Peacock Ore or Bornite

Helps You To Clear Clutter

➤ By Liz Oakes

Peacock Ore has a strong positive energy that helps you to be aware that life can be good, regardless of what may be happening day to day.

All of them help to energize you and may spark feelings of happiness.

They are good crystals for clearing clutter as they help you to let go of 'stuff' and also help the release of negative feelings.

They create a greater awareness of what you no longer require in your life.

Also known as Bornite, they are quite beautiful stones that come in a range of iridescent colors.

Peacock OrePeacock Ore

The vibration of these stones may assist you to recognize methods to use to avoid circumstances that may be impeding your way forward.  

They have metaphysical properties that can help you to decide when it is the right time to cut people adrift, as well as objects that you have been unable to let go of. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Where Is It From?  Meaning Of Peacock Ore Bornite

Peacock Ore is also known as Bornite but the nickname 'Peacock Ore' is now the most common name used to describe them.

Also called Peacock Rock their meaning relates to the beautiful peacock birds, that have most attractive, quite stunning colors on their feathers.

So you can see why the meaning of the Peacock Ore name comes from the iridescent shades seen on the feathers of these gorgeous birds.

If you look at the Bornite stones you will see that these members of the mineral kingdom include a range of bright colors in them, just like peacocks.

The meaning of the name Bornite comes from the name of the Austrian mineralogist Ignaz Von Born.

Bornite crystals are closely related to Chalcopyrite and they are copper minerals that are found in copper deposits in the many of the same mines.

They are sedimentary rocks found in copper mines in a number of places. This includes in Austria, Cornwall in England, Australia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan and in the United States in Butte, Montana and Connecticut.

Where Is It From? Meaning Of Peacock Ore Bornite

Although the chemical makeup of Chalcopyrite and Bornite are similar they have a different chemical structure.

So they are not the same stone, even though they may look very similar and are hard to differentiate between.

Peacock Ore has a metallic luster that starts out as a brown or copper-red colour but as it tarnishes it changes color.

The result is a range of quite beautiful colors, including gorgeous bright purples, blues, pinks, red, gold and copper red stones.

Peacock OrePeacock Ore

Some people say that the bright colors disappear as it tarnishes but I haven't had that happen so am unsure if that is correct.

They are a copper iron sulphide mineral, so be aware of that fact, as raw copper based stones should be used with care.

You might be better to use raw peacock ore stone by placing it nearby or keeping it in a cloth bag in your pocket.

Both the blue and the purple crystals are quite stunning to look at and you may find the bright colors attract you when you are looking to purchase them.

Why Would You Use Peacock Ore?

The crystal properties of these bright stones will help you to be aware, when there are obstructions that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

The energy of these stones will also help you to discover ways to steer clear of those things that may be hampering your progress.

They are beneficial crystals for goal setting with a unique ability to bring new ideas and concepts into your mind.

They may help you to notice when there are things in your life that may be blocking you from achieving your goals.

They are an excellent stone to help you to understand your aims and to peacefully work towards the fulfillment of your objectives.

Peacock Ore

If you have found it hard to let go of some 'things' that you no longer need, the energy of these crystals will assist you to give them up.

They will help you to more easily release objects and people that you have been holding onto.

By helping you to be more aware of what is no longer necessary to have in your life, this can free you of unneeded objects that you are no longer using.

They are also good psychic protection stones that will help to block entities that might be causing you to feel depressed or miserable.

Their energy helps to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness, and assists you to realize that life can be good regardless of what is happening.

How Will Peacock Ore Help You? 

Peacock ore are quite beautiful crystals that assist you to release negative energy and may also enhance the growth of positive energy.

They are strong crystals that help to prevent negative thinking by enhancing clearer thinking, so you have clarity about issues that concern you.

This may help you to feel more hopeful and may in turn aid you to gain a better understanding of life problems that cause you to feel pessimistic.

If feel that its difficult to organize yourself on a daily basis, you might benefit from having a piece nearby.

These stones have a strong energy to help you to feel more organized, and may help you to get rid of clutter if you are surrounded by too much stuff.

Using these crystals to declutter and organize your life might be helpful if this is the case.

When your living or working space is cluttered and filled with items that you don't need or even want anymore, this may be a sign that you need to be more organized.

Peacock OrePeacock Ore

Their energy helps to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness, and boosts positive energy so may increase positive feelings!

They are beneficial crystals to boost the growth of new friendships and may encourage joy through their action to channel happiness throughout your entire being.

These beautiful stones have a good action within a number of chakras and they are strong third eye chakra stones.

Their third eye energy may boost psychic abilities and intuition and they are an excellent crown chakra stone and the base chakra stone.

Their crown chakra energy may boost clarity in your thinking and may help to stimulate the growth of new ideas and positive emotions.

Peacock OrePeacock Ore

As always, the best way to utilize their unique vibration is to make them part of your spiritual practices and use them on a regular basis in meditation.

An additional benefit may be that you feel calmer and more peaceful, as they are powerful benefits to doing regular meditation.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties Of Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore is an excellent healing stone to use to support crystal healing. They are said to be one of the strongest healing stones to use to aid the physical body.

The healing properties of crystals like these for physical healing primarily relates to the area of the stomach and the surrounding area.

In particular they have a good action to aid the digestion and are purported to be beneficial to use to stimulate the energy centers.

Peacock Ore

They are said to enhance blood circulation, lessen energy blockages, boost physical energy and assist the body to create adrenaline.

They are known to be helpful for pregnant women and may help to pick up your energy when you are feeling low.

They are desirable crystals for anxiety as they may help you to examine your life to see what you could change to improve how you feel and recover from your anxiety.

My Final Thoughts: Who Should Use It?

Their vibration helps you to have a realization that life can be good regardless of what is happening.

They are a strong stone of creativity that stimulates both the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

These crystals for creativity work to stimulate the entire auric field and may trigger a creative spark that may helps to boost the entire creative process.

Peacock OrePeacock Ore

In summary: This may help you to work out the most beneficial way forward to achieve your goals.

This is a strong stone of joy, happiness and contentment that may encourage new beginnings.

They help you to find a positive direction to progress and to find ways to circumvent situations that may be impeding your way forward.

They are helpful crystals to assist grief and loss and may help to ease trauma after the loss of a loved one.

Best Crystals To Use With Peacock Ore

What are the best crystals to pair with Peacock Ore or Bornite?

As they are a stone of happiness with an excellent energy to stimulate feelings of joy and good spirits, they will work well in combination with other crystals that stimulate happiness.

This includes using them with with Sardonyx, Blue Euclase, Citrine or Chrysoprase to bring a greater level of happiness into your life.

These stones have a good energy to help you to release negativity and will also help to increase the growth of positive energy.

It can be hard to be alert to the fact that you are thinking negatively, but if you feel you might be, it may benefit you to use this crystal.

Also combining it with other crystals that help you to let go of negative feelings may be helpful. This includes Orange Calcite, Ruby Zoisite, Snowflake Obsidian Malachite, Ruby and Green Tourmaline.

These beautiful stones have a good energy to help you to clear unwanted stuff, commonly known as clutter.

You may find that it is helpful to pair them with other stones that have a good energy to help to remove clutter including Kornerupine, Fluorite, Tiffany Stone and Melikaria.

If you have been using this stone to assist you to set goals, then it may benefit you to use it with other stones that aid goal setting.

Specific stones that could help with this includes Treasure Agate, Ruby, Malachite and Brucite.

To boost their energy within the crown chakra, you might like to combine them with other crystals known to stimulate this area.

There are a good number of crown chakra stones you might choose including Galaxyite, Elestial Citrine, Chevron Amethyst or Hyalite Opal.

More Pictures Of Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore

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Peacock ore clears barriers to achieving goalsPeacock ore clears barriers to achieving goals

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