Boli Stone...

Embodies A High Vibration That Connects To The Divine Feminine

Boli StoneBoli Stone

Boli Stone has a high level of crystal energy that may help to create a major shift in your consciousness, through its action to bring spiritual light into your being.

These crystals are little powerhouses of energy that are lovely to use to stimulate your spiritual growth.

They are wonderful stones to use in your daily meditation as they make a strong connection with the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Highly supportive crystals for women to use, they help you to embrace your inner goddess and encourage you to experience your own inner beauty and strength.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Boli Stone

These high vibration stones are reported to be the same type of Calcite that is also known as Isis Calcite, also found in desert regions.

The color of these stones ranges from bright white, clear, gray or brown, and may have rainbows in them.

They are a type of rounded glassy stone, said to be a type of Calcite crystal, and are found alongside another high vibration stone that is known as Sacred Light stones.

They are found in the Rub al Khali Desert in Arabia which is the biggest desert in the world and spans a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

This is the desolate desert explored by Bertram Thomas and the famous Lawrence Of Arabia.

They have a lovely energy and I have also noticed that this stone contains a rainbow, so it embodies the energy of Rainbow Calcite as well.

Why Would You Use It? How Will It Help You?

Exquisite Crystals

Put them to use in your daily meditation as they may enhance your intuitive gifts through their vibration within the higher chakras.

Their vibration can be felt within the higher chakras particularly at the third eye.

By accessing the Divine Feminine you may soothe and heal your emotions and let go of stress.

Combining It With Other Stones

Sacred Light StoneSacred Light Stone

They are found alongside Sacred Light stones, so you may choose to use them both together to create a major shift in your consciousness.

To accentuate your connection with the Divine Feminine, you may choose to use these with other stones that embody an energy this energy.

Stones such as the lovely Rainbow Moonstone, Seraphinite, Aquamarine, Larimar, Morganite, Lemurian Jade or Cuprite are also stones that make a connection with the Goddess.

Lemurian JadeLemurian Jade

More Pictures Of Boli Stone

Boli Stone
Boli Stone

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