Clear Euclase

Use To Understand Karma

➤ By Liz Oakes

Euclase are useful to keep close to you to aid you to think more clearly.

They stimulate the brain as they resonate within the crown chakra, and may assist the flow of coincidence and synchronicity in your life.

It may be helpful to wear this rare mineral on your body as this can assist you to bring the things and circumstances that you desire into your life.

EuclaseWhite Euclase

They also have a good energy to assist you to gain access to the akashic records which may help you to understand more about the meaning of karma.

Their metaphysical properties can assist you to understand how karma can work in your life and may help to enhance your psychic powers or abilities.

The crystals healing properties of all colors of Euclase are similar, and these stones have a lovely energy that stimulate feelings of happiness to flow through your being. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use White Euclase?

The white or clear Euclase stones have a strong action within the higher chakras especially the crown and third eye chakras.

They will also bring spiritual energy down from the higher chakras via the crown and third eye to the heart chakra, where it will spread from there throughout the entire body.

All colors are excellent crystals to kindle happiness, joy and greater enjoyment of everyday situations.

Clear EuclaseClear Euclase

Although this article is about the white or clear stones, Euclase colors range from blue, pale blue, various shades of green, colorless to white. 

While it is known to be colored green, the green gems are extremely uncommon and there are also bi-colored euclase stones that are quite beautiful.

Euclase Stimulates Clearer Thinking

Clear Euclase has a strong vibration within the crown chakra.

The crown chakra energy has a number of powerful ways to assist you but is particularly beneficial to assist you to by instigating clarity in your thinking.

This chakra is primarily related to your spirituality and the strong spiritual energy that flows from this area moves throughout your body bringing the sacred into your everyday life.

Clear EuclaseClear Euclase

These crystals are a little fragile so are less commonly seen made into any type of personal ornament such as crystal jewelry.

If you are buying Euclase it is possible for mineral collectors to get excellent crystal specimens that are distinct prismatic crystals but be aware that they chip easily, so special care must be taken with them.

If you are purchasing them for their healing and metaphysical properties, you may find less expensive pieces that have some chips selling.

Even if they are not perfect, these are suitable for metaphysical or healing purposes.

Understand Karma and The Akashic Records

Do you wish to understand how karma works and its role in your life? If so use one of these stones in meditation.

When you are meditating with these crystals reach out to teachers or spirit guides and ask for them to inform you about how this works.

Clear EuclaseClear Euclase

They are beneficial crystals to aid access to the Akashic records, and this may be helpful if you feel a need to find out about karmic situations that need resolving.

While you are in meditation it is possible for you to travel to the location where your specific past life information is stored in the akashic records.

If you are visiting any sort of sacred site, you may find that the energy of these stones may benefit you.

Their metaphysical properties may also assist you to understand sacred geometry more easily, and help to you to release negative energy.

They also assist you to be aware of the principle of truth, and may aid you to know when others are telling you the truth.

While they primarily work within the crown and third eye chakras, their energy will flow throughout your entire auric field.

The energy of Euclase works within the crown chakra to enhance spiritual commitment and spiritual healing and growth.

Clear EuclaseClear Euclase with yellow inclusions

It may also stimulate the energies of the mind, bringing improved and clearer thinking. 

Be aware that some of these crystals are less than perfect, see image below, but they still embody beneficial metaphysical properties.

Healing Properties: How Will It Help You?

These crystals have a number of excellent healing properties.

The energy of Euclase is known for it's role to inhibit the growth of fungus and it is said to also have both antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

White Euclase

They are known to be beneficial crystals for inflammation.

In addition they are known to relieve aches and pain caused by arthritis and may also aid the healing of bruises, cuts and scratches.

They are excellent crystals for pain relief, as not only do they help inflammation, but in addition they are said to also help spasms in the nervous system, muscle tension and muscle cramps. 

They are also said to be a good stone to enhance the eyesight and are known to aid your vision, and may help headaches caused by sinus problems.

Increase Coincidence & Synchronicity

This rare mineral may also help to stimulate an increase in the occurrence of the energy of coincidence and synchronicity in your life.

The way that coincidences can make a difference to your life and bring unlikely situations into play can be quite extraordinary.

There are a number of crystals that bring this energy into play, and using any of the stones that encourage this energy to flow in your life is highly beneficial.

Clear Euclase

One of the best ways that you can use these crystals to help you, is in regular meditation as their third eye chakra energy can enhance your psychic abilities.

Specific psychic powers may come to life through using them including the ability to see psychic visons, known as clairvoyance as well as improved intuitive gifts.

Who Should Use It? Wearing This Crystal

Its helpful to wear on your body as this can be helpful to assist you to bring the things and circumstances that you desire into your life.

Clear Euclase has a powerful energy that stimulates your emotional energy fields, bringing an increase of joy and happiness into your life. 

Euclase PendantClear Euclase Pendant with Blue Inclusions

To enhance the level of happiness in your life and to boost the occurrence of coincidence and synchronicity in your daily life, wear it on your body.

If you are able to obtain jewelry that would be the best way to use it, or put it places where you spend much time so its vibration will benefit you.

But as Euclase jewelry is not common, if you are unable to get a piece, simply put a piece of this crystal in a cloth bag in your pocket.

Where Is It From? Euclase Meaning

Euclase were named by René Just Haüy and this related to the Greek εὖ meaning easy or easily and the Greek word κλάσις for fracture.

So the meaning of the name Euclase, comes from these Greek words for easy and fracture because they relate to its attribute of perfect cleavage.

These stones are a product of the decomposition of Beryl in pegmatites.

They are a beryllium aluminium hydroxide silicate mineral and these beryllium minerals may be found as inclusions in granite.

They crystalize in the monoclinic crystal system, and occur as slender prismatic crystals, in the massive form as well as fibrous Euclase stones.

This stone is a silicate of beryllium that occurs as prismatic crystals with many having veins similar to tourmaline.

Euclase is known as a rare mineral as these crystals are not common and are only found in a few locations.

One of the more well known locations where it is found is in in South America, in Minas Gerais, a southeast region of Brazil where many other crystals also come from.

They were first discovered in 1792 in the Southern Urals in Russia, but have since been found in Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Zimbabwe, Germany and in the Austrian Alps.

Euclase crystals come in a number of colors, with the most common colors of these rare minerals being the white or clear stones.

But it is possible to get Blue Euclase from good crystal sellers, see image.

This article specifically looks at the clear or colorless stones but you can read about the blue variety on its own page.

The dark blue stones are primarily throat chakra stones but they also resonate within the crown, third eye and heart chakras.

My Final Thoughts

The energies of this rare stone have a surprising number of beneficial properties. 

Like most crystals the best way to use them is in meditation and they have a strong action to stimulate your psychic powers.

They will also aid the growth of your intuitive abilities and commonly assist you to find that more coincidences or synchronicity begin to occur in your life which can be a powerful aid to discovering what the next step is in life .

By stimulating the third eye area this can assist the growth of gifts such as improved clairvoyant gifts or psychic visions, and may enhance your psychic communication ability.

Best Crystals To Use With Euclase

What are the best crystals to combine with White Euclase?

If you feel you need a greater level of joy and happiness in your life, use your Euclase with other stones that stimulate happiness.

This includes the lovely green Peridot stone, Poppy Jasper, Green Tourmaline or Chrysoprase.

Combine it with other stones that also stimulate an increase in coincidence and synchronicity such as the lovely Rainbow Moonstone, Malachite, Benitoite or Clear Quartz.

Are you working on developing your intuition?

To stimulate this gift which we all have to a greater or lesser degree, you can use this stone, either alone or in combination with other stones for this purpose.

There are a number of stones that you can use with it to help you to develop your intuition, including  Amethyst, Green Fluorite, Plancheite or Stilbite.

Their action to assist pain, and in particular to aid muscle pain makes these stones very beneficial.

If you are using them to help pain, they are a number of other crystals for pain that you could combine with them including Emerald, Jet, Pyrrhotite or Amber.


You may choose to use this stones during meditation to aid you to access the akashic records.

To boost the process you might like to combine it with other stones that will also help you to reach this area of the higher realms.

Black Andradite Garnet, Cavansite, Ethiopian Opal or Blue Apatite are some of the stones that may be helpful for this purpose.

They are good crystals for truth that assist you to be more truthful, and to aid you to be conscious at times when others are misleading you or acting insincerely you may choose to use it.

Other stones that aid you to be aware of the energy of truth includes Clear Topaz, Arfvedsonite, Montebrasite or Amazonite as they could be good stones to use for this purpose.

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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