Embodies A Highly Spiritual Vibration

Written By Liz Oakes

Gaspeite was used by the local Aboriginal people in Western Australian since deep in the past, in the Dreamtime, to help them to experience visions as well as to aid healing.

These uncommon stones resonate strongly within the higher heart to aid forgiveness, and also have excellent metaphysical properties to help weight loss and may assist you to clear clutter.

GaspeiteRaw Natural Gaspeite

This is an uncommon green and brown stone that has been found in only two locations in the world. Many of those who have used the stone have found that it has strong healing attributes.

Did you know that this crystal is an excellent stone to help you to better utilize the energy of coincidence or synchronicity?

It embodies a highly spiritual vibration that will aid spiritual communication and assist contact with other worlds.

Where Is It From? Gaspeite Meaning

This stone has been found in Canada and Australia. The meaning of it's name comes from the location of its discovery at the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada.

Both the Canadian and the Australian Gaspeite deposits of this stone have been depleted, so it is now labeled as a rare stone.

There is still some of the stone in the hands of collectors, and it is still reaching the market as they sell off what they have. This stone is a form of nickel carbonate.

Its color is pale green through to apple green with brown inclusions. Another deposit of a green nickel carbonate stone has been found in NSW Australia, that has a similar make-up.

Although the NSW stone is resemblances the stone from WA in appearance and in mineral composition, is said to be a slightly different stone and may have some different properties.

This Green And Brown Stone Aids Healing

It has an excellent healing vibration and will transfer the healing power to the person using it.

The energy that Gaspeite brings to your life is very grounded spiritual energy, that encourages you to live life in the real world, yet from a spiritual perspective.

The vibration of this stone helps you to extend your consciousness so that you are more aware of how you need to live your life in the everyday world. This energy assists you to be aware of the spiritual aspects of situations as they occur.

Gaspeite EarringsGaspeite Earrings

Once you are aware of these events as they take place, you will be able to recognize what you need in order to change your thoughts and actions.

This helps you to better align yourself with living your life how you wish to, rather than allowing yourself to slip back into old habits that may not be helpful to you.

This stone has a strong higher heart chakra vibration that assists you to release hurt feelings and painful emotions, and helps you to forgive.

Like most green stones it vibrates strongly within the heart chakra, and as it is a apple green color, it also has a strong energy at the solar plexus also known as the power chakra.

Who Should Use It?

These are excellent healing stones, and may be used by anyone who desires to take advantage of their unique energy.

They have been used by the Aboriginal people for healing, and will aid you if you are a healer to have a greater understanding of what healing is required.

Gaspeite stone resonates strongly within the heart chakra area, and this is known to assist the healing of lung problems and bronchitis.

If you are attempting to lose weight, and especially if you have been unsuccessful, wearing one of these stone may benefit you.

GaspeiteGaspeite Earrings

They are known to be strong crystals for weight loss powerful stones due to their action to to aid the metabolism.  They are also said to aid you to clear clutter.

Their action to encourage you to let go of 'stuff' may be on an emotional or physical level, and this vibration is why they aid weight loss.

For anyone who has not been eating right, this vibration may help you to recognize the foods that your body really needs to aid it to return to optimum health.

You may also identify what you require for your spiritual healing. Their vibration aids the health of organs within the heart chakra area, and they are known as an excellent stone to aid you with healing the inner child.

If you wish to aid yourself to let go of old inner child issues and emotional problems based in your childhood they will be of benefit to you.

Heightens Coincidence or Synchronicity

These stones aid spiritual grounding and give protection from physical danger.  They have a strong energy within the base or root chakra and the earth star chakra.

The energy of Gaspeite brings synchronicity into action in your life, and in addition the vibration of this green stone brings an added advantage.

The vibration of this stone helps you to recognize that the events that are happening in your life as these synchronistic events unfold.

If you follow these clues as they are given to you by spirit, it may allow you to see a possible plan of action for your life. This may help you to align yourself with the Divine mind and the Divine plan for your life.

GaspeiteRaw Natural Gaspeite

This vibration aids you to see that these events are the result of a strong spiritual energy of coincidence and synchronicity.

It is important that you to pay attention to what is happening when these situations begin to unfold, as it shows you ideas and situations that may unfold to aid your highest good.

This is an advantage as the synchronistic events that this stone brings into play in your life are like messages from the spiritual realm.

Why Would You Use It? How To Use It

Embodied within this green stone is a constant earth energy, that will heighten your spiritual growth. This Australian stone was used by the Aboriginal people to advance their visions.

The vibration embodied within these stones makes it possible that it may help you to develop clairvoyant abilities also known as psychic visions.

GaspeiteGaspeite Pendant

This will be aided if you meditate with one of these stones within your aura while you are seated on the earth, or in contact with the earth.

It can be found on the zodiac birthstone list, and Gaspeite jewelry like the pendant on the right, is helpful to use to aid your spiritual journey.

Pieces of lovely Australian crystal jewelry made from this stone are available to buy, and lovely green pendants or earrings are made from this stone.

This green stone awakens and augments your spirituality, and this is particularly the case if you wear it on a day to day basis.

It is an effective stone to benefit you if you are in some situation where you believe you may be at risk or even when you have calls upon your time and energy from needy individuals.

It supports your comprehension of a given situation and helps you to take action, including to ask others to give you a hand, rather than feeling you must do it alone.

It is a Virgo birthstone, and attractive jewelry made from this stone, including pendants, earrings and Gaspeite beads are very good to aid you metaphysically.

How Will It Help You?

The Western Australian Gaspeite Stone has been used by the local Aboriginal people since deep in the past, to help them to experience visions.

You may currently find natural pieces of this stone or jewelry made from this crystal, even though it is an uncommon stone.

Although it is found in only two locations in the world,  collectors who have been holding onto the stone are now releasing it.


Those who have used the stone have found that it has excellent healing attributes, especially for self healing. It helps you to let go of things that no longer serve you.

As you embrace its highly spiritual vibration you may find that your spiritual communication improves and it may also assist you to make contact with other worlds.

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." Albert Einstein.

Combining It With Other Stones

It has excellent metaphysical properties to help you to better utilize the energy of coincidence and synchronicity.

It works in a variety of areas and is a very active stone, and this may be accentuated by using it with Chrysanthemum Stone, Eudialyte, Rainbow Moonstone or Labradorite Crystal.

To emphasize the vibration of this stone within the heart chakra and the thymus chakra, also called the higher heart chakra, you may wish to combine this stone with Hiddenite, Pink Kunzite, Tugtupite or Dioptase.

If you want to lose weight, it is said that wearing Gaspeite is possible to help the process along.

You may also find yourself clearing clutter as well.  It is helpful on its own for weight loss, but to take this to a higher level, you may benefit by combining it with other weight loss stones.

Stones you could choose includes Yellow Apatite, Rainforest Jasper, Green Tourmaline, Ametrine, Epidote, Dream Quartz, Green Heulandite or Picasso Marble also called Picasso Stone.

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GaspeiteProperties and Meanings Gaspeite

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