Helps You Find Your Purpose

➤ By Liz Oakes

Kakortokite has a beautiful heart based energy that enhances self love, and aids you to connect with others in your soul group.

By making contact with your soul companions, this may assist you to discover the reason why you are here at this time, and what your purpose is

It is an excellent stone to use in meditation as it aids you to create a strong connection to the galactic center, and may enhance telepathic gifts.


It has metaphysical properties that will assist you to more easily link to the higher realms while also making a good connection to the earth.

This a unique stone that is made up a mixture of powerful minerals. These minerals are discussed separately below.

It has an unusual vibration which is partly related to how the energy of the minerals in the stone merge to create a new stone that is highly spiritual in nature.

It is said to activate a cosmic anchor, bringing light down through the body to the earth chakra and grounding the light into your physicality. 

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Crystal Tip: This stone is a mix of minerals. While it is said to be a high-energy stone that is stronger than some crystals, it cannot be said that it is high vibration crystal.

Why Would You Use Kakortokite? 

As these stones have large amounts of the mineral Eudialyte within them, they have a good energy to open the heart chakra.

They have a strong heart centered energy which is highly beneficial to aid emotional healing, release emotional pain and enhance self love.

Once the heart is opened, the energy within Kakortokite can then move downwards from the heart taking any excess energy down to the base or root chakra.


The energy then continues down to connect with the earth chakras below the feet to release any negative energy.

In addition the energy will simultaneously move upwards through the chakras above the heart, through your energy channel to the crown chakra, and then move upwards to the soul star chakra and other transpersonal chakras.

This creates a clear channel for energy to easily move through the body from the soul star chakra above the head to the earth star chakra below the feet.

Makes A Strong Spiritual Connection

Their energy can bring an amazing flow of Divine light down from the soul star, which may activate a cosmic anchor, by connecting down and attaching into the lower earth chakra. 

Part of this energy relates to the spiritual meaning and potent action of the mineral Arfvedsonite that is a component of this stone's mineral make-up.

Once the cosmic anchor is created within your auric field, this can be powerful to act as an energetic aid to support future journeys to the higher realms.

Raw KakortokiteRaw Kakortokite

Kakortokite helps you to make a good earth energy connection, as well as taking you up to connect with the spiritual realms and make a deep spiritual connection.

These unique stones are strong crystals for inspiration and this is partly related to its deep spiritual energy and the way it connects upwards to the higher realms.

Inspiration is an energy that can create rather unexpected ideas to fill your mind.

When you have been using stones with a deep spiritual vibration, sometimes they can bring through Spiritually inspired messages.

Use Kakortokite In Meditation

The role of this stone to boost inspiration makes it highly beneficial for writers who need help when they feel stuck.

They have a positive energy that makes them powerful tools to use in meditation to assist you to feel more inspired, and may help to release jealousy, anger and resentment.

You may find it beneficial to use when working with others in a group, especially if you feel intuitively that you may be members of a soul group who need to come together for a purpose.


Its action to boost the energy of coincidence and synchronicity is also powerful, as this can heighten its quite effective action for creating a deeper connection to others within your current reality.

The energy of this stone connects the lower earth chakra and base chakras through the energy of the heart chakra up through the third eye, crown and soul star chakras.

They are excellent crystals to boost telepathic abilities, and this can be advantageous to assist you and your partner to make a deeper connection with each other.

Kakortokite Healing Properties: The Essential Guide

Kakortokite are well known healing crystals and have a number of healing properties.

To some degree how it helps your healing does depend on the amount of the black inclusions of Arfvedsonite they contain.

Because they generally contain quite a lot of Eudialyte, they have the same action as this red stone to aid healing.

Many of these stones have a good amount of Eudialyte, but you may find it beneficial to look for a stone that has clear inclusions of the darker mineral Arfvedsonite as well.

You can see the darker inclusions in many pieces, and once you start looking it becomes obvious that this mineral is in the stone.


Kakortokite has a number of powerful healing attributes and helps SAD or seasonal affective disorder and winter depression.

It is said to help a number of health problems and is known help issues related to the eyes, in particular the optic nerves. 

This stone is known to be helpful to aid physical healing, and is said to be helpful if you have a health condition related to the immune system.

It is also purported to help joint pain and is said to aid the nervous system and assist blood pressure and may support the health of the liver.

Benefits Of Wearing Kakortokite

Wearing Kakortokite may be beneficial as the physical connection created by having it within your auric field all day gives it time to help you.

These unusual stones are known to be able to help SAD or seasonal affective disorder.

So if you have been experiencing SAD in the winter months it may be beneficial to wear it on your body to have an ongoing effect within your energy field.

Kakortokite CabachonKakortokite Cabachon

While wearing jewelry made from it will be beneficial, it may not be possible to get pieces of jewelry made from it.

In that case simply keep a piece on your body, maybe in your pocket, to ensure it remains within your energy field. 

Another alternative is to purchase a macrame crystal holder which are simple to use.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, just make sure you get one with a sliding bead on top so you can change the stone easily.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Kakortokite

Kakortokite is also known as Lopar's Blood. 

It is said to be a rare stone that is only found in South Western Greenland, in a place known as the Ilimassaq Intrusive Complex.

The meaning of its name comes from the town Qaqortoq which is located in the Ilimassaq Intrusive Complex as mentioned above.

It comes from the Kangerdlussaq Fjord, in the Julianebab District of Greenland.

This is an area high in the mineral Syenite, and this unusual stone is said to contain (white) Syenite as well as a combination of minerals from that area. 

Kakortokite is purported to be an alkaline feldspar mineral with a combination of minerals and is said to be volcanic in origin. 

It is said to be a mixture of red Eudialyte and black Arfvedsonite in a white matrix. 

The matrix stone is said to be agpaitic nepheline syenite which is predominantly white. 

Various sources say the white base could perhaps a type of feldspar, but many mineralogists say it is white Syenite. 

These crystals have spots or blotches of reddish-pink as well as smaller black inclusions in the white stone which can be harder to see than the red spots.

This igneous rock occurs alongside other minerals in the same area including magnetite, sodalite, fluorite and/or sphalerite.

Most pieces that are selling are tumbled stone but it is possible to get unpolished pieces at some online stores.

Many polished stones are made into jewelry and you can see how polished stone looks in the cabachon above.

The Role Of The Mineral Arfvedsonite

The inclusion of Arfvedsonite in the Kakortokite stone creates a strong deep action, that makes this an excellent crystal to use in meditation.

While many pieces of Kakortokite stones have only small inclusions of this dark mineral, it has a good energy to aid you to make a stronger spiritual connection.

This dark mineral has a strong positive vibration that can stimulate the growth of psychic visions or clairvoyance and clairaudience.

The Arfvedsonite energy combines well with the energy of the red Eudialyte mineral in this stone, and this naturally created combination is quite unique.

The energy of Arfvedsonite has a powerful spiritual presence that brings an awareness of the bright light of the Divine mind and the spiritual need it fulfills.

The Role Of The Red Mineral Eudialyte

The red inclusions of the mineral Eudialyte are commonly a bit more obvious to the eye than the black Arfvedsonite.

A potent Eudialyte meaning that makes this an excellent mineral for meditation is its action to increase both beta and alpha brain waves, and this has a good role to also boost telepathic gifts.

The energy of the Eudialyte within Kakortokite crystal has a number of strong healing properties including helping to increase your energy when you feel lethargic.

Both stones are powerful to aid depression and they are both known to be helpful crystals for stress, tension and anxiety.

The spiritual healing power of the combined minerals in this stone is powerful to benefit your spiritual growth.

Eudialyte is also a strong crystal when you are undergoing spiritual practices as it stimulates coincidence and synchronicity, and this also means that Kakortokite also embodies this vibration.

Kakortokite Releases Negativity: My Final Thoughts

Kakortokite helps you to let go of negative thoughts and can help you to have a more positive outlook on life.

It is a good crystal for truth as it helps you to see the truth in all situations and allows you to speak your own inner truth as well.

If you allow this energy to fill your being it has an additional role that helps to boost self love.


In summary: Once you use it in meditation and create the strong cosmic anchor that it is known to produce, you may find that your meditation is more powerful.

Expect its energy to boost spiritual healing and to assist the growth of spiritual gifts and abilities, especially if you find a piece that has the darker inclusions.

They are good crystals for emotional healing that have a lovely heart based energy. They will help to clarify in your mind what your purpose is for being born at this time.

While this is said to be a rare stone, there is still quite a few online sellers who have it for sale so check out your favorite specialist crystal seller to see if they have it. 

Best Crystals To Use With Kakortokite

What are the best crystals to combine with Kakortokite?

If you have been having trouble with winter depression which is known as SAD or seasonal affective disorder, you may find that using it with Sunstone, Citrine, Amber or Orange Calcite may help.

Wearing it on the body is very effective to help SAD and mixing in some of the lithium based stones may also help.

In particular Lepidolite or Lithium Quartz are very helpful for this purpose and they may also assist any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

These unusual stones work well in combination with quartz crystals and this can be beneficial especially if you program the quartz to boost any action that this stone may be effective for.

Clear Quartz which is also known as the master healer combines well with it, as do Rose Quartz, Lithium Quartz or Citrine which are all powerful quartz crystals.

These stones may assist the development of telepathic gifts, and if you wish these gifts to develop more quickly, use them in combination with other stones that stimulate mental telepathy.

Specific stones that you might choose for stimulating telepathic gifts includes Tsavorite Garnet, Flint, Blue Calcite and Piemontite.

These unusual spotted stones may be helpful to assist you to let go of angry feelings.

But if you have been finding that anger flare ups seem to happen a lot in your life, you may find it helpful to use it in combination with other stones that assist the release of anger and resentment.

Specific stones that may be helpful to improve how you feel includes Neptunite, Crazy Lace Agate, Black Jade or Thaumasite.

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