Fuchsite Crystals

Have Sparkling Radiant Energy!

➤ By Liz Oakes

Fuchsite is a lovely green form of Muscovite Mica. It is known as the Healers Stone as it is particularly good for healers to use. 

Held in the light, its amazing sparkle just seems to draw the eyes to it! This is a stone with strong metaphysical properties.

Even if you are not a healer, it may help you to look after your own needs and requirements, and the health of your loved ones, when you need to.


Its energy is very beneficial for everyone to have in their vicinity, and large pieces kept nearby are very helpful for healing.

It is especially helpful for those people who regularly try to save others from themselves.

It helps you to understand when it might be better to let the person to take responsibility for their own health concerns.

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What Is Fuchsite? Why Would You Use It

This sparkling green stone is a lovely green mica that has a strong heart chakra vibration.

When looking at this beautiful green stone in the light, your eyes seem to be drawn to the sparkling light from within it, as you are attracted by its radiance.

By using its radiant energy you may be able to access information from the universal mind, via your intuition.

Shiny Fuchsite StoneBeautiful Sparkling Fuchsite Stone

You may find yourself becoming altered, if you immerse yourself within the sparkling light from Green Fuchsite.

Looking into the depths of a sparkling piece of this stone, may quite quickly help those who are stressed to become more calm.

Using this green stone is one of the methods to relieve stress.

Meditation with any variety of crystal is the best and highest use for it and it is also true for these green stones.


As you go deeper into the meditative state, this is the time when you begin to access information that will aid you in your life.

Hold a small piece of this stone in your hand during meditation to assist you to receive divine guidance about issues that are of concern to you.

Encourages You To Take Different Actions

The use of Fuchsite, the green Muscovite, infuses heart chakra energy into the process of making life changes.

This energy from the heart will help you to approach things in a wholly heart based way.

All types of Muscovite are both crown chakra and third eye chakra stones.

To aid anyone who has had ongoing allergy problems, this green stone can be a great companion to have close by.

Fuchsite aids contact with nature spirits.Fuchsite aids contact with nature spirits.

Whether you are a healer or someone who wants to have a better life, the radiant energy of this crystal will be of benefit to you.

It is easy to buy these stones, and by having a piece of this stone close by, even a small piece in your pocket, it encourages you to take different actions.

Whatever size piece of this sparkling stone that you choose to use, look into it, and ask to receive the wisdom that it may access, from the Divine Mind.

How Will It Help You? Also Called 'The Healers Stone'

It has been called 'The Healers Stone' and is a stone that has been used by ancient healers and shamans. 

If you are a healer of any sort, try to obtain a reasonable sized piece of this stone.

There are a number of good reasons why it is a most helpful stone to have in the area where you are seeing clients.

The foremost reasons is that often healers so very much want their patients to get better, that they are unable to see the situation clearly.

Fuchsite is also called 'The Healers Stone'Fuchsite is also called 'The Healers Stone'.

It will aid you to say 'No' when you hear from clients wanting more from you, particularly time, than you are able or willing to give.

Fuchsite crystals will help you to stand back from situations, both mentally and emotionally.  Shop here for Fuchsite stone.

It may be helpful to have a fair sized piece of Fuchsite within the home environment.

This may be helpful when there may be one member of the family who begins to get sick, and may get looked after by others.

Others within the family group may be comfortable with the situation, as they may like to "mother" that person.

Fuchsite is the green variety of MuscoviteFuchsite is the green variety of Muscovite

This can create a situation where one person becomes the 'family patient'.

By having a reasonable sized piece of this sparkling green stone in the home, it encourages the patient to take charge of their own health.

It encourages each person in its vicinity to be responsible for their own health, growth and movement forward in their life.

It allows anyone who is a care-giver to release the need to be responsible for another person.

The carer also may gain by this, as they too can move on with their life.

Who Should Use It? Discourages Surrogating

This stone is also useful if you are a person who likes to be of service to others, and who gets involved in groups or organizations.

Many people start out in an organization, and find they become involved in situations that are not in either their interests, or the interests of the group.

Fuchsite Specimen

The vibration of this green stone will aid you as the healer, to ensure you do not 'surrogate' or take too much responsibility for any one else's healing.

Many healers will benefit by its use, by avoiding surrogating and allowing clients to take responsibility for their own healing.

By this change you avoid potential problems, especially if you are someone who likes to rescue others.

It may benefit your overall spirituality and health and help to create improved emotional well-being.

If you have a small piece of Fuchsite in your pocket during the day, this is an excellent way to keep it within your auric field.

These green crystals are said to help carpal tunnel syndrome and are also known to have a good action to assist your pain if your spine is out of alignment.

Fuchsite helps back problems and muscle pain.Fuchsite helps back problems and muscle pain.

Anyone with back problems or muscle pain, can benefit from its vibration, as it may promote deeper and faster healing.

Keep a piece under the pillow at night, not only for allergies but to encourage restful sleep.

Where Is It From? Fuchsite Meaning

It comes in various shades of green, from medium green through to a slightly paler color.

You may also find stones that are a mixture of the Red Muscovite and the Green crystal.

Fuchsite is a variety of Green Muscovite, a stone that will generally help you by stimulating your mind.

This may intensify inspiration and aid you with problem solving, and help you to develop your intuition.


Fuchsite or Fuschite is mainly found in Brazil, and is a variety of Muscovite. It was named after the German mineralogist Johann Fuchs.

It has also been found in Russia and India. Its color is due to the presence of chromium in it, as it is the green form of Muscovite Mica.

Contacting Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

A good reason for keeping this lovely green crystal close to you is to assist you to make contact with nature spirits and elemental beings.

Not everyone is aware of the presence of these beings.

These beings that live in and around the green areas of your home can be attracted by the Fuchsite vibration.

Fuchsite StoneFuchsite Stone

These members of the Devic kingdom have much they can share with you, if you are open to receiving it. 

So encourage them to aid you, by asking for their help. If we become as a little child, we have the potential to gain a lot.

Children do this naturally, so listen when they tell you they are talking to fairies or nature divas. 

Fuchsite are very helpful when you feel overwhelmed by life's situations.

If you want to invite the elemental creatures to live in your garden, use this crystal to get in touch with them during your meditations.

Gardens with lush growth of healthy plants growing, may attract the Devic kingdom.

As you find you make contact, ask them to live in your garden or to be present near your home.

Mixed Red Muscovite and Green FuchsiteMixed Red Muscovite and Green Fuchsite

Fuchsite is said to aid those who are herbalists to gain information about how to use certain natural remedies.

Although this is not my field, I have heard from others that using this stone is very effective for bringing through the information required.

Making contact with elemental beings may also potentially gain such information.

This is especially true if you ensure that you keep the garden healthy, and well cared for.

Avoid the use of harmful chemicals, and you will find that the number of these beings will multiply in the healthy garden surroundings.

Best Crystals To Use With Fuchsite

What are the best crystals to combine with Fuchsite?

This is a heart chakra stone, so use it combined with the other heart chakra crystals such as Emerald, Green Aventurine, Iron Pyrite, Moss Agate or Green Tourmaline.

As Green Aventurine contains Fuchsite, these crystals may also be helpful used together.

To enhance your contact with elemental beings, you may like to combine them with other stones that help you attract these amazing creatures.

Use them with crystals such as Prasiolite or Green Amethyst, Rainforest Jasper, Seriphos Green Quartz or Green Aventurine.

Combined with Lilac Lepidolite this stone may help you to relieve stress, aid allergies and assist you to be open to spiritual elevation. 

You may also choose to use it with Spessartine Garnet or Hyalite Opal, other good stones to use to treat allergies.

Another powerful combination for allergies is to add in the 'wonder stone' Shungite, a stone that is said to help allergies and skin conditions, as it contains powerful antioxidants called Fullerenes.

To help you to let your imagination loose and to aid the development of inspiration, you may combine this green stone with Spessartine Garnet, Coral Fossil, Pudding Stone, Herkimer Diamonds or Phenacite. 

To aid the action of these green crystals to help your pain, you might like to use it with other stones that have a strong action to relieve pain in your muscles.

To increase the relief you might require, there are quite a few other stones that you could use to aid muscle pain.

There are a number of crystals for pain relief and some are more common or well known than others.

For this purpose you may choose to use crystals such as Amber, Jet Stone, Malachite, Black Tourmaline or Kammererite.

If you wish to stimulate greater problem solving ability, you may like to combine this stone with other crystals that aid you to solve problems.

This includes stones such as Datolite, Wavellite, Afghanite and Chiastolite.

Crystal Books

Are you looking for a book about crystals and aren't sure what to choose?

There are a large number of crystal books selling and some are better than others. Some are very in-depth crystal reference books, others not so much.

I cover many of the best selling books on my review page.

Most of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

Fuchsite stone

I feel that any one of these books would benefit you when you have a specific question you need answered.

But it does depend on how long you have been using crystals and what you are looking for.

I review books for the person who is new to crystals on this page.

As well other books are covered, books for those who already have some knowledge on another page.

On my Crystal Book Review Page you can read about some of the newer books that have been published and why you might want to read them.

I endeavor to update the page regularly, to include newly published books, so check it out.

Fuchsite Is The Green Muscovite Stone

Fuchsite Green Muscovite Mica Meaning & UsesFuchsite Green Muscovite Mica Meaning & Uses

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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