Pollucite Properties And Meanings

Aids Angelic Contact, Releases Toxins

➤ By Liz Oakes

The Pollucite properties and meanings are about their action to aid contact with beings in the angelic realm. 

They may assist you to make contact with those who have passed over, a psychic gift known as mediumship or channeling.

Their energy helps you to let go of toxic thoughts and emotions and also assists with the release of environmental toxins as well.

Pollucite Properties And MeaningsPollucite

These stones have strong healing attributes that will aid you in a number of ways.

They have a quite lovely energy that  may help the dying, as they are known to make the transition to the other side easier.

These stones are said to have a purpose to stimulate affinity and rapport between all people on the earth, bringing humanity together in peace.              

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Pollucite Properties And Meanings

The meaning of the name Pollucite relates to a Greek and Roman myth, and an interesting story concerning two brothers said to be twins, yet they had different fathers.

One of the twin brothers was called Pollux, and the name of this stone relates to the Greek word Pollux, as it was named after him.

Pollux was said to be the immortal son of Zeus, with the other brother being called Castor, after whom the stone Castorite was named.

Castorite is the less common name for the lovely clear variety of the high vibration stone commonly known as Petalite.

They generally are found in the massive form, and although they can form as rounded corroded stones,  these are less common. 

Most of these crystals are fairly opaque, although they may have translucent patches in the stone.

Where Does Pollucite Come From? 

The two crystals Castorite and Pollucite are often found occurring together, so this is the reason for this stone's name.

A large amount of this rare mineral is found in Canada where the stone is mined for industrial use. In addition they are also found in Italy, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States.

pollucite 6-500

These stones are rare zeolite family crystals, and the metaphysical properties of this mineral are similar for healing purposes to some other types of Zeolites.

While the creamy white and the white color stones are the most common, they can also be grey, peachy cream, pink, blue or violet. 

They have also been shown under Kirlian photography to radiate the total spectrum of color.  

Pollucite Properties And Meanings: Why Would You Use It?

These stones are powerful used in meditation to assist you to make contact with angels and other spiritual beings in the higher realms.

They have a vibration that may assist you to develop mediumship, as they have a strong energy to help you to make contact with spirits who have passed over.

They have a good energy to make a strong connection with your spirit guides, and may assist you to develop other psychic gifts if you work on it.

Pollucite stones can be used at any chakra, but should only be used for short periods to begin with, until you have adapted to their energy.

They are wonderful stones to aid the opening of the higher chakras, in particular the higher etheric chakras such as the third eye, the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

pollucite 2-500Pollucite

But their vibration resonates within all chakras and this may relate to the fact that they radiate the total spectrum of color.

Using them may help the dying, as they are said to ease the transition to the other side.

How Will It Help You? 

They are excellent crystals for mental clarity that are beneficial to calm emotional pain.

They help to release negative energies, bring inner peace and are known to ease tension and lower stress levels.

They have unique metaphysical properties that help to create clearer thinking, and may aid tactful speech.


They are good crystals to boost clear communication, and may help you to assimilate life lessons in a way that allows for the boundless possibilities available.

Pollucite Properties And Meanings: Powerful For Healing

These crystals have a quite strong energy so it is recommended that you do not use them for long periods of time until you adapt to them. 

I suggest using them for no more than a few minutes to begin with.

Pollucite is a beneficial mineral for those who have health problems connected to a sensitivity to environmental contaminants. 

These stones are wonderful stones to aid detoxification of the body and reactions to environmental pollution. 

The Pollucite properties and meanings related to their action to aid the body to expunge poisons. 

They are known to help you to not only remove toxins from the physical body but will also help you to release toxicity from the etheric body.

pollucite 6-500

Expect them to assist you to release negative emotions that may have been holding back your personal growth.

At the higher heart chakra they are powerful to assist the release of emotional issues that have been affecting you.

They have a strong energy to work throughout the entire body, to aid you to free yourself from issues that are particularly toxic to your on-going emotional health and vitality.

They are said to be a helpful stone to use if you are recovering from radiation treatments.

But do begin gradually as they do have a vigorous energy, with quite a strong outcome to purge toxins, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pollucite 9-500

This stone's vibration helps to create an increase in endurance, assisting you to persevere when needed and will help you to do hard things despite difficulties.

Their energy helps you to keep going, persisting when the going is tough and will boost your energy.

Who Should Use Pollucite?

These crystals are potent healing stones that are excellent used by hands on healers of all types, but in particular are known to be helpful for reiki practitioners.

They help hands on healers to control where the energy goes so as to create the best healing outcome.

pollucite 1-500Pollucite

These crystals will activate the energy of the heart chakra and may help to remove obstructions from the etheric heart.

Their vibration is beneficial to use within all chakras, and they are known to stimulate, activate and cleanse all energy centers.

How To Use It: Wearing Pollucite Gems

You may find it advantageous to keep this stone on your body if you would like to take advantage of the way its vibration works to aid you.

Pollucite crystals have been classified as Aquarius birthstones and you can either wear them as jewelry if you can find some, or keep a piece in your pocket.

Although they are not common, you will healing gemstone jewelry made from this stone at some specialist crystal suppliers.

Pollucite PendantPollucite Pendant

Keeping one of these stones on you may be helpful as its allows you to utilize the vibration of this stone simply by keeping it close to you.

To use the stones on a daily basis, it is easy to obtain small cloth bags from many crystal suppliers, but do ensure you use them with care.

Remember: start gradually as they do have a potent effect to remove toxins, both within the physical body as well as emotionally and spiritually.

Best Crystals To Use With Pollucite

What are the best crystals to combine with Pollucite?

If you are a reiki practitioner, or even if you just do healing on yourself and your family, you may like the fact that these crystals help anyone who does hands on healing.

You may choose to use them with some of the other stones that are also useful to help the flow of energy from reiki, including Tunellite, Labradorite, Lepidocrocite or Blue Aragonite.

This stone does have a lovely energy when used in meditation and will assist you to make a connection with beings in the higher realms, particularly the angels.

Some stones that you could use with it includes any of the stones whose name begins with angel, such as Angelite or Angel Phantom Quartz.

Other stones to use to aid an angelic connection includes Bustamite, Prehnite, Tunellite and  Seraphinite.

Their energy to assist you to make a connection with your spirit guide may also be aided by combining it with other stones that help you to find your spirit guide.

You may choose to use it with other stones that have a good action to stimulate mental clarity, such as Mariposite, Analcime, Crazy Lace Agate or Thenardite.

The gift of mediumship or channeling, are terms related to contacting those who have passed away and are on the other side of the veil.

This gift can be stimulated by the energy of this stone.

If you wish to boost your ability to make contact with those on the other side, combine it with other stones that stimulate mediumship abilities.

Stones such as Blue Tourmaline, Novaculite, Petoskey Stone or Skye Marble may be helpful for this purpose.

Many of the higher vibration stones, including Danburite, Datolite, Celestite, Selenite and Phenacite are also helpful to use in combination with Pollucite for this purpose.

Turquoise and Petrified Wood may be paired with it to help you if you have a sensitivity to environmental pollutants.

Used with the calming stone Rose Quartz, it may help you to soothe you and Clear Quartz, known as the master healer also blends well with it to aid healing.

Picture Of Pollucite

Pollucite Properties And Meanings: Powerful Healing CrystalsPollucite Properties And Meanings: Powerful Healing Crystals

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