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Written By Liz Oakes

Chabazite is an excellent aid to use in your daily meditation.

It will assist you to relax more and will help you to attain the deep state required to make a stronger connection to Spirit.

Its energy may help you to release anger, and can assist you to keep going even when you mentally feel that you are unable to continue.

It aids you to persevere and stay the course when it is required, and will help you to focus when you feel you need help to center yourself. 


It has a number of powerful metaphysical properties but in particular it is its action in meditation to connect to higher realms.

It works through the higher chakras which makes it an advantageous stone to utilize.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use as they have a number of excellent healing properties including to aid addictions, to help the thyroid and to assist weight loss.

Where Is It From? Chabazite Meaning

The meaning of this stone's name comes from a Greek word 'Chabazios' which was an ancient name for the stone. It is a hydrous silicate mineral of calcium and aluminum.

It is a variety of lovely glassy, transparent or transparent type of zeolite. These stones are commonly pseudo-cubic in structure with a rhombohedral shape, and many stones are twinned.

The color of these stones is commonly white, cream, colorless, green, yellow, brick red, pinkish red or brown. 

They have been found in a number of locations, including in India, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Northern Ireland,  Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada and a number of places in the USA.

Why Would You Use Chabazite?

One the most beneficial ways that this stone can benefit you is the way it assists to be aware of your place in the world at any given moment and to persevere even if you find it difficult to do  that.

It will help you to stay centered, serene and focused regarding what is happening around you, even when you are surrounded by a crowd of other people, that might otherwise stress you. 

It's energy can help you to reorient your thinking so that you can use your time is the most constructive way for your greatest good.

These stones have a lovely energy that is very encouraging, and that may also assist you to let go of anger, especially if it is related to events about which you have no control.

How Will It Help You? Use In Meditation

Using Chabazite during meditation will help you to achieve a stronger more peaceful experience, and it is well known for its action to help you to relax so that your mind can settle.

By helping you to still your mind and to calm your thoughts, you can connect more easily to the energy of the higher realms and attain a deeper, more profound connection with Spirit. 


These stones help to create a good connection within the crown chakra which may assist your spiritual growth as well as helping you if you are studying by assisting you to absorb information. 

Yet at the same time it has an excellent action to insure you harmonize with the energy of the earth and by making a good earth connection, feel fully grounded.

Once you begin to regularly utilize it during meditation, it can assist you to focus on what you require regarding the direction in which you might take your life path.

How To Use It? Healing Properties 

The energy of these stones is particularly known to aid addictions, but may also help in a number of other ways.

If you place the stone on a sore muscle, this is known to be helpful to assist healing.

It is also said to aid disorders of the thyroid and may help to balance unbalanced hormonal issues.  The use of a crystal elixir made from this stone may be a good way to use them as this can be quite beneficial.


A good spring tonic elixir can be created from this stone, using the method where you have glass between the stone and the water. 

As mentioned, they have a good energy to help anyone who is battling addictions. 

By bringing a positive energy that boosts your ability to release the deep need for the substance, it may assist you to recover from your addiction.

This stones vibration can also help  those who have an addiction to food.

By aiding you to shake off these addictive feelings this may also enhance your ability to lose weight.

Why Would You Use It? My Final Thoughts

Its vibration helps to stimulate increased energy and enhances your ability to persevere and endure the challenges required to meet any difficulties that arise.

It also assists you to gain a greater understanding of the Spiritual path that you are treading, assisting you to look towards and gain assistance from light beings as you travel on your journey.

ChabaziteChabazite in Vugs

In summary:  remember that these crystals are powerful to use in meditation as they make a strong spiritual connection.

They also assist you to let go of angry feelings that are holding back your relationships.

By helping you to remain calm and centered this may aid you to keep going, and to persevere when you need to, even when life isn't easy for you and those around you.

Best Crystals To Use With Chabazite

What are the best crystals to combine with Chabazite?

Perseverance, this is something that many of us find hard. Keeping on going when life is tough can be quite difficult.

While this stone does assist you to persevere, you may like to use it in combination with other crystals that will help you when you are finding it hard to continue.

Some other stones that also help you to carry on when you'd rather not, includes Pollucite, Picasso Marble, Gold Sheen Obsidian and Labradorite.

Its easy when you feel anger to let it take over, but fortunately using Chabazite is helpful to assist you to release anger you might be feeling about events over which you have no control.

If this is the situation you have found yourself in, you might like to also use it with some other stones that can help you to let go of anger, including Black Jade,  Howlite, Plancheite or Agrellite.

These are lovely stones to help you feel more relaxed and calm during meditation.

There are quite a few other very helpful stones that can help you to enter a deeper meditative state.

Specific stones that you might also choose to use in meditation includes Stilbite, which helps to stop those voices in your head, as well as Magnesite, Green Prehnite  or Mt Hay Thundereggs.

If you have been fighting addictions and would like to be able to let go of an addiction to any substances that you would prefer not to feel dependent on, it could be beneficial to combine this crystals with other stones that aid addiction.

This includes stones such as Dravite Brown Tourmaline, Amethyst, Unakite or Staurolite.

There are a number of other strong grounding stones that you may choose to use with this crystal, including some well known stones such as Black Tourmaline, Black Spinel, Apache Tears and Black Onyx.

More Pictures Of Chabazite


Combine It With Other Zeolites

This stone is a type of zeolite mineral and all of these stones have a similar action to assist you. So it may be beneficial to combine any of the zeolites with each other.

There are a large number of Zeolites, and although not all of the family has been written about as yet you might like to read about the ones below as they work well in combination with these stones.

Some of the more well known zeolites that you may choose to use combined with it includes Natrolite, Scolecite, Cavansite or Heulandite.


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