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Axinite are strong grounding stones, that bring energy up from Mother Gaia, via the earth chakra into the body.

They have a lovely restorative energy that may increase your strength and endurance

They are also known to be strong aids to enable you to make changes in your life.


They help you to go with the flow of life, and to change what needs to be changed without opposing what is happening in your life.

They are a powerful stone that is helpful to heal your body, both physically and spiritually, and their healing properties are useful to help problems of the feet in particular. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Their metaphysical properties increase your appreciation of the spiritual realms, and they aid you to remember your experiences there on your return.

They are excellent stones for meditation as they help you to release thoughts that are hampering your progress.

Why Would You Use Axinite?

Axinite minerals may help you to understand how to make changes in a way where everyone wins.

This is helpful in business situations where change is required, and where you need an approach that makes everyone concerned feel comfortable with the final outcome.

AxiniteAxinite Stone

They are excellent grounding stones, that bring energy up from Mother Gaia, via the earth star chakra into the body. 

This energy has good healing properties to heal you both physically and spiritually. They are excellent aids to increase the spring in your step and to aid endurance. 

The energy of these stones may also aid the healing of fractured or broken bones and may specifically help problems of the legs and feet.  

How To Use It

This is a strong stone to use in your daily crystal meditation

When you use high vibration stones to do a meditation with crystals, combine Axinite with them to aid you to remain grounded.

It has a such strong spiritual grounding action that it is very helpful to avoid any spaciness that you may find is created when you use high vibration stones.

This aids you to remember the messages that come through from the higher realms.

AxiniteBeautifully formed Axinite Crystal

Once you have achieved the deep meditation required you may find that your spiritual growth may increase and spiritual healing may occur.

Through this level of meditation you may access the collective memory or soul consciousness of man in the Akashic records and discover why you are here.

This may help you when you are investigating past lives you may have lived as it can enhance past life recall.

These records may also hold past life memories and help to provide the answers you need to live a more peaceful and productive life, in line with spiritual guidance.

Axinite Properties For Healing

Axinite are strong stones with a very positive energy, and have a number of good healing properties to aid the physical body, so are helpful for crystal healers to use. 

There are a number of ways that Axinite stones can be used for crystal healing as they embody some unique traits to help your physical energies.

Ways that they will help you includes the manner in which these stones act as a general tonic to improve overall feelings of health and vitality. 

AxiniteAxinite Stone

These healing stones are a strong aid that is known to help to boost your overall well-being, strength and vitality.

Axinite crystals have a specific vibration that aids your body to function better with increased strength and endurance.

Their healing action is known to aid the adrenal glands, the muscular system and the feet and legs.

To aid your physical healing, this healing crystal brings extra earth energy into your body, moving it up to the base chakra from Mother earth.

How Will It Help You? 

They help to channel power from the earth star chakra up to the base or root chakra. The outcome of this is a feeling of improved physical well-being.

From there Axinite aids this earth energy to move up into the entire body via the spinal cord, through the spine and into the chakras.

These crystals also aid lucid dreaming, so keep a piece close to you at night to allow you to open up and experience the ability to lucid dream for yourself.

They may also help you to remember the dreams you had. When you use them at the third eye chakra, the vibration of these stones is quite strong.

It enhances inner peace, and will assist meditation by helping to dismiss intrusive thoughts that are holding you back.

They are helpful crystals for overthinking and you may find they help you if you find it hard to get into deep meditation due to being unable to calm your mind and stop the thoughts.

Who Should Use It? 

It's action within the higher chakras is helpful to stimulate the mind, and will help to improve your memory.

They are strong grounding stones which are highly advantageous to benefit you.

This is an excellent stone that aids friendship generally, whether in business or your personal life.

It is an Aries birthstone, which may help you to avoid conflict and assist you to create situations where everyone feels good about the outcome.


The vibration of this crystal is particularly helpful to aid you to remember what happened when you were in meditation.  

This is because it aids you to remain clear headed, due to its very strong spiritual grounding energy.

Where Is It From? Axinite Meaning

This is not a common stone, and although some label it a rare gemstone, it has been found in France, Russia, Australia, Mexico and the United States.

The meaning of its name Axinite relates to its shape which is reminiscent of that of an axe. The name Axinite, comes from the Greek word meaning axe.

Stones in the Axinite mineral group have a triclinic crystal structure, and its crystals occur in very thin pieces or tabular crystals often together in groups.

Its color is commonly a dark brown, cinnamon brown or honey brown color, but it also occurs in different colors but they are not as common.

They may also be a more purplish brown, violet, grey, green, blue and even almost colorless.

As yet colors of this stone other than the brown have not turned up for me, but I hope to show you when I find some.

My Final Thoughts


My final thoughts: this is said to be a very uncommon stone, but it is still possible to obtain it fairly easily from specialist crystal shops.

These stones have excellent metaphysical properties that create a more successful meditation experience.

As they also improve the memory, they aid you to remember your experiences there.

Axinite Stones channel energy from the earth and bring it up through the body and the entire chakra system, to the higher chakras, and particularly to the third eye chakra.

By helping you to release any thoughts that keeping popping into your mind you may find you achieve a more successful meditation.

Best Crystals To Use With Axinite

What are the best crystals to combine with Axinite?

Using it with Cavansite, Menalite, Goethite or Merlinite during meditation may aid you to learn how to access the collective memory of man, that which is known as the morphic fields of knowledge or the Akashic records.

If you feel that you could do with extra help with your thinking, combine it with stones that help to stimulate your mind, such as Heliodor, Goshenite, Muscovite or Heulandite.

If you wish to strengthen its action to stimulate lucid dreaming, combine it with the specific stones that will assist you to do this, to boost this energy.

Stones that can help you to begin to experience lucid dreams include Staurolite also known as Fairy Stones, Scolecite, Angelite and Ruby, including Ruby in Kyanite.

To help this stone's action to aid your memory, combine it with other stones that have a good action in this area such as Green Calcite, Datolite, Baryte, Azurite or Emerald.

You may choose to use Axinite with high vibration stones with a high crystal energy to aid its action to help your spiritual growth.

Datolite, as mentioned above, is one of this group of high vibration stones.  

Other stones from this group that may combine well with it includes Moldavite, Satyaloka Quartz, Hackmanite and Yttrium Fluorite.

Use it with Fire Agate, Andalusite, Zincite or Vanadinite to aid its action to improve your physical health and stamina and boost your energy. 

You may benefit from using these crystals paired with clear quartz, also known as the universal healer.

Both clear quartz and other types of quartz crystals resonate well into the aea they are placed. Pairing quartz with other stones is powerful to boost their energy.

More Photos Of Axinite

Axinite Meaning Properties & UsesAxinite Meaning Properties & Uses

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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