Aventurine Stones

Increase Optimism & Self Confidence

➤ By Liz Oakes

Aventurine stones are important stones to have within your collection for quite a few reasons. 

One major reason is that the quartz within them gives them a strong ability to amplify energy and are easy to program.

They are crystals that contain a good amount of quartz in them. In addition they have inclusions of various other minerals which gives them their specific color.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to utilize because the qualities of the minerals are added to the energy of the quartz.

Aventurine StonesPeach Aventurine Stones: One Of The Colors To Learn About Here

Each of the different colored stones have unique metaphysical attributes and all of the colors will support you to balance the male and female energies within you, regardless of your sex. 

Leadership qualities are said to be enhanced by using any color of Aventurine stones.

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Where Are They From? Aventurine Meaning

Aventurine are closely related to quartz crystals, and have have been found in Italy, Brazil, India, China, Tibet, Nepal and Russia.

The name Aventurine comes from its quality of "aventurescence", which means the amount of reflective ability of these stones.

The most common color is green, but their color may also be blue, red, yellow, peach or white and some lesser known colors such as brown, pink, orange or grey.

Some colors are really just shades of the other colors such as Pink and Red.

These crystals are quartz based with inclusions of a variety of minerals that are combined with the quartz in these stones.

The minerals affect both their color and the specific attributes of individual colored stones.

Yellow Aventurine

Both the specific metaphysical properties of each color of this stone and the actual minerals that create the different colors are talked about in the individual sections on each color.

Attributes Of Specific Colors Of Aventurine Stones

Aventurine stones are often associated with the green crystals as these are the most common, but there are quite a few other colors. 

Are you looking for information on a specific members of this family such as the less common colors of Aventurine?

This page covers the less common colors of this stone, including the the white, yellow and peach crystals as well as the red and pink stones which are basically the same just different shades of red.

If you wish to learn about Blue Aventurine or Green Aventurine they each have their own in-depth page.  

The blue colored stones are highly prized for their attributes to aid the development of psychic gifts.  

Green Aventurine has a number of attributes that make it very popular to use.

Popular attributes includes aiding manifestation, balancing your male-female energies and attracting nature spirits.

Click on the links under the pictures seen below to go to these two in-depth pages.

The cream or white colored crystals are less common, but are worth finding as they have some interesting properties as they resonate within all chakras.

The Red, Yellow and Peach Aventurine varieties also have specific attributes in their own right and are helpful stones to add to your collection.

Each of these are covered below in their individual sections. The different colored stones have separate sections listing their properties, so if this interests you keep reading.

Click on the individual links below to read about the attributes of each color of this stone.

White Aventurine Resonates Within All Chakras

White Aventurine stones are less common than the other colors.

While many are a quite bright white color,  others are a more creamy off-white or beige color like the piece shown below. 

You will see that they shimmer in the light, and you can notice the inclusion of mica within both varieties of the white stone, as there are mica sparkles in the stone.

The action of the white variety at the crown and soul star chakra is beneficial to enhance your ability to see psychic visions, and  is known for its action to boost the birth of clairvoyant abilities.

White AventurineBright White Aventurine

This color of Aventurine works within all chakras, and like most white stones it resonates strongly at the higher chakras.

These crystals also resonate within the middle and lower chakras.

At the heart they have a good action to help you to see what is happening in the lives of others, particularly things you don't like.

This awareness helps you to be more compassionate towards others, by helping you to recognize and be more accepting and tolerant of things you might feel critical of in others.

This may help you to recognize that many of these things are also present in your life as well.

This action, to allow you to see what is happening both in your life and the life of others, is very helpful.

It may assist you to love and accept yourself and others, regardless of the perceived defects you may notice.

Pink Aventurine

Pink AventurinePink Aventurine

Pink Aventurine is closely related to Red Aventurine, and its pink color comes from the inclusions of a pinkish mineral, usually either Hematite, Goethite or a Mica, such as Muscovite.

It is closely related to Red Aventurine and depending on the color of the crystal, it will make a good connection within base, heart and higher heart or thymus chakra.

These pink crystals resonate with a lovely heart based energy that may stimulate feelings of compassion towards others.

The healing properties of crystals like these that are the pink color, are known to aid the flow of energy within the body and can help health issues related to the blood, and may also assist heart based health issues.

Raspberry or Purple Aventurine

Purple Aventurine may also be called Raspberry Aventurine and this variety is an unusual blend of the colors red and blue so it embodies attributes of both.

Like Blue Aventurine, the purple aventurine stones are beneficial to use in meditation as they make a good connection within Spirit.

They resonate within the higher chakras and may aid the growth of new psychic gifts, enhance Spiritual awakening and are known to stimulate the brain.

Purple AventurinePurple Aventurine

Like Red Aventurine they may also work within the base or root chakra, and have good healing properties.

Red Aventurine: Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras

The color of both the Pink and the Red Aventurine stones is commonly from the inclusion of Hematite and a sparkling Mica, possibly Red Muscovite.

This stone is reputed to aid your physical body, bringing vitality to your muscular system, and strengthening your blood.

Red Aventurine

This red stone harmonizes with other stones of the three lower chakras, including the solar plexus chakra stones.

Red Aventurine works on all three lower chakras. It is a stone that will aid your sexuality, boost passion and help to improve vitality and your mental abilities.

Best Crystals To Use With Red Aventurine 

Use Fire Agate with this stone, if you have any lack of interest in sex, or if you are feeling low or lacking vitality after an illness.

Red Jasper, Zincite or Orange Carnelian will also aid these types of problems.

The energy of Red Aventurine stones may boost the level of manifestation, prosperity and abundance in your life.

To help with manifestation combine them with solar plexus chakra stones. In particular beneficial varieties to use could be Yellow Apatite, Golden Yellow Labradorite, Heliodor or Zincite.

Peach Aventurine: Sacral Chakra

The color of Peach Aventurine stones is similar to the red above, as it has inclusions of an orange Mica and Pyrite. It is a navel chakra or sacral chakra stone.

Peach AventurinePeach Aventurine

One of the qualities of this variety of the stone is its action to enhance your creativity. It may aid your leadership abilities, decisiveness and decision making abilities.

Best Crystals To Use With Peach Aventurine

To boost this action, combine it with other stones that also aid you to make decisions, including  Herderite, Bloodstone, Mookaite Jasper also known as Mook Jasper and Clear Apophyllite.

Yellow Aventurine: Solar Plexus Chakra

The color of Yellow Aventurine stones is similar to the peach above, as it has inclusions of a lighter yellow Mica and Pyrite. 

These yellow crystals vibrate strongly within the solar plexus chakra or power chakra.

This chakra is known by this name as it assists you to better use your personal power, and using this stone may aid your self esteem as well as boosting self confidence and self worth.

Yellow AventurineYellow Aventurine

It is also an excellent stone to aid you to manifest an increase in money and may help you to augment your level of abundance and prosperity.

Like the peach stone above, it will also assist you to enhance your creative abilities.

It is on the list of crystals for inflammation as it is a good healing stone that has an excellent anti-inflammatory action.

Yellow AventurineYellow Aventurine

Combine the colors in your daily meditation

The green stones are more common and may be easier to obtain, but all colors are excellent additions to your collection.

If you have all of the varieties, combine them in your daily meditation and you will be blessed by their energies.

Red AventurineRed Aventurine

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