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Cuprite has a positive vibration that helps to release negative vibrations from your energy field.

It has a strong action to balance your male-female energy and has a quite easily felt grounding energy.

It is a stone of protection that encourages the release of fear that may be related to health problems that you are currently having to deal with.

It is also known to be highly beneficial to use in combination with high vibration crystals. It may assist you to return to normal after meditating with them.


It primarily resonates within the three lower chakras especially the base chakra and helps to energize this area and aids the organs related to these three chakras. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Aligns With Earth Energy

Did You Know? Cuprite are also good healing crystals for your physical needs, as they help to stabilize your energy and may align you with the energy of the earth.

They are strong healing stones that are known to help a number of health issues.


This is commonly a bright red stone that resonates strongly within the base chakra, and they are an excellent stone to use to aid spiritual growth and healing and are known to boost kundalini awakening.

Why Would You Use Cuprite? 

These red stones are especially helpful for you to use when you have been working with the stones that emanate higher frequencies.

Use a piece in combination with high vibration crystal stones if you can as it will help you to return to normal after working with them.


Their vibration is easily felt at the base chakra and they also have a beneficial action at both the solar plexus and sacral chakras as well as within the heart chakra.

Within the solar plexus chakra they have a good energy to increase your personal power and boost self esteem.

It may help both men and women to embrace their feminine or receptive side and may help you to release worry.

Cuprite Healing Properties

Cuprite is beneficial for crystal healing as it has large number of healing properties that are particularly known to assist issues within the physical body.

If you are feeling afraid because you have an illness that is serious, you may find that this stone helps to ease your fear and allows you to be more accepting of what is happening.

Like most red stones their resonance is said to aid problems related to the area of the first chakra. Known as the root or base chakra, this chakra is associated with the health of the organs in the lower stomach.


This crystal is said to help issues in the lower stomach and bowel and is purported to aid kidney or bladder disorders where elimination is not functioning as it should.

They are said to be good crystals for arthritis and rheumatism and may aid mobility.

They are known to be an excellent stone to use to boost your life force energy when you feel sapped of physical energy and may also help emotional stress.

This bright red stone is said to boost your energy levels if you are having difficulty continuing with your daily activities and may feel that your strength is depleted.

CupriteRed Cuprite with some green Chrysocolla

This crystal is also purported to have a good energy to aid help female reproductive issues, and is known to assist those with an hormonal imbalance causing mood swings.

It is a powerful stone to benefit the organs of the navel or sacral chakra and are known to help water retention which may aid weight loss.

Their energy is also purported to be beneficial for men who have health problems related to their prostate or impairment of male organs caused by circulation issues.

They are purported to help to boost libido in both men and women and are said to help vertigo and altitude sickness.

They are known to be a good stone of healing of the nervous system and the immune system, are said to assist lung conditions and may help the skeletal system.


They are good crystals for emotional healing, and are known to be a stabilizing stone that is particularly helpful to assist women who need emotional support.

They are said to help problems in the circulatory system and are known to help blood flow and aid high blood pressure.

If you are having difficulty continuing with your daily activities it may boost your life force energy and vitality and enhance inner strength.

How Will It Help You? Wearing This Crystal

While it's rare to see any precious gem jewelry made from Cuprite, you can still find pieces of Chrysocolla jewelry that are a mix that embodies Cuprite.

There is a naturally occurring mixture of Cuprite and Chrysocolla called Sonora Sunrise, and you can often get jewelry made from it.

Sonara Sunrise PendantSonara Sunrise Pendant

An alternative to wearing jewelry is to simply put a piece in your pocket or obtain a macrame crystal holder, an effortless way to keep the vibration of this crystal within your auric field.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder. A smooth or flat piece of the stone will work well to sit in the holder against your skin.

Wearing this beautiful stone during the day will have a good energy to stimulate your energy field.

Keeping a piece of this stone on your body, either as a pendant or by keeping a piece in your pocket would be beneficial to aid you.

How Should You Use It? Use In Meditation

Cuprite stones have powerful metaphysical properties and a strong action to assist the release of negative energy.

They are a beneficial spiritual grounding stone that makes a good earth connection. Use in a meditation to take any negative energies down to the earth for release.

Imagine a root going down from your feet, deep into the earth, making a powerful connection with the energy of the Earth Goddess.

Once you feel this clear connection allow an energy transfer of this positive energy from Mother earth, and enjoy the resulting positive attitude.


They are a good stone to use in meditation and their energy may assist you to make a better connection with the spirit world.

They are a great stone to aid you to connect with your guardian angel and can create a calming energy that brings inner peace and harmony.

They are a stone of protection that can generate positive feelings and a positive attitude.

They are beneficial stones to use in meditation as they create safer astral travel and are known to be useful when you are doing past life work.

Can Be Used For Kundalini Awakening

These crystals are a stone of spirituality and are one of the stones on the list for activating kundalini awakening.

If you are not familiar with this potent energy, so haven't read about this, please read more before using them for this purpose.

Kundalini awakening is about spiritual enlightenment and transformation. These red crystals embody an energy within them that can begin the process of awakening the kundalini energy within you.

For kundalini activation you may choose to use this stone alone, or you may use it in combination with other stones that are powerful to stimulate the process.

There are a number of other stones that you may use with it to aid this process.

Red CupriteRed Cuprite

So how does kundalini awakening work?

This energy starts at the bottom of the spine at the base chakra and moves up via the spinal cord to the heart chakra then continues up to the throat chakra and third eye chakras.

It ends up at the crown chakra where this energy can rise like an enormous serpent above your head, although it does not happen like this to everyone.

There is a dedicated article on the kundalini awakening process, where you can learn more about the best way this crystal might be utilized if you wish to do this.

Because this process should not be taken lightly, I suggest that you may choose to read more about kundalini activation before doing this.

Working with the kundalini can be quite powerful, and not everyone finds it to be pleasant.

My Final Thoughts

These red crystals have a good action to aid the yin-yang of your energy system, and may help the healing of feminine/masculine energy that is out of balance.

They are helpful for women to connect more deeply with the females in your lives who are important to you, especially blood relations.

They can help you in the present moment to improve aspects of your life that are related to your own feminine power or if you are a male to your connection with your female partner.

cuprite 3-500

In summary: they are beneficial stones to use if you have been living your life in a way that has prevented you from manifesting prosperity due to feelings of personal lack or limitations.

Their energy is known to be helpful to assist with preventing discrimination in the workplace, and they are said to boost good luck.

They are beneficial to assist you to come back to normal after using high vibration crystals.

For those with health issues that are generating fearful emotions within you, it may be beneficial to place it on the bedside, along with other crystals for fear mentioned below.

Cuprite Meaning & Mineral Make Up

The meaning of the name Cuprite comes from the Latin 'cuprum'. It was named by William Karl Ritter von Haidinger in 1845.

Its name relates to the latin word 'cuprum' meaning copper, as these stones are a minor ore of copper.

Native copper crystals of Cuprite are known as ruby copper due to their bright red color and high copper content. 

Copper conducts electricity, and this copper ore is a secondary mineral that occurs in the oxidized zone of copper sulfide deposits.

This copper oxide mineral often occurs with native copper and with copper based stones such as Shattuckite, Malachite, Azurite and Chrysocolla stone as well as with a variety of iron oxide minerals.

Deposits of Cuprite often occur in the massive form, as well as compact granular, octahedral, cubic and dodecahedral forms, and penetration twins are also quite common.

Where Is Cuprite From?

Good deposits of this stone are found in Sardinia and the Ural Mountains in Russia.

It is also found in isolated locations in the Congo, Namibia, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Cornwall in England, Mexico, Chile and Bolivia.

In the United States there are also important copper deposits of Arizona where the beautiful gem quality stones were found in the past.

Silver CupriteSilver Cuprite

Most pieces have a quite distinctive bright red color. While the Cuprite color ranges from a medium red color to a deep red color, almost black, there is a lovely Crimson Cuprite variety too.

The dark crystals are a new Cuprite find from Russia. They have a silvery shade over the redness of the stone.

These stones are known as Silver Cuprite and look like they are a dark gray color with a silvery red overtone. 

These red oxide minerals are now rarely seen as precious stones as the original deposits of gem-quality cuprite from Arizona has now been mined out.

Chrysocolla Cuprite Also Called Sonora Sunrise

Like many copper based stones Chrysocolla crystal is a green color. Chrysocolla Cuprite naturally occurs in a number of places and while it is not the same stone as Sonara Sunrise it has an excellent energy.

A mix of red Cuprite and Chrysocolla sells under the trade name Sonora Sunrise, and lovely pieces are found in Sonora Mexico.

This combination stone has been used since ancient times by native americans, as the American Indian people were aware of its energy to to create a strengthening and calming energy.

These combination stones have an excellent energy to use in meditation when you are investigating past lives you have lived.

This is a powerful combination of these two copper based minerals that assists you to use the energy of Cuprite to bring a strong connection with Mother earth.

This mix creates a wonderful stone to release negative energy, will assist grounding and is also a stone of protection, as well as having a good energy for earth healing.

The presence of Cuprite in this combination stone can also stimulate the rise of the kundalini energy.

The vibration of Chrysocolla is powerful to stimulate an increase of Divine energies, and may assist with public speaking.

When used in meditation this vibration helps those on the spiritual path.

As they stimulate the third eye chakra, this may boost psychic abilities such as intuition and psychic visions.

Best Crystals To Use With Cuprite

What are the best crystals to use with Cuprite? These red stones are valuable aids if you are suffering from some sort of illness that is creating feelings of fear within you.

If you find you need more help than you are getting from using Cuprite on its own, you may choose to use it with other stones that may aid you to deal with fear more easily.

Specific crystals for conquering fear that may be combined with this stone to help to ally fear includes Menalite, Witches Fingers, Staurolite or Black Spinel.

These crystals are also useful grounding stones. If you feel ungrounded and need extra help, you may also like to use them with some of the other strong grounding stones.

Specific stones that you might choose to use includes some of the powerful black stones such as Black Spinel, Black Diopside, Black Tourmaline, Apache Tears and Black Obsidian.

These stones work well in combination with other red base or root chakra stones.

While there are quite a few red base chakra crystals that you might choose, some good choices would be Ruby, Red Jasper, Red Spessartine Garnet, Red Spinel or Bloodstone.

If you are working on your spiritual growth and have been working to stimulate kundalini awakening, there are quite  few other potent stones that also help to awaken the kundalini.

This includes Hureaulite, Red Jasper, Stichtite or Fulgurite all of which work well for this purpose.

You might also find it advantageous to use this stones along with other copper based stones, to boost the level of energy created by this mineral.

There are quite a few copper based stones that would be helpful used with it, including Shattuckite, Dioptase, Malachite or Covellite.

Images Of Cuprite

Silver CupriteSilver Cuprite

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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