, they may help you to slow aging in your body.

Often the way you age may be related to genetic patterns that you have inherited, but some of these can be cleared, and this crystal can help with this.

It aids you to clear unhealthy genetic problems from your auric field and this includes patterns that may be causing aging.

It is useful for pregnant parents to use, as it may also aid you to intuitively connect with your unborn child. This stone may help to clear unwanted results so that the next generation does not have to inherit negative issues retained in the genetic memory. 

Who Should Use It?

Mookaite aka Mook JasperMookaite aka Mook Jasper

If you have trouble making decisions this is an excellent stone to use.

Having a piece within your auric field will help you to more easily reach the right conclusion.

It is a stone that helps you to determine what to do, so that you are certain of the right direction to take in regard to your current circumstances.

Mookaite Jasper helps you when you would like some advice about an issue that you have trouble deciding about.

It can be particularly helpful when your decision relates to taking your life in a new direction.

Sometimes you may be making a decision and trying to choose between two totally divergent points of view.

In some cases the best decision to make is no decision, as it can be better to take more time to make your decision.

This stone helps you to be aware when this hesitation is the best choice to make, and to be aware of the needs of others and to be discrete when coming to a verdict about it.

It helps you to be calm about whatever is happening in your life, and to be aware of the most important action that needs to be taken on any given day.

How Will It Help You?

Mookaite Jasper

These lovely stones may be helpful to aid you to be aware of the practical consequences of what you might express to others in conversation, or what you may choose to do.

At the same time they may stimulate a sense of adventure within you.

Mookaite Jasper will help you to be more versatile in your approach to life so that you can more easily exposure yourself to new experiences. 

If you choose to go off and have an adventure, these stones may assist the situation by making you aware of any pitfalls located nearby. They will help you to be alert to hazards that may be in the area where you are situated.

These are helpful stones that will alert you to danger, or to the possibility of any type of possible future harm approaching. They also have a good action to stimulate your intuitive abilities, via the vibration of Mook Jasper within the third eye chakra.

Mookaite Jasper cabachonMookaite Jasper cabachon

They may stimulate inspiration and you may feel a burst of new ideas fill your mind, helping you to manifest the thing or circumstance you desire.

They stimulate an instinct that helps you to avoid possible dangerous situations.

Their action to help you with developing your intuition is helpful when you are travelling.

You may intuitively become more aware of exactly what they are telling you, when they are alerting you to danger. 

Wearing Mookaite Jasper

Mook Jasper is quite easy to obtain, and as you can see from looking at the different colors in the beaded bracelet in the image here, you will find an amazing range of colors in these stones and many are very attractive.

Mook Jasper BraceletMook Jasper Bracelet

Wearing these stones as a piece of jewelry is one of the easiest ways to keep it on your body each day.

It also has a lovely calming energy that allows you to rest knowing that you are safe from harm.

This is a stone that stimulates adventure while at the same time provides physical protection when kept within your auric field.

Jewelry made from this stone is helpful as it is an asset to have one on you when going to unfamiliar places, as it will alert you to possible danger.

Remember that it is an excellent stone to wear on your body if you are traveling, as it is highly protective.

As mentioned above it helps you to be alert to danger, allowing you to avoid specific problems and prevent harm coming to you.

Why Would You Use It?

Their vibration within the solar plexus or power chakra will help you to understand your personal power.

It may aid manifestation by helping to remove obstacles that are preventing the delivery of the desired outcome.

Its easy to buy Mook Jasper stones, and they are often a mix of many of the lovely earthy colors.

They have an excellent vibration that will enhance how you deal with aging, and may support you when you have difficulty making decisions.

These stones may help to strengthen you and generally assist aging related conditions including hernia ruptures.

Their third eye energy may also stimulate psychic abilities and in particular it may aid you to make contact with your loved ones who are in spirit.

How To Use It For Healing


Mook Jasper was used by the Australia aboriginal people of the area where it originated to aid healing.

It has a good resonance within the base or root chakra area and may help to stabilize your physical body and fortify your immune system.

Mookaite Jasper is known to assist with purification of the blood through the liver and spleen.

It may also help the healing of wounds and prevent the build of unhealthy discharge and infection in wounds.

For anyone who is in the older age group, this may be a good stone to use as it may aid flexibility, which may make it easier to get around, especially if you have mobility issues. 

You may also like to use it to help when healing animals, as it is known to aid animal communication.

If you are pregnant, you may find that it could be beneficial to use this crystal, as it is known to be helpful to ensure a healthy reproductive system. It may aid problems in the stomach area generally, and may assist water retention.

"Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature, for those that live according to its laws." Leonardo Da Vinci.

Combining It With Other Stones

To further stimulate your intuition, you may like to combine it with other strong stones to aid your developing intuition, particularly third eye chakra stones.

To stimulate intuitive abilities, you might like to use it with the lovely Clear Apophyllite, or with Herderite, Smithsonite, Blue Celestite, Purple Amethyst, Sodalite, Hackmanite, Labradorite, Euclase, Lapis Lazuli or Merlinite.


Bloodstone is another stone that has historically been known as an audible oracle so this combination may be useful to alert you to possible danger.

To boost its action to aid you with decision making, you may choose to combine it with other stones that also aid you to make decisions, including Peach Aventurine, Tantalite, Actinolite, Boulder Opal, Bloodstone, Clear Apophyllite, Scapolite or Herderite.

ScapolitePurple Scapolite
Boulder OpalBoulder Opal

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