Green Tourmaline... 

Promotes Joy, Happiness and Compassion

Written By Liz Oakes

Green Tourmaline has a lovely vibration that stimulates happiness and joy for life! It resonates within the higher heart chakra which strongly promote compassion, particularly towards yourself.

The metaphysical properties of this delightful green crystal relate to how it connects you to the earth. It is an earth energy stone that will attune you to the vibration of Mother Gaia.

Green Tourmaline In QuartzGreen Tourmaline In Quartz

Its gift of allowing your heart to make an electromagnetic connection with the earth itself, will help to improve the health of the physical heart.

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use as they have a strong healing capacity that is especially helpful for earth healing and aiding the nature kingdom.

If you are studying to be a herbalist, this is strong stone to aid you to gain a greater understanding of the flow of energy between the mineral and plant kingdoms.

Where Is Green Tourmaline From?

Deposits of this stone have been found in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, Brazil and the USA. These green stones have an attractive vibration, which has made it popular for jewelers.

It is often sold under the trade name Verdelite, and this name is commonly used when selling Green Tourmaline jewelry. It comes in a range of green shades. 

The color may be a lovely clear medium green, a lovely mint green, a deeper emerald green and even a dark green almost black.

Some of the Blue variety of this stone may incorporate both green and blue colors within the one stone.

Chrome Tourmaline is a very beautiful green crystal, and is one of the most sought after types, but is said by experts to be a different stone.

There are greenish Blue Tourmaline crystals, and they may have a mixed vibration, having some of the aspects of both the green and blue types.

Pieces that are embodied within quartz crystals are often more easily obtained, and at a more affordable price.

All colors of Tourmaline may be found growing naturally within quartz, and commonly within white or snow quartz. This is an advantageous combination as the quartz has a natural amplifying effect.

It also can be found as an inclusion in White Albite... see picture, and this is a lovely combination of energy.

Why Would You Use Green Tourmaline?

This lovely crystal is a strong heart chakra stone, with a masculine or yang energy. This is one of the foremost crystals for happiness, and is a powerful aid for self healing.

Its vibration is notably compassionate, especially towards yourself. This compassionate vibration resonates strongly within the thymus or higher heart chakra, as this is one of the primary energies that this chakra governs. 

Dark Green Tourmaline in White AlbiteDark Green Tourmaline in White Albite

The energy field of Green Tourmaline will entrain and harmonize with your personal energy, inducing within you a deep calmness, equanimity and feeling of completeness.

Through its action within the third eye chakra, it brings through stronger visualization abilities, and it may stimulate a stronger connection between the heart and the mind, allowing you to feel the power of Divine love.

This green stone blends well with Pink Tourmaline, which has a more feminine or yin energy. Using the pink variety with the green stones may be noticeably balancing.

As you allow yourself to flow with the energy and attain the merged vibration, you may allow yourself to become a happy and joyful whole.

This resonance from the heart chakra will sweep along, moving throughout the entire body, as the heart flow takes it to every part of your system. 

This lovely green stone may enhance your creativity, allowing you to be inspired to develop ideas to manifest your personal abundance and prosperity.

Green TourmalineGreen Tourmaline Stone

The rough green stone is often more easily available as an inclusion in quartz, and the addition of the quartz is advantageous as it has an amplifying effect.

As you continue to use it, it may manifest an increase in both your personal healing and in manifesting an increase in your abundance and prosperity. What a lovely outcome!

How Will It Help You?

Green Tourmaline is an excellent aid to those who are studying herbalism. Its vibration will both heal plants and aid the herbalist to choose the correct herbal remedies required for individual clients.

If kept on the body while taking herbal remedies, it may potentially make them work more effectively. 

This stone is said to be a powerful aid to help athletes obtain improved results, as it helps to heal the muscles and the spine. 

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Green Tourmaline Included in QuartzGreen Tourmaline In Quartz

Its ability to aid the physical body is substantial, and using it may aid you to prevent chronic fatigue and the chronic exhaustion that accompanies it. 

It will help to strengthen the physical heart and may heal the nervous system.

Its healing energies will assist with healing the eyes and the brain and the immune system, and may be helpful when treating ADD and hyperactivity.

It has a strong detoxifying action and may aid weight loss, and help the treatment of stomach complaints such as diarrhea and constipation.

Green Tourmaline Jewelry

Wearing Tourmaline Jewelry

Green Tourmaline jewelry is easy to buy, and may also be found selling as Verdelite. By wearing a pendant or a lovely ring made from this stone, you will keep the energy close to the heart and higher heart chakras.

Along with the beautiful Blue Tourmaline stones also known as Indicolite, the green variety is one of the more popular Tourmaline stones used in the jewelry trade.

Pink & Green TourmalinePink & Green Tourmaline with Peridot Pendant

It is a Capricorn birthstone, and the beautiful color of the Green Tourmaline jewelry makes it very popular.

Green Tourmaline jewelry is very beautiful, and if you want to keep the energy of this stone close to you, wearing it is the easiest way to do this.

Also known as Verdelite in the jewelry trade, beautiful Verdelite earrings and other Tourmaline jewelry is very popular.

This may partly be because this color of Tourmaline is on the birthstone list by month as it is a August Birthstone.

As well it is on on the zodiac birthstone list. If you keep a piece of this lovely stone within your auric field, as close as possible to the area of the heart chakra, this will be most beneficial.

Helpful For Earth Healers

Green Tourmaline is particularly helpful for earth healers and will help you if you are studying to be a herbalist.

Its energy will enhance your happiness and stimulate joy in your life, and its vibration strongly promotes compassion towards yourself. This will have a strong healing action in your life.

Green Tourmaline in quartz matrixGreen Tourmaline

Like Black Tourmaline, the green crystals will take remove negative energy and transmute it into positive energy, with none of the negativity being released into the surrounding area in the process.

"Joy is a net of love, by which you catch souls." Mother Teresa.

Combining It With Other Stones

Any of the heart chakra and higher heart or thymus chakra stones are excellent in combination with this stone.

You may also choose to use any of the green and pink stones with this crystal, including Green Aventurine, Green Garnet, Green Heulandite, Peridot, Prehnite, Gaia Stone, Fuchsite, Rainforest Jasper, Malachite and Emeralds.

Any of the other colors of Tourmaline harmonize well with this stone.

This includes Tourmilated Quartz, which embodies pieces of Black Tourmaline within quartz crystal, Dravite also known as Brown Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline also known as Indicolite, Black Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline.

Other stones that have a vibration that merges well with this stone include Merlinite, Lilac Lepidolite and Variscite.

To enhance this stones vibration to assist weight loss, you may choose to combine it with other crystals that aid weight loss, such as Yellow Apatite, Gaspeite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Heulandite, Diaspore or Picasso Marble. This will also enhance its manifestation vibration. 

Both the lovely Pale Green Hiddenite crystals, seen in picture on the left, and Green Hiddenite's sister stone, the attractive Pink Kunzite Crystal will combine well with this stone, as they will bring through a strong love vibration.

Use it with Tinaksite, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Amber  or  Apache Tears to help you to let go of negativity. 

More Photos Of Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline CrystalNatural Green Tourmaline Side One
Natural Green TourmalineNatural Green Tourmaline Two

The two pictures above are actually of the same piece of crystal. Isn't it an amazing piece, as the back and front, whichever is which, are so dissimilar yet so beautiful in their own ways.

It was being sold to use the side shown on the right above, to cut into jewelry cabachons. But the side shown on the left has so many tiny points it would be a shame to have that happen. I love it!

Mixed Blue Green TourmalineMixed Blue Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline in snow quartzGreen Tourmaline in White Snow Quartz
Green TourmalineGreen Tourmaline

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But knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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