Releases Anger, Calming Energy Aids Relationships 

Augelite has a lovely soothing vibration that may be utilized by placing it close to your upper body while resting. It also has a tranquil, calming energy that enhances your sleep.

By helping you to release any bad feelings or anger towards your partner, their energy may be beneficial to help you if you have been having relationship problems.


Their energy will also stimulate you to dream more, and to experience powerful and evocative dreams. If you feel willful or contrary expect it to have a comforting and settling action. 

For those who regularly feel angry and out of sorts with others, using one of these stones may be beneficial to assist you to feel more peaceful. 

Where Is It From? Augelite Meaning

This mineral is fairly uncommon but has a quite beautiful look to it. The meaning of this stones name relates to the Greek word "auge" meaning "lustre" as it has a lustrous shiny appearance.

Although all of the stone I have are this lovely bright green, and many available for sale are also this color, it also may be yellow, blue, light rose pink, white, grayish white or colorless, although these may be less common.

These stones are an aluminum phosphate mineral and have been found in similar places to some of the more well known minerals such as pyrophyllite, pyrite, hematite, cassiterite or lazulite.

This mineral has been found in Uganda, Rwanda, Austria, Sweden, Peru, Bolivia, Queensland Australia, Yukon in Canada and a number of places in the USA including in South Dakota.

They form as tabular or prismatic crystals, acicular or triangular shaped plates as well as in the massive form.

Why Would You Use Augelite?

While there will be variations in the metaphysical attributes of these stones depending on its color, as yet the only color I have used are the green stones, so I can only go on what others say regarding the various colors.

The green stones, which are the easiest to obtain, resonate within both the heart and solar plexus chakras. Their vibration within the heart chakra may assist you to feel more relaxed and peaceful.


They have good energy to help those who are in a relationship where there is friction caused by an inability to let go of  'stuff' from the past.

These feelings related to past events or situations where one or both of you are unable to let something go, which means it is still present and causing you to feel anger or hostility towards your partner.

Keep a piece of the stone nearby, under your pillow or on the bedside, to assist you to let go of any sort of unreasonable attitudes, and to bring harmony to your relationships.

Their energy may help you if you are someone who finds that you are inclined to lack discipline and even feel mean spirited towards others, or simply act in an unreasonable or perverse way.

If you feel that you need help to let go of any sort of negative feelings, or need help so that you start to act more peacefully towards others, keeping one these crystals nearby may help you. 

Who Should Use It? How Will It Help You?

If you are having trouble with sleeping you may benefit by keeping one of these stones either on your bedside at the level of your head or under your pillow to encourage calming and peaceful sleep.

They are known to be particularly helpful if used as close as possible to the head, and they also have a good energy to encourage you to dream more, and these dreams may be quite evocative.


The result of having this stone nearby while you are sleeping may bring clearer more memorable dreams that may be easier to remember when you awaken.

The clarity of the images may improve your understanding of the meaning of more graphic dreams and the implications in regard to messages communicated to you about the future.

If you choose to combine them with stones that stimulate precognition, you may be more able to discover if what you are dreaming has any validity regarding future events (precognition).

Healing Properties... My Final Thoughts...

Augelite crystals have a number of useful healing properties and are known to be particularly advantageous to treat obesity, and may help those who have a sensitivity to various foods, especially if it causes digestive problems.

The energy of these healing stones is also known to generally assist issues within the digestive system and will aid elimination.

They are also said to help problems with the circulation and are known to balance the red and white blood cell count, and as mentioned above are helpful crystals for insomnia.

In summary: keep a piece of this stone nearby, or even wear it, or keep in your pocket, to improve your feelings towards others and to bring peace and harmony to your relationships.

Keeping it on the bedside can be advantageous to improve your relationships, and to assist both of you to let go of old energy around situations from the past that need releasing.

Combining It With Other Stones

These are helpful crystals to assist you if you are not sleeping well. If this is a problem that you really need help with, combine them with other stones that assist more peaceful sleep.

There are a number of other good sleep stones in an article on crystals for better sleep, including Lepidolite, Dream Quartz and Amethyst. 

These stones are an excellent assistance to help you if you are working on losing weight as they are know to assist those who having difficulties with obesity.

If you feel you need extra help, there are a number of crystals for weight loss that you can combine with them, including  Dream Quartz,  Yellow Apatite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Epidote or Iolite.

Handling angry feelings can be quite difficult for a lot of people, especially when there does not seem to be anything you can do to change things that may be happening around you.

Use Augelite with any of the other stones that are known to assist you to feel calmer and more able to deal with your anger, including Black Jade, Larimar, Stellerite or Plancheite.

You may choose to use them in combination in meditation or keep them on your body or close by to assist you.


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