Darwin Glass 

Potent High Vibration Tektite, To Use In Meditation

Written By Liz Oakes

Darwin Glass is a type of tektite that has a high vibration that is easy to feel.

These glassy stones have a quite powerful vibration, with a similar deep level of energy to other tektites.

Their resonance within the third eye chakra helps you to make a connection with beings in the higher realms. 

They are excellent healing crystals for you to make use of to assist spiritual development.

Darwin GlassDarwin Glass aka Darwinite

They are beneficial meditation stones and help to create a connection between the heart chakra and the crown and higher etheric chakras.

This connection is highly beneficial as they can help you to let go of fear you may be feeling about the events happening on the earth at this time.

Where Is It From? Darwin Glass or Darwinite Meaning

This stone is also known as Darwinite, and both names relate to the location near Queenstown Tasmania Australia where they were first discovered.

They are thought to have been created by a meteor hitting close to Mt Darwin.

There is also a crater called the Darwin Crater which may have been the place where the meteor impacted.

The meteor that created this high vibration glass stone is said to have crashed in the area over 800,000 years ago, so they are definitely very old crystals.

Where is it from and what color is this crystal?

  • These stones are only found in Tasmania Australia. The actual pieces of these glassy crystals are scattered all over the area around Mt Darwin.
  • Known as a strew field, it covers an area of around 410 square kilometres, which is about 158 square miles.
  • Some pieces have bubbles in the glass, and I have heard that some pieces also occur in combination with quartzite and are found buried under peat and soil in that area.
  • Most pieces are black or very dark green, with the darker colored stones being more common.
  • Their color varies from almost clear white pieces (rare) through to shades of brown, dark green or black.
  • The darker glass contains more silica, as well as a number of minerals that color the glass such as magnesium, chromium, cobalt,  nickel and iron.
  • It is said that some of the inclusions may be pieces of the meteor. They are fairly easy to obtain as the glass was scattered over a large area and there is quite a lot there.
  • Many pieces of this glass occur in quite unusual twisted shapes up to around 10cm or 4 inches in length, although small fragments are very common.

Why Would You Use Darwin Glass?

If you visit the part of the island of Tasmania Australia where these stones originate, you'll notice that the light there is quite unique, possibly due to its location on the earth.

When you first hold a piece of Darwin Glass in your hand you may be surprised by the strength of the quite clear unique light that comes through to you, especially during meditation.

Darwin GlassDarwin Glass aka Darwinite

It is interesting that these crystals have a strong energy. These stones seem to have assimilated  clear resonant light which is similar to the light of the area where they were created.

Their energy resonates within the third eye chakra which may be useful to help you to make a connection with beings in the higher realms.

When you use them, it is easy to detect the strength and power of the quite spiritual light that these glassy stones embody.

When you hold one of these stones you can quickly make a spiritual connection and can feel the depth of the energy and spiritual light that they embody flowing through to you.

Their energy can make a quite deep heartfelt connection, and like other types of tektite they have a high vibration.

Their energy can easily be felt when you pick up a piece and hold it in your hand. 

How To Use It

The best way to use Darwin Glass is in your daily meditation and this has a number of benefits including:

  • They have a powerful heart based energy that is highly beneficial to use for meditating with.
  • In my opinion using them to do a crystal meditation is the best way to utilize the strong vibration of this stone.
  • When you use it in meditation you may notice almost immediately that you create a connection with the stone.
  • The stones energy quite easily flows into the heart chakra region and then easily moves upwards to stimulate the higher etheric chakras.

The vibration of these unusual crystals is quite gentle, yet quite impactful. Their relaxed vibration is beneficial to help with releasing fear and negativity from within you.

Darwin GlassDarwin Glass aka Darwinite

How Will It Help You?

The crystals healing properties of these glassy deep green or black stones, may be ascertained by concentrating on the messages you receive when using this stone in meditation.

These messages may give you insight into what sort of healing you require at this time.

Many people who use them find that they can easily feel their vibration resonating within the higher chakras, and particularly within the crown chakra and the third eye chakra.

Darwin Glass

They also resonate within the chest and heart chakra area, which is known to be powerful to aid emotional healing, and may also assist physical issues within the heart.

Their high vibration energy easily connects to the higher chakras, and this can be beneficial to assist with spiritual learning and growth as well as aiding the release of fear.

This connection may help you to let go of any fear you may be feeling about the events happening on the earth at this time.

Darwin Glass

They are said to help the healing of issues in the brain through the movement of energy within various areas of the brain.

While I haven't tried it, it is said to assist you to connect to the energy of dolphins, so if you can, give it a try, as it may be helpful for this purpose.

Best Crystals To Use With Darwin Glass?

Wondering what are the best crystals to use with Darwinite?

These high vibration crystals work well when combined with other high vibration tektites.

In particular they may be used with Moldavite which is a green tektite or with Guangdong Tektite, Libyan Desert Glass also known as Libyan Gold Tektite  or Tibetan Tektite.

Guangdong TektiteGuangdong Tektite
Tibetan TektiteTibetan Tektite

You may choose to use them with other heart chakra stones, especially the high vibration heart based stones such as Danburite,  Yttrium Fluorite, Green Datolite, Diaspore or Moldavite.

There are a number of other high vibration stones that also combine well with it, especially those that resonate within the crown chakra.

There are a number of stones in this category including Selenite, Tanzanite, Natrolite or Celestite which are heart based crown chakra stones.

This is an excellent stone to help you to release fear or negative energy that you may be holding onto.

To aid you with dissolving fear you may wish to use it with other crystals that also aid the release of fear.

This includes stones such as Watermelon Tourmaline, Black Jade, Dioptase, Ethiopian Opal and Rhodonite.

Pictures Of Darwin Glass aka Darwinite

Darwin GlassAka Darwinite
Darwin GlassAka Darwinite
Darwin GlassDarwin Glass

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