Calcite Crystals

Amplify Energy Flow & Aid Mental Expansion

➤ By Liz Oakes

Calcite crystals are extremely beneficial to aid spiritual healing and spiritual growth. They can aid you to develop psychic gifts, but this varies according to the variety and color.

Whatever color you choose, these stones are excellent assets to have present in your home, business or in your healing area.

They are well known to assist you to cleanse your environment. All colors are helpful and are powerful amplifiers and cleansers, particularly of the emotions


They help to clear negative energy and bring an increase in the good vibrations present.

There is a type or color of this crystal that will work at every chakra, and the list of different varieties and the range of colors of this crystal is quite long. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Interesting Fact: They are wonderful healing crystals for you to make part of your life as they have quite powerful attributes and are very easy to use, and are are strong energy amplifiers.

By simply holding one in your hand, you can create an amazing flow of energy through your body.

Where Do Calcite Crystals Come From?

These stones are one of the most abundant types of crystal found on the planet, and there is a some of this stone found in many continents of the world.

It is also found mixed with other stones, or you may find other minerals as inclusions in these stones.

Large deposits of this stone are found in Mexico, and this is where many of the range of bright colored crystals come from.

A type called Himalayan Ice Calcite forms at high altitudes and is found in the same areas as Himalayan Ice Quartz. 

Crystals in this family with strong metaphysical attributes are often found in the United States.

They are also found in a number of other locations around the globe including Britain, Belgium, Iceland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The basic make up of this mineral is calcium carbonate, and it forms in water.

It is one of the constituents that make up a large number of sedimentary rocks, including limestone and marble.

Calcite Meaning and Colors

The meaning of the name this stone comes from the German word Calcit.

This term came into use in the nineteenth century and it was related to a Latin word 'chalix' meaning lime.

The 'e' was added later as to conform with naming of minerals. Like lots of stones that are often called by other names.

Other names they go by includes Calcspar, Iceland Spar or Optical Calcite, which is referring to the rhombohedron shaped stones, see picture below.

Optical CalciteIceland Spar also called Clear Optical Calcite

Calcite crystals are known by their color, such as Clear Calcite, Honey Calcite referring to the honey yellow crystals and so on for other colors of this crystal.

These names are easy to understand as they come in a large range of colors.

These crystals of all colors are commonly quite soft and frequently have a lovely shiny look to them.

They may be transparent or opaque, and many have bands of mixed colors.

They also have an unusual feel to them, which some people describe as soapy or waxy, and their texture is a little different to other crystals.

Some of these crystals are acid treated to enhance their color, and this may also make them feel more slippery than they might otherwise be.

The various colors that occur in these crystals, relate to the addition of different minerals in the stone.

This gives them specific metaphysical qualities over and above the basic attributes of the clear crystals.

For this reason many varieties of stones in this family have specialized actions and metaphysical attributes, so they are usually discussed separately.

Calcite crystals are said to combat laziness and help you to feel full of vitality and more energized. All members of this crystal family are excellent to use in healing.

Calcite Crystals Structure

The common structure, or the most well known shape that they occur in is as rhombohedrons, a shape which is a six-sided prism whose sides are parallelograms.

If you drop a piece of this stone and it shatters, you will probably find that the pieces will still have flat parallel faces.

It may also occur in the massive form, as stalactites, or as twelve sided faced crystals known as scalenodhedrons.

The Elestial formation is also regularly found in the Stellar Beam or Dog Tooth configuration, and this can be seen in the image shown above.

There are more images showing this, and of course more in-depth information on this variety as well in the in-depth article on this type of crystal.

These crystals that occur naturally in the Stellar Beam formation are high vibration crystals and their structure commonly occurs in terminated points.

Also known as the Dog Tooth variety, this is another less common structure that they occur in. 

Who Should Use It?

These crystals are recognized for their action to clear blockages and to aid the removal of negative energy from the body, and they assist with the elimination of sluggish energy.

They are excellent to stimulate mental energy, which may improve your memory.

Calcite crystals are known to help you to let go of the past and to step forward into the future.

While they are known for their action to aid your mental faculties, they are also useful crystals to assist emotional healing.

Buy various colors of Calcite at Exquisite Crystals, a trusted crystal shop.

By their action to connect the emotional body with the mental body, they help to incorporate heart based thinking into your everyday thinking.

They are helpful when you are learning new concepts.

Calcite crystals aid you to adjust your thinking in order that you can make these new concepts part of your future life.

These crystals will also stimulate the flow of energy within the cells, which may help to release blockages to creativity.

Why Would You Use It?

Many well known stones are members of this crystal family, and quite a few have exceptional attributes that make them worth using.

Having a large piece of any member of this family in a room is advantageous, as it will clear negative energy in the area close to where it is located.

These crystals are powerful to remove negativity, both from the environment and from the body.

White Calcite Crystal BallLarge White Calcite Crystal Ball

I just love my quite large White Calcite Ball, and I enjoy having it in my environment.

Crystal balls made from this stone are powerful assets to assist your life, and they are beneficial to enhance personal healing.

These days it's quite easy to find crystal balls or spheres made from Calcite including lovely yellow crystal balls like the ones pictured and the lovely pink Mangano Calcite sphere below.

In the past many of the crystal balls that were created, were made from Calcite crystals. Many of these crystal balls were made to use for scrying.

Mangano Calcite SphereMangano Sphere

These crystals are powerful to use for that purpose, as they have an energy that aids you to open to an awareness of the higher realms and may open you to deeper spiritual knowledge and aid psychic development.

 Healing Properties: How Will It Help You?

There are a number of ways you can use these crystals, and you may like to use yours as part of your regular daily meditation practices, as I do. 

Pink Cobaltian Calcite PendantPink Cobaltian Calcite Pendant with Green Tourmaline

Wearing them as crystal jewelry is an easy and effective way to keep them within your auric field as the various colors have a number of excellent healing properties. 

Depending on the variety of calcite, you may find lovely pieces of jewelry made from it, like the lovely Pink Cobaltian Calcite Pendant, shown here.

If you wish to use their healing properties by placing these stones on the body, the individual colors are chakra stones for various chakras, and can be used to aid healing to organs within that chakra.

These crystals are easy to buy, and you may use them for healing by physically placing them on the body, as they are powerful to aid the body to heal.

This energy can be helpful to expand your energy field.

Check out the list below as there is a variety to use at each chakra. Note: that regardless of the color or type, you may intuitively choose to use any color at any particular chakra. 

All varieties of these crystals are excellent placed on any area of the body to aid the removal of energy blockages. 

Using them for healing also has an excellent action to sweep away negativity held within your auric field. Depending on the color and variety it may have a number of other healing actions in the body.

How To Use It: Calcite Crystals By Chakra

Some people find this stone confusing because it is so abundant, and because it comes in a range of colors and forms.

Please note that all members of this family have some of the same attributes.

In addition, depending on the minerals included in an individual stone, have added attributes and metaphysical qualities.

Honey CalciteHoney

These crystals can occur in a range of colors, and there is a member of this family that works at each of the chakras.

Certain colors of these crystals work very well at more than one chakra, and some even resonate powerfully at many chakras.

See the list below of the chakras and the specific crystals in this family for that chakra.

Different Colors Of Calcite Crystals For Each Chakra

Soul Star Chakra: Black Shamanite, Boli Stone, Calcite Temple Stacks, Optical or Iceland Spar, Merkabite, Stellar Beam

Crown Chakra: Black Shamanite, Calcite Temple Stacks, Clear, White or Milky, Amber or Golden, Boli Stone, Cobaltian, Iceland Spar, Merkabite, Stellar Beam

Third Eye Chakra: Amber or Golden, Blue, Boli Stone, Calcite Temple Stacks, Cobaltian, Fairy Stones, Honey, Iceland Spar, Merkabite, Black Shamanite, Stellar Beam

Throat Chakra: Black Shamanite, Blue, Iceland Spar

Higher Heart ChakraBlack Shamanite, Cobaltian, Green, Iceland Spar, Mangano, Transparent Pink

Heart Chakra: Black Shamanite, Cobaltian, Green, Iceland Spar, Mangano, Pink, Milky or White, Red, Transparent Peach, Transparent Pink

Solar Plexus Chakra: Amber or Golden, Iceland Spar, Pale Honey, Shamanite Black, Stellar Beam

Sacral Chakra: Black Shamanite, Iceland Spar, Milky or White, Orange, Pale Honey, Peach, Transparent Peach

Base Chakra: Black Shamanite, Crimson, Iceland Spar, Orange, Pale Honey, Red

Earth Chakra: Black Shamanite, Gray, Iceland Spar

Want To Read More About The Crystals Above?

A number of the crystals in the table can be found on other pages on this site.

You can find out if its been written about anywhere else on this site, and you may be able discover more about some of the calcite varieties above.

Simply use the Sitemap page (link below), to assist you to find what you are looking for.

Golden CalciteGolden Calcite
Crimson CalciteCrimson Calcite
Red CalciteRed
Calcite Mixed ColorsRainbow Banded also known as Inca or Aztec Calcite
Transparent Pink CalciteTransparent Pink
Amber CalciteAmber Calcite
CalciteCalcite Crystals

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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