Aventurine Stones and Crystals... 

Increase Optimism and Self Confidence

Written By Liz Oakes

Aventurine stones are crystals that contain a good amount of quartz in them, along with inclusions of various other minerals, which gives them their specific color.

They are important stones to have within your collection for quite a few reasons. One major reason is that the quartz within them gives these crystals a strong ability to amplify energy.

Green AventurineNatural Green Aventurine

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to utilize because these qualities are added to the energy of the quartz. This means that each of the different colored stones have unique metaphysical attributes.

All the colors will support you to balance the male and female energies within you, regardless of your sex. Leadership qualities are said to be enhanced by using any color of Aventurine stones.

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Where Are They From? Aventurine Meaning

Aventurine are closely related to quartz crystals, and have have been found in Italy, Brazil, India, China, Tibet, Nepal and Russia.

The name Aventurine comes from its quality of "aventurescence", which means the amount of reflective ability of the stone. The most common variety of this crystal is the Green Aventurine.

The color of this variety of crystal may also be red and blue and some lesser known colors such as white, brown, peach, pink, orange, yellow and grey.

Some colors are really just shades of the other colors such as Pink and Red, and there are a variety of minerals that are combined with the quartz in the Aventurine stones.

The reason for the different colors in Aventurine stones is the inclusion of various minerals which are present. The minerals affect both their color and the specific attributes of the various colors in their own right.

Green AventurineGreen Aventurine

Both the specific metaphysical properties of each color of this stone and the actual minerals that create the different colors are talked about in the individual sections on each color.

You may read about the Green stone next, but there is information on each color separately.

Attributes Of Specific Colors Of Aventurine

Aventurine stones are often associated with the green crystals as these are the most common, but there are quite a few other colors. 

Are you looking for information on a specific color of Aventurine, such as the less common colors?

The blue colored stones are highly prized for their attributes to aid the development of psychic gifts.

The white colored crystals are less common, but are worth finding as they have some interesting properties as they resonate within all chakras.

The Red, Yellow and Peach Aventurine varieties also have specific attributes in their own right and are helpful stones to add to your collection.

Each of these are covered below in their individual sections. The different colored stones have separate sections listing their properties, so if this interests you keep reading.

Click on the individual links below to read about the attributes of each color of this stone.

Green Aventurine... A Heart Chakra Stone

The Green Aventurine stone is the most common of the colors. The green color is from the inclusion of Fuchsite, a type of Mica.  Although this is hard to see in photos of Fuchsite, the stone is a quite sparkly reflective stone.

Light Green AventurineLight green colored stone

You can imagine how this might translate into many of the Aventurine stones. Some green Aventurine is quite sparkly, so may contain more Fuchsite and others are darker green.

Like most green crystals they are heart chakra stones and will help in the area of love relationships as well. One application where you may use any of the varieties, is to meditate with them.

This may boost your ability to handle life changes. As they contain quartz this will amplify the energy of the inclusion within them during meditation.

These green stones have a lovely energy that has the capacity to aid you in releasing anxiety, so using them is a good way to relieve your stress.

These crystals are known to also be stones that aid your prosperity. They are known as a stone of luck and will help you to manifest money if that is what you want.

Green Aventurine to Aid Elementals

Due to the Green Fuchsite within the stone, this lovely green crystal is one of the stones that will help you to make contact with elemental beings. Where you have plants growing will attract the members of the Devic kingdom.

These beings that live within the "green" areas around your home may be attracted by the energy of these green healing stones, as they feel the Green Aventurine stones vibration.

Many are unaware of the presence of these beings. If the energy and health of your gardens and other green areas is high, the more likely elemental beings may be living there.

These beings will aid you in living your life better, so do all that you can to encourage them to be present near your home.

Why Would You Use It? How Will They Help You?

Aventurine Crystals are easy to buy, and these stones have strong health benefits that aid blood pressure.

They are said to aid the health of the physical heart, and they have an anti-inflammatory effect, and aid skin eruptions and allergic conditions.

Green AventurineGreen Aventurine

All of these stones, including the natural rough stones, like the one in the image shown, are well known EMF protection crystals.

They are powerful to have in your office near your electronic equipment to remove electromagnetic smog. Green Aventurine stones have the ability to absorb environmental pollution.

The general energy of your home will be improved by having this green quartz crystal in as many places as possible.

Wearing Aventurine Stones... How To Use It

One of the best ways to use any color of these stones is to wear them as jewelry. It is really quite simple to buy yourself a piece of Aventurine stone jewelry and they come in a range of styles and colors.

The reason why it is reasonably easy to buy Aventurine jewelry, is that they are on the zodiac birthstone list.  Any of the different colored Aventurine stones colors can be combined in meditation.

Green AventurineGreen Aventurine Pendants

This is powerful, as is combining any one of them with other chakra stones from their specific chakra.

Putting natural crystal stones of any of the colors of Aventurine stones in your pocket is an easy way to use them if you can't find a piece of jewelry you like.

Wearing the lovely Green Aventurine Stones may increase the degree of your optimism for living, and may help with building self confidence in many areas of life.

Most people are looking for abundance and prosperity in life so it is excellent to know there are stones that will aid you with this area. They are an Aries birthstone

Wearing lovely crystal jewelry is very pleasant, especially as this stone comes in so many colors.

Combining Green Aventurine With Other Stones

Both green and pink heart chakra stones will harmonize with this green crystal.

The quartz qualities embodied in this stone may amplify both its own energy and the energy of the stones you combine with it. Use natural crystals wherever possible.

Use it with Moldavite to create a strong energetic partnership, especially at times of great changes in your life.  At difficult times in your relationships you may use these stones.

For those occasions when you are feeling emotionally wounded, these green quartz crystals may enhance your emotional well being.

This may assist you to come through the experience better and create the best outcome for your greatest good.

They will also help you to deal with inner child anxiety caused by childhood problems and they combine well with Rhodochrosite or Dioptase for this purpose.

Some of the other green heart based crystals will benefit by being combined with Green Aventurine stones.

Combine it with Shungite, to help boost its ability to assist allergic conditions, as well as a range of other health problems.

Both Shungite and this stone are helpful to assist you if you have electrical sensitivity and may be combined with other EMF protection stones, such as Fulgurite, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline .

You may also like to use them with pink heart chakra stones too, and there are quite a few that blend well with them.

Some of the crystals that may like to use them with includes stones such as Prasiolite also known as Green Amethyst, Moss Agate, Pink Morganite, Emeralds, Green Apophyllite, Pink Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline.

To boost the performance of this crystal to assist you to balance your male-female energies you may like to combine it with other crystals that aid this.

Stones such as Iolite, Shaman Stones, Ascension Stones, Hematite Crystals, Marcasite, Magnetite, Amesite, Turquoise, Golden Yellow Labradorite, Sphalerite, Rhodochrosite, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli and Nephrite Jade.

To motivate yourself, or indeed others, the quickest and most sure way is to take your imagination by storm.

White Aventurine Resonates Within All Chakras

White Aventurine stones are less common than the other colors. While many are a quite bright white color,  others are a more creamy off-white or beige color like the piece shown below. 

You will see that they shimmer in the light, and you can notice the inclusion of mica within both varieties of the white stone, as there are mica sparkles in the stone.

The action of the white variety at the crown and soul star chakra is beneficial to enhance your ability to see psychic visions, and  is known for its action to boost the birth of clairvoyant abilities.

White AventurineThis color is called White Aventurine as it has similar properties to the bright white stone.

This color of Aventurine works within all chakras, and like most white stones it resonates strongly at the higher chakras. These crystals also resonate within the middle and lower chakras.

At the heart they have a good action to help you to see what is happening in the lives of others, particularly things you don't like.

This awareness helps you to be more compassionate towards others, by helping you to recognize and be more accepting and tolerant of things you might feel critical of in others.

White AventurineBright White Aventurine

This may help you to recognize that many of these things are also present in your life as well. This action, to allow you to see what is happening both in your life and the life of others, is very helpful.

It may assist you to love and accept yourself and others, regardless of the perceived defects you may notice.

Pink & Red Aventurine... Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras

The color of both the Pink and the Red Aventurine stones is commonly from the inclusion of Hematite and a sparkling Mica, possibly Red Muscovite.

This stone is reputed to aid your physical body, bringing vitality to your muscular system, and strengthening your blood.

Red Aventurine

This red stone harmonizes with other stones of the three lower chakras, including the solar plexus chakra stones.

Red Aventurine works on all three lower chakras. It is a stone that will aid your sexuality, boost passion and help to improve vitality and your mental abilities.

Red AventurineRed Aventurine

Use Fire Agate with this stone, if you have any lack of interest in sex, or if you are feeling low or lacking vitality after an illness. Red Jasper or Orange Carnelian will also aid these types of problems.

The energy of Red Aventurine stones may boost the level of manifestation, prosperity and abundance in your life.

To help with manifestation combine them with solar plexus chakra stones. In particular beneficial varieties to use could be Yellow Apatite, Golden Yellow Labradorite, Heliodor or Zincite.

Peach Aventurine... Sacral Chakra

The color of Peach Aventurine is similar to the red above, as it has inclusions of an orange Mica and Pyrite. It is a navel chakra or sacral chakra stone.

Peach AventurinePeach Aventurine

One of the qualities of this variety of the stone is its action to enhance your creativity. It may aid your leadership abilities, decisiveness and decision making abilities.

To boost this action, combine it with other stones that also aid you to make decisions, including Actinolite, Herderite, Bloodstone, Mookaite Jasper also known as Mook Jasper and Clear Apophyllite.

Yellow Aventurine... Solar Plexus Chakra

The color of Yellow Aventurine is similar to the peach above, as it has inclusions of a lighter yellow Mica and Pyrite.

It vibrates strongly within the solar plexus chakra or power chakra.

It is known by this name as it assists you to better use your personal power, and using this stone may aid your self esteem as well as boosting self confidence and self worth.

Yellow AventurineYellow Aventurine

It is also an excellent stone to aid you to manifest an increase in money and may help you to augment your level of abundance and prosperity.

Like the peach stone above, it will also assist you to enhance your creativity.

More pictures of Aventurine

Natural Green Aventurine
Yellow Aventurine
Blue Aventurine
Reddish Pink Aventurine
White Aventurine

Combine the colors in your daily meditation

The green stones are more common and may be easier to obtain, but all are excellent additions to your collection. If you have all of the varieties, combine them in your daily meditation and you will be blessed by their energies.

Although all of the different Aventurine stones have different qualities, they are all marvelous stones.

Aventurine StonesAventurine Stones
Red AventurineRed Aventurine

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When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently.

But knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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