Dravite Brown Tourmaline

Strong Grounding, Aids Self Acceptance

➤ By Liz Oakes

Dravite Tourmaline is the deep brown, very dark, almost black variety of Tourmaline.

Like Black Tourmaline has a strong grounding action and a calming, relaxing and reassuring effect on the body.

It helps you to have a deeper acceptance of yourself, especially those parts of yourself that you may not like and would rather did not exist. 

With acceptance comes the ability to move on with life.

Dravite Brown TourmalineDravite Brown Tourmaline

Like other Tourmalines it has a quite soothing energy that helps you to come down from the higher planes and to make a stronger earth connection.

This crystal is deeply cleansing energetically and helps to grant you added stamina when you are going through onerous situations.

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Why Would You Use It?

This stone assists you to let go of any old emotional problems that it brings to your attention so you can deal with the issues instead of burying them and allowing them to fester. 

This brown crystal helps you to accept yourself, and it improves your self esteem, as it also helps you to love yourself.

Dravite Brown TourmalineDravite Brown Tourmaline

Many of you may feel that it is exciting to work with stones that take you to the higher realms.

This is easy to understand, as it is not only very interesting but it also brings spiritual growth, and often growth of psychic abilities.

But if you work only in the higher realms, problems may be ignored, only to come out unexpectedly and be in your face because they have not been dealt with.

If you have found that your emotions sometimes get out of control over nothing, look at what the 'nothing' was. It may relate to an old issue you have not dealt with.

This stone is good to help you to pull out those old issues and look at them.

This may help you to accept old parts of yourself, and the way that you have handled a situation in the past, that you have been trying to ignore.

It has a quite peaceful and soothing energy which helps to keep you calm when life gets stressful and is also good to enhance your creativity.

How To Use It: How Will It Help You?

The metaphysical properties of minerals like Dravite Tourmaline can be particularly helpful if you have been working a lot with high vibration stones.

It may be especially useful if you have not been taking action to ground yourself fully afterwards.

It is a strong spiritual grounding stone that works to help you to connect more easily and more deeply to the earth star chakra and to the energy of Mother Gaia.

Dravite Tourmaline with spots of red in itDravite Tourmaline with spots of red in it

Dravite Tourmaline is deeply cleansing energetically and helps to give you added stamina when you are going through difficult situations.

This earth chakra crystal helps to inspire courage and persistence to keep going when you would rather give up.

It has a calming and soothing action that assists you to feel more loving towards yourself.

The vibration of this brown crystal aids you to release negative energy, while it fills your auric field with high vibration loving energy.

If you allow this loving energy to resonate within you, it will help you to accept that all of you is perfect, even the parts of yourself that you may find unacceptable or unlovable.

Dravite Tourmaline assists you to feel compassion for all aspects of who you are.

This brown crystal brings a gentle and soothing healing of your emotional body, as its energy within the heart chakra helps you to relax and let go.

Wearing Dravite Tourmaline

Dravite is an Aries birthstone so it is on the zodiac birthstone list. This means that you may be able to find it made into jewelry. It has a calming, relaxing and reassuring effect on the body. 

Wearing it is a good way to use it to help you to deal with anxiety and worry.

If you are unable to find jewelry made from this stone, you can use it in a macrame crystal holder, which you can easily buy or make yourself.

It is simple to buy a macrame crystal holder here, just make sure you get one with a bead on top so you can easily change the stone you are using in it.


It has a strong healing energy to aid the organs within the area close to the base or root chakra.

It helps you to better absorb the nutrients from food and may help to heal problems of the intestinal tract, including irritable bowel syndrome and crohn's disease.

Dravite Tourmaline will also aid the lymphatic system and is a strong stone to heal the blood, to reduce spots on the skin and to stimulate regeneration within all of the body.

This brown variety of Tourmaline has a strong energy to aid you with overcoming addictions, and works well when combined with other strong stones for this purpose.

Keeping this stone on you at times when you are feeling like life is hard to cope with, and it well known as one of the helpful crystals for stress

My Final Thoughts

It helps you to come down from the higher planes and to make a stronger earth connection.

It has a strong action to aid spiritual grounding and like other Tourmalines is quite soothing, and helpful to assist at times of stress.

Wear this stone as jewelry or keep a piece of stone in your pocket, as this will help you to benefit from its strong grounding energy

DraviteNicely Formed Deep Brown Dravite

In summary: remember that this deep brown crystal is highly cleansing energetically and helps to contribute added persistence when you are going through tense, problem situations.

It aids you to have a more profound acceptance of yourself, especially the areas of yourself that you may not want to accept and would rather did not exist. As you allow yourself to accept what is, with this comes the ability to move on with your life.

Golden Dravite: Yellow or Champagne Tourmaline

Dravite Tourmaline crystals come in a range of colors.

While the clear golden brown color is not as common as the deep brown variety of Tourmaline this stone is sometimes available from good crystal suppliers.

Lovely jewelry made from the beautiful golden Dravite may also be found selling as Champagne Tourmaline or as Yellow or Golden Tourmaline.

It is a quite stunning clear golden brown color.

These crystals resonate within the sacral chakra, where their energy boosts creativity.

They are known as highly beneficial crystals for creativity that work well to enhance your creative gifts.

They are also strong solar plexus chakra stones, that have a vibration that will stimulate an increase in your ability to use your personal power to improve your life.

The meaning of stones like these relates to how they may assist a growth in your self esteem and personal power and aid self confidence.

They may help you if you are working on manifesting, and they are known to stimulate an increase of abundance and prosperity. 

They help you to develop a greater degree of trust in role of the Divine in your life.

These are good stones to assist you when you are working on past life recall, and they may help you to release old past life trauma you may not have been aware of before.

Where Is It From? Dravite Meaning

The meaning of its name is related to the Austrian mineralogist Drave, and may also be spelt Dravide.

Its color is is in various shades of brown, from the darker brown almost black stones through to the gemmy golden brown stone.

The brown variety of Tourmaline is found in some of the same places as Black Tourmaline, and may be easily confused with it as the two stones are quite similar.

Places where it is found are in Brazil, Austria, Slovenia and in Australia. This brown variety of Tourmaline helps to bring the shadow side of yourself to your consciousness.

This is the part of you that you may like to pretend does not exist, but that may need to be brought forward and dealt with.

Best Crystals To Use With Dravite Brown Tourmaline

What are the best crystals to combine with Dravite?

As one of its strong actions is its vibration to aid grounding, to accentuate this energy you may combine it with other grounding stones.

These include stones such as Jet, Tiger Iron, Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian.

To aid its vibration to fight addictions, you may combine it with other stones for overcoming addictions.

These include stones such as Astrophyllite, Amethyst Crystals, Unakite and Smithsonite.

Crystal Books

There are a now quite a few crystal books available, and so it is relatively easy to buy one that will help you to learn more about crystals, rocks and stones.

I have written reviews on some of my favorites, just to give you an idea whether a certain book will benefit you.

Some are bigger, much bigger like the Melody Encyclopedia, and I have to admit to thinking its one of the best on the market. 


But its not one to take with you as its very big and very heavy.  I love Judy Hall's books, and they are a good size too, not to heavy.

Its a good idea to get yourself one, if you are into crystals, and start with a basic one like The Crystal Bible.

If you are unsure about which crystal book to choose and need some help, before you buy one you may benefit from reading my book reviews then get yourself a crystal book!

Photos Of Dravite also called Brown Tourmaline

Dravite Brown Tourmaline Meaning Properties And PowersDravite Brown Tourmaline Meaning Properties And Powers

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