Using The Power of Lightning For Manifestation

➤ By Liz Oakes

Fulgurite is a form of fused quartz, and is a very special and unique glass, formed by a lightning strike onto sandy soil or sand.

These stones embody an extremely high vibration and a potent energy.

They are most well known for their action to help you to manifest those things you desire when combined with the power of prayer.


This melted piece forms a glass tube where the lightning passes through the middle of the melted material. 

It is this tube that is the basis of what creates the power. The potent energy they embody is the basis of why you might choose to use this unusual stone.

There is an enormous release of energy into the area where the strike occurs, so hot that the sand is instantly melted.

Their energy creates a powerful flow within the chakras from the heart chakra up, but particularly within the throat and third eye.

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Did You Know? Fulgurite are amazing healing crystals for you to use to help your hearing.

They are also powerful stones to assist electrical sensitivity or EHS, as well as being beneficial to aid sexuality.

Why Would You Use It?

These stones embody the powerful energy of lightning within them, that was infused into the stone at the time of the event which caused their creation.

This energy makes Fulgurite stones powerful manifestation tools. A common use for Fulgarite is for manifesting through the power of prayer.

By praying fervently and then blowing your prayer out, through the center of the stone to the universe, many people believe that this is amazingly effective to manifest.

Fulgurite stone tubesFulgurite stone tubes in a range of different colors depending on the color of the sand where the lightning has struck

Its energy forms an energetic bridge between your thoughts and those of the Divine Mind, and it flows in both directions. 

It is therefore a stone to aid en-light-enment, as through the bolt of light-ning we receive this Divine light.

This is why many people use it on the higher chakras, from the heart chakra up. This specifically includes the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

This stone may be used at any of the chakras, as it well known as a stone to aid you to make contact with the Divine Mind.

At the throat chakra, it will have a healing effect on the ears and the hearing. 

It may clear the clairaudient channels and accelerate the development of the gift of psychic hearing.

How Will It Help You?

There are a number of reason how this unusual stone can help you including:

  • The electrical energy of this stone will have a powerful healing ability within the electro-magnetics of the body.
  • Its intense energy may create cellular rejuvenation and may also prevent cancerous cells from multiplying.
  • It is also known as a beneficial EMF protection stone that may help those who have electrical sensitivity, as the embodied electricity may assist to normalize electrical activity in the body.
Large Fulgurite TubeThis large Fulgurite tube is wonderful to use for healing

This use was why I increased the number of these stones I have, so that I could utilize them to aid my own electrical sensitivity.

As it may to rouse the kundalini energies, it is also a stone that is known to aid sexuality. 

The kundalini activation process is best done with the aid of a practitioner, as it has an intense potency. 

If you decide to do this process, you will need eight to ten of the stones. 

The Fulgurite stones are used in a full body layout, with one at each chakra, one below the feet and if possible two above the head.

How To Use It: Who Should Use It?

One of the ways that most people use these, is to sit in meditation, before you blow through it.

During this time in the meditative state, you can visualize what it is that you most fervently desire to come about.

The more that you can set free your imagination to truly bring into your mind a detailed vision of what you really want, the more powerful this process will be.

FulguriteLarge Fulgurite Specimen

Once you hold the piece of Fulgurite in your hand, you become aware of the power that it holds within it. You will feel the vibration of the energy as you hold it.

Make an image in your mind, and make it as clear and detailed as you can make it, and as rich and as complex as you are able.

Keep the vision clearly in your mind as you meditate. This next part is important: Ensure that you keep your thoughts positive, as you will in all probability get what you ask for, including what you are thinking about.

Feel an intense feeling of gratitude for what you are about to receive. If you want, speak aloud to the universe, making a statement about what it is that you are asking for.

Then hold your piece of Fulgarite at your lips and blow it to the universe.

As you exhale strongly down the tube, imagine that your prayer is like a bolt of lightning, flying across the sky and ending up at the source of all that is.


This tube through the middle of the stone acts as a direct conduit for the energy of the Divine Mind to move into manifestation within physical reality.

It will also aid the anchoring of your light-body, as this stone has an intense vibration that has a powerful effect to link you with the Divine source.

Where Is It From? Fulgurite Meaning

The meaning of the name Fulgurite comes from the Latin word 'Fulgur' meaning lightning. 

Natural pieces of this stone has been found at numerous locations, usually in sandy deserts or at beaches. 

They are quite fragile, yet despite this delicacy and fragility they are powerful shamanic tools that anyone can use. 

Some particular locations where they have been found are the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert and various other deserts scattered throughout the world.

Pieces of this material may be anything from one inch, through to three inches long.

They are various colors, as this depends on the color of the sand where the lightning hit and created these tubes.

How Will It Help You? Shamanic Journeying

This stone is a potent tool to use to help you to retrieve lost soul parts. Fulgarite has a powerful ability to assist your talent for communication with others, and your clairaudient ability

The intensity of the power that flows through this stone, will clear the energetic channels and allow psychic energy to flow more freely.

This will have an advantageous effect if you are working on developing these gifts.  A traditional use for this stone has been by Shamans in past life work.


The Shaman would hold the Fulgurite in his hand during his inner journey to retrieve the lost parts from his past lives, or the past lives of those he is aiding.

Once retrieved he places the lost part within the hole of the stone, for safe keeping until his return with it.

Once he returns, he then places the stone at the heart chakra. The lost part is then blown back to be reunited, using the energy of the lightning embodied in the stone.

This is a powerful process to resolve traumatic past life events, where tragic circumstances have fragmented the soul. 

It is usually only done by a very experienced Shaman as it requires experience in these types of journeys to be successful.

The first time I did this, what I requested from the universe was delivered to me within the same day. It was an amazing experience.

Part of the power of these stones, is how strongly you believe in their ability to deliver results.

Three Fulgurite TubesThree Fulgurite Tubes

It is highly likely that it was partly my strong belief in its power that created this fast result. Fulgurite is a stone that holds the power of lightning within it. 

Use it to manifest the things you desire into your life, if you are ready to get them.

Be sure to keep in mind exactly what you want, as these stones are powerful. They can create transformation on a massive scale.

This will depend on your thoughts and your predominant mental attitude, in and around the time you request them to assist you.

It Holds The Power Of Lightning Within It!

During meditation with it, the power of this amazing stone is very strong, and its vibration thunders through your hands.

At the moment you place the Fulgurite at your mouth to blow through it, you can feel an amazing tingling go through your lips.


Once you have finished the manifestation process, this tingling may stay there for quite a long time afterwards.

This energetic power flows through the body and you can feel it as it centers at the heart chakra.  From there the energy flows throughout your body.

It is fairly easy to buy these stones, and although they are not as common as other stones they are very beneficial to own.


While its manifestation power is not only limited to manifesting money it can do that, as these stones have an amazing power. This is a powerful stone that may be used to manifest what you desire.

Sometimes the things you most desire are intrinsic things, like love, friendship, happiness and good health. 

Best Crystals To Use With Fulgurite

If you are using this stone to help with electrical sensitivity, you may choose to combine it with other stones that help to normalize electrical activity in your body.

It can be highly beneficial to use it with some of the other stones that have a healing action that is known to assist this issue.

Stones that you could use includes Aegirine, Black Tourmaline, Eucryptite, Shungite, Amazonite or Flint.

Shungite is particularly helpful not just for this purpose, but also as an excellent healing stone for allergies. Wearing any of these stones is beneficial as its an easy way to keep them within your aura.

In particular the high vibration stones that have extensive results combined with Fulgurites are  Scolecite, Datolite, Libyan Gold Tektite and Elestial Citrine.

An excellent combination is to pair it with Moldavite, which is a very well known stone of spiritual transformation.

Other stones to use for this purpose includes Astrophyllite, Stellerite or Cerussite, other strong alchemical stones for transformation.

To aid your journey, when shamanic journeying, you might choose to combine them with any combination of Lavender or Purple Iolite, Baryte, Covellite or Shaman Stones also known as Moqui Marbles.

This is one of the high vibration stones, and the combination with many of the other stones in this group is very potent.

For elevation of psychic gifts, including clairaudience and clairvoyance, this is a stone that can have an intense reaction.

Books For Developing Psychic Gifts

Sonia Choquette books are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities, including your intuition which is closely related.

Sonia has been working in psychic employment as a reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years.

In her book 'Diary of a Psychic', you can read the story of how Sonia developed her gifts, and how to develop yours.

To read reviews of Sonia Choquette's books Click Here.

More Photos Of This Stone

Fulgurite TubeFulgurite Tube
Fulgurite Meaning & Use: Embodies The Power of Lightning to Manifest

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