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Linarite are quite beautiful stones that can help you to connect with your higher self and Spirit to receive counsel and wise guidance.

Like most blue stones they resonate within the throat chakra, but their energy also stimulates other chakras.

These stones have a strong heart and higher heart chakra energy. This helps to boost loving and compassionate communication.


Their energy aids decision making and can be used during times of conflict with others, as it encourages you to hesitate before speaking.

They have a strong action to aid mind to mind communication, and this means that their energy will assist you to develop mental telepathy.

They have some beneficial healing properties that are known to stimulate the glandular system, which may boost your love life. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Linarite has a number of useful metaphysical properties and is known to stimulate the third eye and is helpful used in meditation.

It may help to make a deeper Spiritual connection as it aids you to receive and accept guidance from spiritual beings and your higher self.

How Will Linarite Help You? 

Like most blue crystals Linarite crystals have a good action to assist communication both with others and with Spirit and your higher self.

Because they are strong heart and higher heart stones will assist your relationships, by encouraging heart to heart communication.

The higher heart energy relates to love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, and by stimulating this chakra they may improve intimate relationships.

During times when you are in conflict with your partner and feel angry about the situation, their energy assists you to pause before letting the anger flow.

Linarite Spiritual Meanings Properties & Uses

They have a calming and loving energy, that can encourage you to allow the truth to be spoken in a new way.

By hesitating prior to speaking you may be enabled to communicate more lovingly and compassionately.

This ability to communicate in a heartfelt way not only applies to your partner, but can also relate to how you speak to others on a day to day basis.

Linarite are beneficial crystals for self love, with an energy that may assist you with truly loving yourself. 

Their vibration is valuable to enrich and amplify your ability to accept emotional healing.

By increasing the level of love you feel for yourself, this in turn may assist you to feel greater love towards others as well.


At times when you have a difference of opinion, keeping your cool and not getting angry can be extremely beneficial.

Whether this is someone you are close to or an acquaintance or work colleague, the growth of empathy and understanding can be helpful for everyone.

Why Would You Use It? Develop Telepathic Gifts

Why would you use this gorgeous blue stone? There are many reasons why its energy may benefit you.

These crystals are excellent stones to use to boost the development of mind to mind communication, commonly called telepathy.

While regular meditation with this stone will stimulate the gift of thought transference or telepathy, keeping it close will encourage its development.

Linarite Spiritual Meanings Properties & Uses

If you wish to develop mental telepathy, this stone can be used with your partner, by working together.

Many people in close relationship can easily develop this gift, but if you place it on the bedside at night, this may enhance the growth of this ability. 

You may find that using this stone can be quite rewarding for you, if you are working on your Spiritual growth.

Linarite Aids Decision-Making

Linarite are good crystals to aid decision making as they bring a more methodical and logical approach to how you think about the situation.

It allows you to make decisions that allow independent thinking, free from being pressured in any way regarding the final resolution of the issue.


Using them in meditation may be advantageous, as their energy may help you to awaken to receiving information from spirit guides and teachers in spirit.

Using it in meditation can be highly beneficial, especially if you feel that you would benefit from ideas received from beings in the higher realms. 

Once you open your mind to the possibilities that may be available during meditation, you may be able to allow guidance from the Divine to flow to you.

Who Should Use It? What Is Astral Travel?

Through its action to stimulate the psychic center, this blue stone is known to enhance your ability to astral travel. 

So what is astral travel? Astral travel relates to travelling outside the body, and visiting the higher spiritual planes.

It is known to be associated with specific breathing techniques. 

If you are already doing astral travel, using this stone with these practices is known to assist you.

It is said that the energy of Linarite can aid the silver cord to remain more securely attached.

If you use it regularly it will aid you connect to your inner wisdom more easily and to both Spirit and your higher self.

The vibration of these crystals may assist you to receive guidance about your path to self mastery.

Allow yourself to be open to receiving insight and knowledge from Spirit, as  this may enable the blossoming and mastery of new gifts and abilities.

Natural Linarite

Meditation with any of your crystals can be helpful to soothe you and to relieve stress and tension and this also applies to this stone as it has a calming energy.

Linarite has a number of other ways that it can help you during meditation.

While it is powerful to open you up to inner wisdom through making a stronger spiritual connection there are additional benefits from its use.

For those of you who are not sure about how to meditate, there is a page that explains it more fully.

Checkout this article to learn easy meditation ideas and methods.

 Healing Properties

These crystals are said to have a number of beneficial healing properties.

Their energy is known to assist with the revitalization of the male reproductive system, and this is said to breathe new life into the action in the bedroom!

This may be associated with health issues related to disorders in the glands, and they may also assist motion sickness.


They are excellent crystals to aid emotional healing including assisting with the release of stress and anxiety.

They are also said to help you to get over some phobias, including fear of water or hydrophobia and acrophobia or fear of heights.

The energy of these stones is said to realign the meridians of the body. This is known to be helpful to diminish problems that are connected with genetic conditions. 

Where Is It From? Linarite Meaning

These bright blue stones are copper based minerals that are quite beautiful. 

They are a quite beautiful blue color but often come mixed with other minerals.

They are known to rare crystals, but although they are not common they are able to be obtained from many specialist mineral suppliers, and are not expensive.

The meaning of the name of these stones relates to the location where they were first found in the Linares Plateau in Spain.

They have since been found in a number of other locations including Scotland, France, Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Morocco and in the United States.

Their mineral structure may be as monoclinic prismatic or tabular crystals and are often found in clusters, as crusts or in the massive form.

 My Final Thoughts

Their action to deter anger and to boost more loving communication may assist  relationships. 

They have excellent healing properties as mentioned above and have a good action to help emotional healing, including assisting the growth of self love.

In summary: these blue crystals have an excellent action within a number of chakras, including the heart, higher heart, third eye and throat chakras.

They are strong crystals to help you to make a deeper, easier connection to Spirit and your higher self.

This allows you to obtain wisdom and guidance from beings in the higher realms such as your spirit guides and from your higher self.

Best Crystals To Use With Linarite

What are the most beneficial crystals to combine with Linarite?

If you are working on better ways to make decisions and are using this stone for this purpose, you may feel you could use extra help with this.

There are quite a few other stones that have a vibration that can stimulate the process.

Specific stones that have a good energy to boost your ability to make decisions includes Hypersthene, Ethiopian Opal, Apophyllite or Grandidierite.

Linarite is a strong throat chakra stone that is powerful to assist you to communicate better, as well as helping you during times when you or the person you are communicating with feels angry.

While these crystals can help you, by prompting you to pause before speaking during confrontational situations, it can also be useful at these times to use other stones that aid you to control your anger.

Specific stones that are useful to aid you to cope with your anger, and that encourage you to release it before speaking, includes Green Calcite, Crazy Lace Agate, Black Jade, Augelite or Larimar.

The gift of mental telepathy also called thought transference is possible to develop, especially if you work with someone close to you who also wishes to stimulate this ability.

This stone is definitely helpful for this purpose, but to boost it even more you may wish to use other crystals with it in meditation to boost its development.

Some of the telepathy crystals that may be helpful include Herkimer Diamond,  Rutilated Quartz, Flint, Tsavorite Garnet  and Apophyllite.

This stone is highly beneficial to help the growth of compassionate communication, forgiveness and emotional healing.

These are all issues which relate to the area of the higher heart chakra.

To increase how this energy works in your life there are a number of other higher heart chakra stones that you might like to combine with this crystal including  Tugtupite, Jeremejevite, Vivianite or Green Calcite.

If you have trouble loving yourself, using these crystals with other stones that stimulate self love.

There are a number of crystals for self love that you might choose to pair with them including stones such as Garnierite, Kutnohorite, Thulite and Pink Tourmaline.

More Pictures Of Linarite

LinariteLinarite from New Mexico USA

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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