Calligraphy Stone

Helps Automatic Writing Ability

➤ By Liz Oakes

Calligraphy Stone has a strong Spiritual energy that is helpful for meditation as its stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. 

It boosts the development of the gift of automatic writing and can help you to connect with angels and spirit guides during meditation.

It's energy may assist past life recall & it aids you to reach the area in the higher realms where the Akashic records are located.

It may allow you to access them to gain information about past lives and can help the release of karma

Calligraphy StoneCalligraphy Stone

Their healing properties aid you to feel more positive about life, and if you have a situation in your life that you feel is hopeless, use this stone to help you.

It has a strong resonance at the higher crown and third eye chakras as well as within the sacral and solar plexus chakras, and is also very protective. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Best Way To Use It Is In Meditation

There are a number of metaphysical powers embodied in this quite unique stone, so they are excellent crystals to use for a number of reasons.

In particular they are powerful tools to utilize in meditation to bring a higher perspective to what you discover when visiting the higher realms.

So the best way to use these orange crystals is in meditation, see more below. This will be a great benefit to you if you are on the spiritual path.

Calligraphy StoneCalligraphy Stone is also called Elephant Skin Jasper

If you are working on ways to receive higher guidance, they are a wonderful stone to assist you to develop the gift or skill of automatic writing.

Developing this psychic gift can take some time for some people, yet for others it can happen quite quickly.

Enhances Automatic Writing

For those who find its not happening as quickly as you'd like, just relax and allow Spirit to guide the process and you may be surprised what happens. 

On my specific page about automatic writing you can learn a lot of information about how to develop the gift of automatic writing.

This includes details and tips about ways to enhance the ability to receive these messages. 

Calligraphy StoneCalligraphy Stone is also called Arabic Script Stone

As mentioned above, it can also assist you to develop automatic writing gifts. So check out the page if you wish to go down this path.

It is easy to buy Elephant Skin Jasper. The article mentioned above may help you recognize the meaning of the information that you receive.

It also you to understand whether what you believe are higher impressions are really, and if they are even messages that are coming from spirit.

How To Use It? Explore The Akashic Records

Calligraphy Stone has a good energy to assist with past life regression as it helps you to find the area in the higher realms where the Akashic records are located.

It is a beneficial stone to help with past-life recall and is said to aid you to release trauma from the past that comes up when you are being regressed.

Calligraphy StoneCalligraphy Stone

It is also known to help you to let go of karma from these past lives and will gently assist you to release related negative energy that you have been holding onto.

It has a strong protective energy and may also help you to deal with loneliness, especially if life has brought situations where you are unable to see loved ones.

 Healing Properties Of Calligraphy Stone

Mariam Jasper is an unusual stone that has a number of useful healing properties which means they are beneficial crystals to utilize in your daily life.

Their resonance within the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras will aid the healing of issues in the general area of the stomach including bowel problems.

They are helpful to aid women who get menstrual cramps and are purported to ease skin complaints and are known to aid hair loss and scalp issues.

Arabic Script StoneArabic Script Stone

They are said to be good for crystals healing as they also known to help with blood circulation and may assist blood flow. 

Calligraphy stone also called Mariam Jasper have a soothing energy that may relieve stress and anxiety and can assist the release of past trauma, especially if its related to past life experiences. 

Who Should Use It? Crystal Meditation

Using them in a crystal meditation is one of the more powerful ways to utilize their energy as they assist the release of negative thoughts or emotions and bring feelings of quiet happiness and joy.

Holding a piece of Elephant Jasper in your hand when going into the silence of meditation is quite calming.

Elephant Skin Jasper EggElephant Skin Jasper Egg

They have a soothing energy that can release negative vibrations, and this is helpful in these difficult times that we are all going through.

They bring tranquility and peace while you relax deeper into inner stillness, releasing any negative feelings related to the volatile situations in the world.

Their 3rd eye chakra energy also makes them helpful to use for meditation if you wish to connect with your Spirit guide or with any teachers you make contact with.

Their vibration can also enhance your ability to understand the messages you are receiving at this time.

This is the same resonance that makes them useful for automatic writing as it can aid you to better understand messages that are coming through as you write.

Where Is It From? Calligraphy Stone Meaning

Calligraphy Stone is also commonly known as Elephant Skin Jasper or Miriam Stone. In addition there are quite a few other names used to describe this stone.

The name Elephant Skin Jasper relates to the way it is said to resemble the skin of an elephant.

There were so many that I found it hard to decide what to call the stone but settled on this name due to its metaphysical attributes.

Many pieces are quite beautiful, and commonly have calligraphy style markings on them.

This is interesting as they have a role in aiding writers block as well as assisting you to develop the spiritual gift of automatic writing.

Called By A Range Of Names

I know that the large number of different names makes it confusing when you wish to purchase these stones. It is quite ridiculous really that they go by so many names!

But I am providing all the names (that I know about) in case you need to know this, if you can't find them selling under the most used names.

Some of the other names it is known as are Miriam Jasper, Mariyam Jasper, Mariam Stone, Arabic Script Stone, Cobra Script Stone, Snake Agate or Snake Jasper and Calligraphy Script Stone.

There are a number of meanings that relate to the various names that this stone is called.

Elephant Skin JasperElephant Skin Jasper

The names Script Stone, Arabic Script Stone and Calligraphy Stone relate to the way the stones look like writing.

They have the look of Arabic script writing from ancient times and resemble Chinese calligraphy writing.

You can understand the reason for the name Arabic Stone as they have marks on them that look like writing, and these resemble some sort of ancient script all over them.

Where Is It From? What Is It?

These stones come from the Himalayan Mountains in India, and have a quite unique look.

One of the problems with this unique stone is that there doesn't seem to be any authentic mineral analysis of these stones, even though they have been known about and used for a very long time.

Most sites speak of it being a mix of hematite and iron shell fossil, and perhaps containing vegetation from an ancient swamp.

It is said that may be comprised of a mixture of fine shell fragments and fossilized shells and are believed that they may be around a million years old.

Calligraphy StoneCalligraphy Stone

Most stones are a range of colors with a darker brownish orange with beautiful golden-yellow color markings or stripes that resemble writing.

These crystals are available for sale in many forms including the natural stones you can see here.

It is also easy to buy polished stone which may be fashioned into Calligraphy Stone jewelry as well as spheres, tumblestones or palmstones.

Why Would You Use It

Elephant Skin JasperElephant Skin Jasper

The energy of this unusual stone brings through some powerful properties that aid spiritual growth and it also has a strong protective energy.

Their vibration may aid spiritual awakening and can assist you to receive in-depth higher knowledge from teachers, spirit guides and angelic beings.

Using these stones is also known to spark magical or mystical powers which may be related to the way they resonate strongly within both the third eye and crown chakras. 

Benefits Of Wearing This Crystal

While jewelry made from these stones is not common, they do take a polish so you should be able to buy pendants or other pieces of jewelry fairly easily. 

For best results it is highly beneficial to keep this crystal on your body. If you aren't able to buy a piece to wear, put a stone in your pocket in a cloth bag.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and there are also patterns to make them online. These holders make it simple to wear one of these stones.

Calligraphy Stone CabachonCalligraphy Stone Cabachon

The frequency of Calligraphy Stone is highly beneficial to stimulate your creative ability.

In addition to being crystals for creativity, if your work involves writing it has the added advantage of helping with writer’s block.

There are also a number of other stones that aid writers who are blocked. So you can combine them with these crystals including the lovely Blue Topaz Stones, which also help writers block.

My Final Thoughts

They are a stone with a deep Spiritual resonance that will aid spiritual healing and assist spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.

This crystals healing properties aid you to feel more positive about life, and if you have a situation in your life that you feel is hopeless, use this stone to help you.

In summary: These stones have a gentle energy that creates peace and harmony in your life, and are beneficial to keep where you spend the most time.

Use them for meditation to assist spiritual healing and to aid contact with your spirit guides and to develop automatic writing ability.

Best Crystals To Use With Calligraphy Stone

What are the best crystals to use with Calligraphy Stone?

If you are working on developing your ability to do automatic writing, there are a number of other crystals that you could use with Miriam Stone to stimulate this psychic gift.

This included stones such as Magnesite, Merlinite, Labradorite or Eudialyte.

To assist your ability to access the Akashic records, there are a number of stones that will work well to boost this connection. 

Stones such as Euclase, Chiastolite, Petrified Wood and Blue Apatite will help you.

These stones have a good energy to help you if you have writer's block. They are good stones to use you are having difficulty expressing yourself.

But if you still find your writing isn't go as smoothly as you'd like, pair it with one or more of the other crystals for writers.

This includes Triplite, Hornblende, Chinese Writing Rock or Picture Jasper, as they all have a helpful energy to get your writing going again.

Picture JasperPicture Jasper
Chinese Writing RockChinese Writing Rock

This stone has a strong energy to assist you to connect with angels.

When you are meditating it may be beneficial to combine this stone with any of a number of other stones that assist you to contact angels.

Stones such as Angelite, Iolite, Tanzanite and Datolite may be beneficial.

These stones will help you if you are working on making contact with your spirit guideWhile they work well for this purpose when used alone, you may benefit by combining them with other stones.

Crystals that can help you to make contact with your spirit guides includes Herkimer Diamond, Brookite, Ruby In Zoisite or Larvikite.

Calligraphy Stone aka Miriam Stone or Elephant Skin Jasper

Calligraphy Stone Egg 3-500

The Lavender Purple Fluorite Stone With The Same Name

There is another stone with the same name that is nothing like this stone in any way, and has few properties in common with it.

I know this naming of stones is confusing. This lavender fluorite stone comes from China and is also called Shu Fa Stone.

Note: This purple stone is definitely not the same as the brownish orange crystals shown here.

The lavender purple crystal that comes from China and which is also known as Calligraphy stone is a totally different stone.

These purple opaque fluorite crystals that also sell under the Chinese name Shu Fa Stone are known to be a rare form of botryoidal fluorite.

The lavender crystals are quite lovely but don't get mixed up as their metaphysical properties will be quite different.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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