Illuminate True Self: Find Your Life Purpose

➤ By Liz Oakes

Astrophyllite may assist you to find your life purpose as it aids you to recognize your purpose for being here as it illuminates your true self.

It is an energetically potent stone that infuses your entire system with light.

It gives you the ability to make major changes that will move your life journey forward in a profound way.

It has strong metaphysical properties for transformation. Once you fully know yourself you may bring this self knowledge to your life.


They may also help you to truly love yourself by aiding you to come to terms with any actions in your past that you may have difficulty fully accepting. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Astrophyllite Will Infuse You With Light!

This amazing stone has strong powers that infuse your entire system with light. The vibration of Astrophyllite stone will activate all of your chakras.

You may feel its energy spiritually, emotionally and physically.

This is a stone that will accentuate those past life experiences that you and your soul-partner may have experienced.

This energy allows some gifted individuals to be able to step back in time, and by using psychic abilities, may gain information regarding these past lives.

Natural AstrophylliteNatural Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite may specifically aid those who have had past lives either in extra-terrestrial realms or in Atlantis.

This can be a powerful aid to resolve current concerns that may be based in a past life existence.

Be aware and follow your intuition, and watch out for random events or synchronicities occurring so that you may make major strides forward in your life.

Called The Marriage Stone

Astrophyllite is said to have a tranquil, authentic and sincere energy, and this is the reason why it is also called the 'Marriage Stone'.

This is because it promotes fidelity, truth and complete honesty between partners in a relationship.

Raw AstrophylliteRaw Astrophyllite

This crystal is a stone of moving forward quickly on your life journey, and it may assist you to find your true path, including in your relationships.

Its vibration may illuminate your true self, the inner you, and make you aware of those things within yourself that you need to take action on.

These are storm element stones, which means they have a strong element of transformation within them. 

Why Would You Use Astrophyllite?

Using this stone may activate a strong soul-connection between those in relationships.

It may be labeled as the 'marriage stone' as it promotes fidelity, truth and complete honesty between partners in a relationship.

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Its energy at the third eye chakra, crown chakra and soul star chakra is powerful, particularly for those individuals who are walk-ins. 

It will allow any of you who are of extra-terrestrial origin to feel more at home here on the earth plane.

This is a stone for psychic protection, and helps you to navigate out of body journeys with safety.

Accepting Your Own Actions

This stone will aid those who are caught up in addictive behaviors. While this may be addiction to smoking, alcohol or drugs, it may include self degradation of an immoral or dishonest nature.

Some individuals find that their lives are very difficult due to their own actions in this lifetime. 

By bringing the white light through to all chakras, and on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, this will shine light into every dark corner of your soul. 

The powers of this stone aids you to face your past and your fears and move forward. 

It will aid individuals who have been through 'the dark night of the soul' in the very deepest and darkest places. 

Astrophyllite will help those who feel they are beyond redemption, due to their actions in this lifetime.

If you have been in this position, it will aid you to more fully love yourself. Through this you may accept who you are and the reality of your life's journey. 

It is an excellent stone for those who are currently in the criminal justice system.

As it is a strong stone for those of extra-terrestrial origin, it is a stone that may be attractive to those who have undergone past lives on other planes of existence or who are of extra-terrestrial origin.

Where Is It From?

Astrophyllite is said to be rare as it has been found in only a few locations.

It is therefore not as readily available as some other stones, but still can be found at specialist crystal sellers.

Most stone selling is pieces of natural raw Astrophyllite, but it is possible to obtain thumbstones and tumbled stones although less commonly. 


The largest number of stones come from Russia, but it has also been found in Canada, Norway and Colorado in the United States. 

The raw natural stone is very beautiful, as it is a gorgeous coppery bronze color, that reflects the light.

Astrophyllite Meaning

The meaning of this stones name comes in two parts with the first part astro coming from the Greek word 'astron' that means star.

The second part of its name 'phyllite', comes from the Greek word 'phyllom' meaning leaf and brilliant.

So together we see the meaning as 'star leaf', as the first people who found it noticed the way it exhibited this type of display within the stone.


They have an unusual and quite beautiful structure and the raw stones often occur in small blades and star shaped groups as well as in the massive form.

These stones are a hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral. 

Their color may be various shades of golden yellow or coppery bronze and may have flashes of blue within the stone.

Who Should Use It? Connection Within The Chakras

This stone works within all chakras, as it will connect the eighth chakra, commonly called the soul star chakra with the earth star chakra.

This connection between these two chakras, will activate, stimulate and align the entire chakra system, as white light flows from one end to the other.

AstrophylliteAstrophyllite Pendant

The electro-magnetic vibrations of the energy emitted, encompasses the energy of the highest vibration to the lowest.

This will energize each of the chakras, as specifically required by that chakra. This is in alignment with the souls purpose, so is safe for anyone to use this stone.

A powerful way to use this stone is to wear it, and it is possible to find it made into jewelry, now that more people are learning about its properties.

 How To Use It: My Final Thoughts

Astrophyllite is easy to buy, and you can get delightful natural crystals as well as lovely palm stones as well as some lovely jewelry.

If you have trouble finding jewelry, it is possible to turn a piece of Astrophyllite of the right size into jewelry, by having it wire wrapped to enable you to wear it.

AstrophylliteAstrophyllite Thumbstone

If you have psychic abilities, this stone will enhance your telepathic gifts, to allow for more accurate delivery of information from the higher realms.

By carrying it on your body, or wearing it if possible, you will find that you attract the necessary experiences that you need into your life.

These may be by way of the principle of coincidence and synchronicity. These are those seemingly unplanned and unforeseen events that happen, to create amazing situations come about in your life.

Best Crystals To Pair With Astrophyllite

What are the most effective crystals to pair with Astrophyllite?

When you begin to use Astrophyllite, you may become aware that you need extra help within certain areas of the body.

In particular the starting and ending chakras may need assistance. For extra support at the earth star chakra, use one of the crystals for this chakra.

Specific stones that you may find beneficial includes Black Amethyst, Brown Tourmaline also called Dravite, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Smoky Quartz.

These crystals have a good energy to assist you if you have addictions.

If you have addictions you could also use it with other stones that help this problem including Black Obsidian, Dumortierite, Staurolite or Purple Amethyst.

For extra aid at the soul star chakra use Aurora Quartz or Ascension Stones or some of the high vibration crystals or stones such as White Selenite, Scolecite, and/or Natrolite, which are all effective to use for this purpose.

Finding Your Purpose

Using this crystals may help you to discover what your specific purpose is, and how to go about achieving this purpose.

The intensity of the light shining on some areas may stimulate a crisis of self, and if you find that you need help to forgive past actions use Dioptase with this stone.

If you have been using this stone and wish to take it up a notch, by combining it with Moldavite this may aid you to establish your reason for being here in this lifetime.

Use it with Stellerite to aid spiritual transformation, and with Tinaksite to allow you to let go of past issues that you have been holding on to, and that you feel bitter and negative about. 

As you begin to illuminate your inner self, you may find things within your being that you have difficulty dealing with.

Attract Coincidences or Synchronicity

To boost its energy to attract a greater number of coincidences or synchronicity, there are a number of stones you might choose to use with.

This includes Rainbow Moonstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Labradorite or Malachite. 

Combining it with Tigers Eye, Cryolite, Moldavite, Ethiopian Opal or Aurora Quartz which is also known as Anandalite has the potential to stimulate the rise of the kundalini energy and bring about kundalini awakening.

More Photos Of Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite Tumblestone
Astrophyllite Meaning & UseAstrophyllite Meaning & Use

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