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Kutnohorite has a truly beautiful energy that is powerful to infuse you with an influx of Divine love. 

Its action helps to unite the two highly Spiritual chakras, the higher heart and soul star chakras. 

This gorgeous crystal has stone properties that are known to unite your masculine and feminine sides to create a unified and balanced energy.


They are strong heart and higher heart chakra stones that amplify feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Their energy is helpful to enhance love for yourself, and this may also help you to have a more selfless attitude towards other people.

They resonate at the throat chakra, and help you to communicate in a more loving way, and have a helpful soothing effect. Their color is commonly light brown or pink.

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Why Would You Use Kutnohorite?

This stone has a strong vibration, yet its energy is rather sweet, very heart based. This lovely crystal is a quite potent aid to bring healing at the soul level.

While Kutnohorite sounds like it has a gentle energy, it has a strength to it and is quite masculine in nature.

This effect helps to unite the higher heart and soul star chakras, and this is powerful to infuse you with an influx of Divine love, very beautiful energy.

They are strong throat chakra stones, that work to encourage you to speak truthfully and to listen and communicate clearly to others in a group situation.


The meaning of Kutnohorite strongly relates to the manner in which its energy vibrates within the throat chakra.

They are good crystals for communication that are known to help you to say what you mean with directness and precision.

The vibration of Kutnohorite is acknowledged for the manner in which it works to bring together the masculine and feminine aspects of your being, which may foster a more unified and balanced energy.

Enhance Spiritual Growth Through Meditation

These lovely stones have a stimulating action within both the higher heart and the heart chakra that encourages a flow of loving energy within your life.

They are an excellent choice for meditation as they unite the higher heart chakra and the soul star chakra, two areas with a strong spiritual focus.

They resonate powerfully within the soul star chakra, located above the crown chakra in the etheric body.

KutnohoritePale pinkish brown Kutnohorite

They are excellent soul star chakra stones to use, as this area enhances how you perceive spirituality and encourages you to have a deeper spiritual focus.

By their action to heighten soothing and calming feelings, they will help you to more easily sink into the deep relaxed state required to obtain the best results.

Once you begin to travel the higher realms, their vibration may aid you to make contact with Spiritual teachers or guides in the Spiritual realms.

Benefits Of Meditation

There are a number of healing benefits of meditation, especially if you are stressed, worried or under pressure in your daily life.

Check out this article about the best ways to meditate, to learn more, particularly if you are not sure about how meditation is done.


Meditation is a well known healing method that can help you if you have issues causing anxiety or extreme tension.

Doing regular meditation not only strengthens your spirituality but is helpful for emotional balance. Their energy may help you to have greater awareness of your emotional state.

This may help you to understand whether what is happening in your life is causing joy or provoking despair, and how to balance these emotional states.

How Will It Help You?

One of the actions of these stones is to amplify the flow of loving energy within your energy field, through their action within the higher heart in particular.

The higher heart is where intent originates and when this area is stimulated it may amplify Divine love as well as compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Kutnohorite are beneficial crystals for self love. This energy can sometimes be misunderstood as some people feel that loving yourself is inappropriate.

In fact the opposite is true, as self love may amplify self esteem, personal power and self confidence, and this can enhance many aspects of your life.

Truly loving yourself can also assist you to feel greater love towards others in your life, and this may nurture relationships and friendships.

Kutnohorite from Broken Hill NSW AustraliaKutnohorite from Broken Hill NSW Australia

Their vibration amplifies the strong level of unconditional love, tolerance and acceptance that flows through to you from Spirit.

This may heighten your understanding of the purpose for which you came here, and the reason for your current incarnation on earth.

Through the action of Kutnohorite to aid the flow of the energies related to forgiveness, it may help you to release any energies of a karmic nature from past lives.

It may aid you to embrace the journey of releasing old fear, guilt, grief or any type of negative feelings from the past and replacing these feelings with acceptance  and tolerance.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties

Kutnohorite are excellent crystals for emotional healing as they assist you to work through issues until you gain emotional self control and mastery of your emotions. 

There are a number of healing properties that relate to inclusion of the mineral manganese, which is an important antioxidant that is purported to regulate the metabolism.

Manganese is also said to be beneficial to aid problems of an emotional nature, including helping issues such as depression and anxiety.

The brownish pink stones may also contain iron, a mineral that is known to have a positive effect on the health of the blood.

Stones containing iron may also assist you to feel stronger as it is known to boost physical energy.


Other ways that this crystal is known to aid healing includes its good action to bring better sleep especially if your sleep issues are caused by any sort of emotional problem.

The vibration of this stone is also known to work within the higher chakras to help psychiatric problems and disorders of the brain.

They are also said to be good crystals for pain relief, that are purported to help arthritis, joint pain and headaches.

Where Is It Found? Kutnohorite Meaning

The meaning of the name of this crystal relates to the location where it was first found in a place called Kutna Hora, located in Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

It was named in 1904, over a hundred years ago, so is not a newly discovered stone, but the name of this stone has gone through a few changes.

Variations of its name include the original spelling of 'Kutnahorite' as well as 'Khutnohorite'.

'Kutnohorite' is the current spelling approved by the International Mineralogical Association or IMA.

It is in the dolomite group of minerals with the names of other notable stones also in the group being Ankerite and the actual Dolomite minerals of course.

It is a calcium manganese carbonate mineral that also contains magnesium and iron.

KutnohoriteKutnohorite from Broken Hill NSW Australia

It is a fairly uncommon stone that is found in only a few locations.

This includes locations in the Czech Republic, the Balkans, Wales in the UK, Italy, NSW in Australia, Japan, South Africa and the United States.

It has an unusual crystal structure and this includes bundled blades, spheracules or a grape like structure and the massive form.

The color of these stones may be white, pale pink or light brown. The amount of specific minerals contained in an individual specimen causes the color of each stone.

Pieces containing more iron may be a light brownish pink with stones with higher manganese content being a quite beautiful pink color.

Crystal Tip: While it may be helpful to have them on your body, these stones are fairly fragile and may fracture if put under pressure.

So it may be best to simply place them in the area where you spend the most time to benefit the most from their unique vibration.

Best Crystals To Use With Kutnohorite

What are the best crystals to use with KutnohoriteThere are a number of crystals and stones below that combine well with them.

These crystals are most well known for the strong loving energy they embody, and their action to enhance self love.

To boost their energy to aid you to feel more loving towards yourself, combine them with other crystals for self love. This includes Tugtupite, Kornerupine, Pink Danburite, Magnesite and Cobaltian Calcite.

These crystals resonate strongly within your Spiritual higher heart, an area most well known for boosting compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Pair them with other higher heart chakra stones to encourage this energy within your life. Specific higher heart crystals you could use includes Cobaltian Calcite, Kunzite, Grandidierite and Mozarkite.

To enhance the level of calming energy they embody, use them in combination with other stones that have a strong soothing energy.

Calming stones to pair them with includes Tsavorite Garnet, Red Tourmaline, Amblygonite and Flint, which all have a beneficial vibration that will help to calm you.

Kutnohorite unites soul star and higher heart chakrasKutnohorite unites soul star and higher heart chakras

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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