Gold Sheen Obsidian

Helps Weight Loss

➤ By Liz Oakes

Gold Sheen Obsidian stones are very helpful to aid weight loss and are beneficial for problem solving. 

They have good energy at the solar plexus or power chakra that helps to increase manifestationboosts self esteem and enhance personal power.

It has a beneficial vibration that may assist you to release fear and works to help you to let go of negative thoughts and habits that may be holding you back.

They are valuable to use to assist you to work out what you need to do to get the best results when you want to solve difficult issues occurring in your life.

Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian

They are advantageous healing crystals for you to use to stimulate the health of the body, and have excellent metaphysical properties. 

They have a beneficial energy to use in meditation, as they may aid you to make a connection with your spirit guides and can help you to find solutions to problems. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Interesting Fact: Many pieces of the golden variety look like black obsidian until they are moved in a particular way. 

While many pieces of this variety of obsidian have an easily seen golden sheen on the stone when you hold it in a specific light, that is not always the case.

Use the shiny golden pieces for scrying or gazing or use in meditation.

Where Is It Found? Meaning Of Gold Sheen Obsidian

Also simply called Gold Obsidian, this is a quite lovely variety of obsidian, which is fairly well known.

Good deposits of this beautiful stone have been found in Mexico and in the United States. 

The name Obsidian has been in use for around 2000 years, and was used by Pliny the elder to describe this family of stones when he wrote about them almost 2000 years ago.

He called these volcanic stones 'lapis obsidianus', which seems a little strange. 

The Gold part of the name is fairly obvious as it relates to a golden sheen which may be seen on many of these stones when they are held in a certain light.

Some of these stones have a very obvious sheen but you can see in the images below that it can vary.

This variety is commonly dark brown through to black, with a golden sheen within.

Sheen obsidian occurs in various colors but the lovely Gold Sheen Obsidian is one of the most popular as it has such a beautiful look. 

All colors of obsidian stone are birthed from inside volcanoes, and all obsidian forms from molten lava. Obsidian is a type of glass that cools quite quickly to form these unusual rocks.

Due to the rapidity of the cooling process the minerals in the lava are often unable to mix and so form streaks of various colors which will cause stones with unusual characteristics.

The various colored Obsidian stones have been given specific names to differentiate them from each other.

This is primarily because pieces of this stones that obviously show the sheen make beautiful jewelry.

Why Would You Use Gold Sheen Obsidian?

The lovely Gold Sheen Obsidian crystals have a strong energy to make spiritual connections, and in particular can assist you to contact your personal spirit guides.

In addition that may assist you to connect with teacher guides that work with a number of people for a specific purpose.

Stones with a shiny reflective surface can also be used for scrying or gazing.

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Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian

Both gazing and scrying are usually done once you have attained a meditative mode and have allowed your brain waves to slow, which is what happens in successful meditation.

This slowing assists you to be in tune when scrying or gazing. Gazing and scrying are slightly different processes.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Were you wondering if Gold Sheen Obsidian is natural?

Yes it is natural and it comes from a unique process that happens when it is being formed.

What causes sheen in Obsidian?

This specific variety of obsidian has this unusual sheen effect due to hot bubbles of steam being trapped within the stone as it cools.

These bubbles stretch out as the stones continue to move and as they cool this shows up as a beautiful reflective sheen within them.

Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian

What is Crystal Gazing?

Gazing is basically when you look into the crystal and then allow yourself to glaze over and go into the energy of the stone, when you may then close your eyes.

What is Scrying?

Scrying on the other hand is different as you need a shiny reflective surface, where you allow yourself to enter the stone and to see reflected in it a vision of something important that you need to see.

Who Should Use It? Aids Problem Solving

They are good crystals for problem solving as their energy can assist you to discover what is the basis of the issue.

Use it in meditation while concentrating on the problem you are looking to solve.

When you are using this stone in meditation or when gazing while you are looking for a solution to a specific life problem, ask your spirit guides to help you to find answers.

This approach may assist you to receive answers to the fundamental essence of the matter at hand and discover what is happening.

Knowing what is the actual problem can help you to decide how to move forward and may help you to solve the issue with ease and grace.

Gold Sheen Obsidian PendantGold Sheen Obsidian Pendant

This may help you to work out the best thing to do, and to make good decisions when you are trying to discover what the path forward in the situation might be.

By using  a shiny piece of Gold Sheen Obsidian for gazing, it can be helpful to allow yourself to simply flow with the color and sheen of the stone, allowing yourself to be immersed in what you see.

Simply relish the delight of the experience that comes through when gazing.

This may open within your inner being powerful heartfelt and blissful feelings, assisting you to allow more beauty into your life.

They are good crystals for problem solving as long as you use these feelings to assist you to move forward, and allow the answers to arrive at the right time.

The right time may not be immediate!

If you are working on manifesting a change in the circumstances of your life, or if you need to manifest increased money, concentrate on these issues during meditation to aid you to get answers to the problem.

Also ensure that you are open to allowing their energy to release any negativity or bad habits that may previously have stopped you from achieving your goals.

Wearing Gold Sheen Obsidian

Keeping a piece of this stone on your body may be highly beneficial to help you in a number of ways, including to assist you if you need help with any weight related problem.

Fortunately it is fairly easy to obtain jewelry made from this quite beautiful variety of Obsidian, and this stone is attractive to wear as well as having excellent metaphysical properties.

Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian Pendant

While jewelry made from this stone is fairly easy to find, if you already have a piece of the stone, you can simply use it by keeping it on your body or close by to where you work.

It is easy to obtain a macrame crystal holder, and this is a simple way to keep these stones on your body.

Did You Know? The way these macrame holders are made makes it simple to change the crystal you are wearing, as they have a sliding bead that makes it straightforward to change the stone.

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

These stones have a beneficial energy to assist healing and they are known to help you in a number of ways.

One of their well known attributes is as crystals to aid weight loss, if you need to.

Additionally it may also assist you to gain weight if this is what you need, so it has a quite unique way of helping you.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Basically they are advantageous healing crystals for you to use for any issue related to your weight, and they are also known for their action to assist digestion and to help to relieve serious pain.

Although Gold Sheen Obsidian primarily stimulates the solar plexus, sacral and base chakra, it has a good action to balance your entire energy field which will enhance the health of the entire body.

Its healing action within the three lower chakras is known to assist the healing of a number of digestive issues and it may aid the healing of ulcers and gastric reflux.

It is known to assist men with impotence that may be related to stress and is said to assist those with macular degeneration.

How To Use It? Strong Solar Plexus Energy

Although they have a useful vibration at the base chakra and are good solar plexus chakra stones, they are very effective to both center and balance the energy of the entire body.

Their vibration within the solar plexus or power chakra helps you to regain your personal power and will boost your self esteem in alignment with Divine will.

They are good crystals for money and prosperity and will stimulate an increase in your ability to manifest those things that you desire, including helping you to manifest money.

They are quite powerful to help you to let go of feelings of fear about a specific issue.

Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian

They are useful stones to use in a workplace where you may be finding ego conflicts are causing issues, when you and another person both believe you are right and are unwilling to compromise.

Their energy within the solar plexus may help you to do away with and totally eradicate these conflicts.

By helping you to reach an agreement and finding the middle ground, this can make it easier for you to work together.

My Final Thoughts

These stones are an excellent aid to get you started with scrying or crystals gazing. The process may sound complex but in reality it is quite simple.

Start by using them in meditation and move on from there. 

The way they assist you to connect with both personal guides and teacher guides makes them a beneficial crystal to use to assist you to solve problems.

They also aid you to persevere with issues even when you have had enough and would prefer to stop.

Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian

In summary: the meaning of stones like these relates to their energy to help you to solve problems, by allowing you to see the basis of the issue, but to wait for the right time to learn this.

It's energy will also help you by aiding you to discover what course of action you could take, to provide you with what you need in your life.

Using these stones for gazing is powerful, and the quite beautiful experiences that can be achieved is a highly beneficial outcome from their use, and a good reason to utilize them by gazing.

Best Crystals To Use With Gold Sheen Obsidian

What are the best crystals to use with Gold Sheen Obsidian? 

There are a number below that combine well with these beautiful stones. These crystals may be be advantageous to use if you have been working to find your spirit guides.

If you have been working with one of these stones and need to boost the way it works for this purpose you may choose to combine it with other crystals that may also help you to contact spirit guides.

Some of the crystals that are well known for their action to assist you connect with your guides includes Purple Scapolite, Skye Marble, Herkimer Diamonds and  Celestite.

This beautiful stone is also known for it role to help you to lose weight.

For this purpose you might like to use it with some of the other weight loss crystals such as Gaspeite, Yellow Apatite or Picasso Marble to boost how it works.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a solution to a specific problem that you have.

These crystals are known for their action to assist problem solving but if you still need extra help with this add in some of the other stones that have an energy to assist you to find solutions.

Some of the stones that are known to help with problem solving includes Hypersthene, Datolite, Smithsonite or Tourmilated Quartz.

If you have been having problems that are difficult to solve you may feel like giving up, but if you feel that it is necessary to persevere in order to get results, the energy of these crystals may help you.

There are a few other stones that can assist you to persevere when required, such as Indigo Kyanite, Ilvaite, Pollucite and Labradorite.

Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian

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Gold Sheen Obsidian Meaning Properties & UseGold Sheen Obsidian Meaning Properties & Use

Pictures Of Other Varieties Of Obsidian Stone

All varieties of Obsidian stone have powerful energy, possibly related to having been created within a volcano.

This strong energy makes them highly beneficial for you to use and also makes them good to combine.

There are quite a few colors of this stone, and you will see the various colors featured in the pictures below.

If their name is highlighted, you can follow the link to its own page where you can read more about it.

If there is no link it means that so far they aren't yet written about. Keep your eye open as I am adding new pages on a regular basis and this might be one of them.

Midnight Lace ObsidianMidnight Lace Obsidian
Blue ObsidianBlue Obsidian
Purple ObsidianPurple Obsidian

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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