Ascension Stones

Help Create Deep Powerful Meditation

➤ By Liz Oakes

Ascension Stones have a strong grounding and protection energy.

They bring down Divine Light from the higher realms, so meditation with them is very beautiful and quite powerful.

They have strong metaphysical properties that connect you to the colored ray that you need for your healing at that time. 

These marcasite stones vibrate strongly within the higher more spiritual chakras, and have a powerful energy that is known to align the chakras as part of the process.

Ascension StonesAscension Stones

They are excellent stones for Reiki practitioners or anyone doing any spiritual or psychic development work.

They are powerful stones for psychic protection and they are also very grounding. 

During meditation with them they align your chakras, and leave you feeling a sense of deep peace. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

How Will Ascension Stones Help You?

Ascension Stones will help you in a number of ways including:

  • When you hold these stones you can feel their power, and although they connect you to the higher chakras, you should feel no spaciness or lack of groundedness.
  • These stones are excellent spiritual grounding stones. They take any excess energy down through the base or root chakra and the earth star chakra to Mother Gaia.
  • They leave you feeling very relaxed, and they ease anxiety and bring through a sense of deep peace.

During meditation which is described below, I connected to the Divine light, to bring through various rays, the ones that I specifically needed for my healing at that time.

I have been told that this occurrence is quite common with these stones, and it was good to experience it for myself. 

Ascension Stones Meaning

Each ray has a particular meaning and is specific to particular chakras.

Although it is outside the scope of this article, if you want to know more about chakras, you may like to read the detailed information in my article on the meaning of chakras.

Ascension Stone Help To Relieve Stress

They provide methods to relieve stress and they help to release anxiety and leave you feeling a sense of deep peace.

By connecting you with the Divine light, they allow you to absorb whatever ray you need, to heal you at that time.

These stones are also strongly protective, so if you are doing spiritual development work they are an excellent psychic protection stone.

Ascension Stone

Ascension Stones aid your meditation to be stronger in depth and power, and during meditation with them, they will align your chakras.

They are very grounding, and they are also powerful stones for psychic protection so they are excellent stones for anyone doing any spiritual or psychic development work.

 How To Use It

The first time I used my Ascension Stones in meditation was at night. I was doing my daily crystal meditation in the dark as I often do, as I often find it more relaxing.

I had been working on developing clearer clairvoyant abilities, so meditating in the dark meant I could see if my psychic visions were becoming clearer.

Using these stones certainly proved that it does not matter at all if it is light or dark.

As I connected with them, which happened very quickly, I immediately felt the vibration of the Ascension Stones elevate me to the higher spiritual realms.

Ascension Stone PairAscension Stones Pair

My third eye chakra and crown chakra came alive with vibrations and simultaneously I saw very bright and quite amazing colors! 

Bright clear light blue first, then a bright magenta purple followed by a bright beautiful clear medium green.

The way each color played out, was that I saw a pronounced circle of the color first, then the whole of my head filled totally with each of these amazing colors.

Each one lasted for some time before it changed to the next color, and it was a profoundly spiritual experience.

The blue was deeply moving and I feel I made a strong spiritual connection. The energy took me up so high, right up, above the soul star chakra to the higher transpersonal chakras.

Ascension StoneAscension Stones

The next color was magenta, a beautiful color comprising a mixture of blood red and purple. It was amazingly bright and again very spiritual.

When I saw this color I was located in the area just above the soul star chakra, although in a different area to the blue color.

The energy then moved down very quickly, and the green color centered at both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. This connection at the heart was full of deep love and amazing compassion.

Entirely spiritual as well as being very moving emotionally. I felt the love of the Great Divine Spirit fill me, much stronger than I had ever felt before. A very beautiful experience!

Why Would You Use It?

I was surprised that my meditation with Ascension Stones did not take me to the lower chakras. Once the heart energy receded I knew intuitively that there was to be no more for the night.

It was a wonderful meditation, more lovely than what I usually feel in beauty and depth. Totally sublime!

Ascension StoneAscension Stones

It was interesting that I felt completely grounded afterwards with no spaciness at all. This is not surprising as the energy of Marcasite is quite grounding.

This stone is known to work within all of the lower chakras, from the solar plexus or power chakra down. They are an asset for anyone doing spiritual work as they will keep you grounded.

They aid Reiki practitioners as they will ground any excess energy and align the chakras. Have your clients hold them after a treatment to aid them to ground more fully.

Spiritual Grounding & Psychic Protection

Ascension Stones carry a strong soul star chakra energy. The soul star chakra is the eighth chakra, and the first of transpersonal chakras.

This is known as the area that is the origin of enlightenment and ascension. The first time you hold one of the Ascension Stones, their deep vibration is usually fairly obvious.

Most people connect with them quite easily. The two stones work better when you use them together. 

ascension stones wide 1

I found that it does not matter if you hold them together in one hand, or separately, one in each hand.

As long as they are both in contact with you, their combination brings through a stronger stream of energy, which flows quite easily into your auric field.

Meditation with stones that have a strongly discernible energy is the highest use for them, at least to start with until you find other ways you can use them. 

Ascension Stones are different from other Marcasite stones in that respect, as they will work on any chakra where their energy is required. They bring through whatever ray you need for your specific healing.

Where Do They Come From?

These particular stones are only found in Britain, although stones with a similar make-up are found in other parts of the world.

They are primarily made from Marcasite, which has also been called white Iron Pyrite.

But these stones have different properties than those recorded for Marcasite stones from other sources.

They occur in pairs, in a similar way to both Boji Stones and Shaman Stones also known as Moqui Marbles, one stone of the pair is male and one female.

I dowsed to ensure that this was accurate. In my pair, the larger one, with the stronger indentation in it is the male stone. The female stone is also indented less obviously.

Best Crystals To Use With Ascension Stones

What are the best crystals to combine with Ascension Stones?

Everyone is different so experience them for yourself first, and see how you find the energy.

As they contain high amounts of Marcasite which is known to stimulate clairvoyance, they may also help to elevate psychic gifts.

After I used these stones in meditation I have found that I can now see images more clearly when meditating in the dark. So if you have had this problem they may benefit you too.

Some of the stones that combine well with it are Magnesite, Aurora Quartz, also known as Anandalite, Prasiolite, Labradorite Crystal, Sugilite, Amethyst and Moldavite, which are all crown chakra stones.

I now use them with other stones for spiritual development, by simply slipping them in my pocket while working with other stones.

Ascension Stones are excellent used with any stone that is well known to be liable to unground you.

They work well when you're doing a psychic meditation. Shamanite Black Calcite also contains Marcasite, and is a powerful stone to use with it for meditation.

They are excellent combined with Yttrium Fluorite, also called Lavender Fluorite, a stone that causes you to become ungrounded very quickly, as it connects you to the crown chakra and above that into the transpersonal chakras.

You may also use it with Nirvana Quartz, another powerful high vibration stone. 

Other stones that will benefit by being combined with it are Shaman Stones also known as Moqui Marbles and Boji Stones.

They also have a male and female stone, but unlike these stones they are liable to cause you to become ungrounded very quickly.

They well with stones known to  specifically stimulate the higher chakras, and this also includes the high crystal energy stones.

Other crystals that also work well with these stones includes Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite Crystal and Iolite.

I feel that Ascension stones would work very well combined with any of the third eye chakra, crown chakra and the soul star chakra stones, as they are effective to aid stones of the higher chakras, and provide psychic protection and grounding.

Pair Of Ascension Stones

Ascension StonesAscension Stone Pair
Ascension Stone
Ascension Stones Meaning Properties Powers & UseAscension Stones Meaning Properties Powers & Use

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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