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Augite has a quite spiritual, mystical energy and is an excellent grounding stone.

Its energy helps to enhance spiritual healing and growth and may assist you to deal with life changes better.

Their vibration may enhance sacred areas or healing spaces that you may wish to create.


They have an excellent vibration that may help you to bring necessary change to your life when this is particularly needed.

Members of groups that are working towards a common goal may find them beneficial.

Although many of these stones are quite small, for their size they pack quite a punch.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use to encourage healing of a number of health problems including aging related health issues. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use It? Crystals For Change

The vibration of these stones is known to be particularly beneficial to assist you when your life situation means that its necessary to adjust your life.

Augite is a crystal can be helpful at times when you need to revise how you live life.

It is recognized for its action to help you to bring about change in your life.


Reorganizing your life may be desired or wanted but is not always desirable, but in some circumstances you may feel that you have limited options.

This crystal has an advantageous energy that can be worthwhile if you feel that life changes seems to be slow in coming, or when some of the modifications seem difficult. 

Use it in meditation to help you to gain greater understanding about the reasons for things that are occurring.

If events that have occurred are painful or challenging and difficult to accept, this stones energy can give you a better appreciation of why it may have happened.

It is sometimes the case that your life path may alter and may take you in a different direction than what you desired.


Its true that many people have found life to be tough recently, particularly when there are many ongoing adjustments that challenge you.

These crystals for change are beneficial to keep nearby to assist you to understand the evolution of your life path.

They may also aid you to discover ways to transform the situation, especially during traumatic or stressful situations.

Good Grounding Energy

If you have obtained black or very dark colored Augite, it has a strong resonance within both the base chakra and earth chakra, as it is a strong grounding crystal.

It also has an excellent energy to assist you to feel emotionally balanced or centered, especially during traumatic events in your life.


Maybe you want to create change in your life, but feel guilty because what you want may not align with the desire of others in your life?

It may help you to understand that the energy of this stone will assist you to bring about the best result for all concerned.

These stones are known as mystical crystals as they embody a strong spiritual and mystical energy.

They are powerful stones to use if you are a mystic, seer or have a role aiding the Spiritual health of others as part of your responsibilities.

How Will Augite Help You? Aids Group Activity

The vibration of these black crystals may be utilized by placing it on your altar or within a sacred area of your home, to transform the energy of location where it is positioned.

If you use this area with others in a group meditation, it can be helpful for everyone if this black stone is positioned there.

Its vibration may assist everyone in a group to work towards a common objective, and may benefit those who are using sacred music to enhance the meditation.


Leaders of such groups may be aided to modify the direction of the group, assisting them to move forward together towards spiritual transformation.

It known as the stone of the musician because it may assist anyone who works with music to concentrate and be more focused on what is required to bring the best results.

My Final Thoughts: Healing Properties

Healing Properties: While this crystal does not have a great number of healing properties is can still be used as part of the crystal healing process.

It is known to be helpful for those who have a calcium deficiency, sp you can understand why it is said to help those who have osteoporosis or brittle bones.


Augite is known to help the healing of broken bones and is one of the healing stones associated with helping a deficiency of minerals.

These black crystals are also known to assist with tightening of both the muscles and the skin,

They are said to be good crystals to help with aging, as they may assist you to age with grace and ease.


My Final Thoughts: these stones have some excellent metaphysical properties and are highly beneficial for meditation and particularly if you are working as a member of group.

They have a quite mystical energy that can improve group dynamics especially when the group uses sacred music as part of their meditation.

They also have a good grounding action, so this is helpful to prevent you from getting too high or ungrounded during meditation.

Where Is It From? Augite Meaning

The meaning of the name of this stone comes from a Greek word that means 'lustre' or 'brightness' as pieces found had a shiny appearance, although most have a dull luster.

This came from the original stone having a bright shiny lustre, but stone now unearthed is likely to be dull and lusterless.

It is the most common pyroxene mineral and is found in metamorphic rocks.

The calcium content of Augite related to high temperatures during formation.

These dark-colored igneous rocks are found in a number of places in Europe such as Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Sicily.

These silicate minerals are also found in India, Pakistan and a few places in both Canada and the United States.

It is common in ultramafic rocks, and may be found in the massive form, although its crystal structure is commonly monoclinic. 

It also occurs as stubby prismatic crystals that may have a greenish grey streak.

Although Augite crystals are a variety of pyroxene, they are mostly known as Augite, and there are a large number of pyroxene minerals including Diopside and Hedenbergite.

While a lot of the stone is black to dark brown in color, it may also be a dark green color as well as brown, light brown, green, brownish green or purplish violet shade.

Best Crystals To Use With Augite

What are the best crystals or stones to use with Augite?

Using these stones can be advantageous if you would like to assist yourself to age more gently.

There are also other stones that assist both the body's aging process and that may help the way you think about aging.

Stones for this purpose includes Turritella Agate, Mookaite Jasper, Peridot or Maori Greenstone.

These stones do have a good grounding action. But to boost this energy you might like to use them in combination with other strong grounding crystals.

Good grounding stones to use with them includes Black Tourmaline, Black Spinel, Black Diopside or Tigers Eye.

This is a useful stone if you are a person who has been having difficulties when you are dealing with life changes.

If you are using it and still feel challenged when you are working to alter situations in your life, you may be helped by using Augite with other stones that may aid you to deal with change.

Stones such as Moldavite, Malachite, Pietersite or Elestial Citrine may help you.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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