Helps Emotional Healing & Clearing Clutter

➤ By Liz Oakes

Kornerupine has a strong vibration to aid emotional healing and is especially beneficial to help you to understand the circumstances of your life.

They help you to be more organized with the possessions you have, and may be helpful if you are a hoarder, to encourage you to get rid of unwanted stuff.

They may benefit you through their action to assist you to clear out unneeded or unwanted possessions commonly called clutter.

These crystals have a good energy to encourage self love and resonate within the heart chakra as well as the throat chakra.


Their vibration is very helpful to assist those who have a severe illness and are facing the possibility of passing over to Spirit.

They have an energy that helps you to see that life is precious and may assist you to recognize the sacredness of life as your allotted span starts to come to an end.

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How Will Kornerupine Help You?

Kornerupine are helpful heart chakra stones that are quite advantageous to use by positioning them on the body in the chest area for aiding healing.

They resonate within both the heart chakra and the throat chakra and it is beneficial to place them on the body for healing. They resonate strongly within these areas and enhance the flow of energy there.

They occur in a range of colors, with the deep green stone in particular having a strong loving heart based energy.


They are excellent crystals for self love that are known to be specifically helpful to assist anyone who is distressed and is contemplating self harm. 

Often this is because you do not have sufficient regard for who you really are.

They are good crystals for emotional healing that will help you to live in the moment and their vibration can aid you to release despair about issues that worry you.

These lovely stones have a strong heart based energy that is powerful to help you to find a new partner and they also have a strong action to enhance personal relationships.

They are said to be particularly helpful if you are feeling that you will never find the right person and feel very down-hearted about it.

Why Would You Use Kornerupine?

Kornerupine helps you to see that life is precious and aids you to recognize the sacredness of life whatever is happening at the time. 

Its energy may assist you if you have a serious illness and you fear the transition to the spirit world.

They help you to be aware that death may be inevitable, so could be approached by releasing the fear of death and allowing peace of mind.

They help you to stop looking back at what might have been, and instead move forward into the future with no regrets about 'might have beens'.


Their vibration is known to be helpful if you are undergoing a mid-life crisis and  are reproaching yourself about what you did not do in the past.

They are also known to assist the release of bad habits that are stopping you from living the life you desire.

Their energy can assist your thinking to be more organized and may help you if you have too much unneeded stuff, or clutter, that you need to clear out.

They are good crystals to declutter and organize your space and may be helpful if you have hoarded too much stuff and need to let it go.

Clutter can also be of an emotional nature and often relates to negative thinking and ideas that you are holding onto as well and need to release.

Kornerupine helps you to live in the now and to let go of things and ideas that you have been holding onto that you no longer require any more.

How To Use It? Healing Properties

Kornerupine are excellent healing crystals with some quite beneficial healing properties, including a good action as crystals to help stress and tension.

If you are going through a time of severe illness, and you fear the transition to the spirit world, this crystal has stone properties that may aid you.

It is a good healing stone that aids emotional healing as well as helping you to look at the circumstances of your current life differently.

If you are bedridden, you might find that placing a piece of this stone nearby on the bedside may help to release tension and aid you to feel calmer.

Blue KornerupineBlue Kornerupine

Their healing benefits include helping to restore you mentally when you are suffering from emotional issues that are causing you to have disordered thinking.

If you are suffering from a health complaint where you feel discouraged and your thinking is muddled and you feel demoralized and are contemplating self harm, their energy may help to lift your spirits.

They are said to enhance your physical health and by helping to bring your body back to its normal health state may encourage you to feel better about life generally.

They are known to assist disorders of the connective tissues, and are said to help infections of the blood such as blood poisoning and may aid those issues related to bites of insects or other vermin.

Where Is It From? Kornerupine Meaning

The meaning of the name Kornerupine comes from the name of the Danish mineralogist Andreas Kornerup who discovered it. Kornerup found it in Greenland in 1884.

It was first found in Fiskenaesset, located in Nuuk in Greenland, which is the same general area that both Nuummite and Isua Stone are found.

Since the first Kornerupine stones were found, it has also been unearthed in a number of other places.

This includes in Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Burma, Brazil, Canada and the Harts Range in NT Australia, where lots of gorgeous Aussie crystals come from.


In the past, the only colors of this crystal that had been found were green, greenish brown, brown or black colored stones and just occasionally pieces that were clear, pink or yellow. 

This is a metamorphic mineral with a borosilicate makeup, containing magnesium and iron. 

It is a pleochroic crystal so in some cases its color may seem different when looked at from a different standpoint or direction.

They are often semi-transparent stones, especially the blue or lavender stones and they are known to sometimes form as rod-like prismatic crystals. 

Final Thoughts: New Kornerupine Deposits Found

New deposits of gemstone quality Kornerupine crystals were discovered recently in Madagascar and Tanzania.

The color of the stones in the new deposits are a mix of blue, blue-green and lavender purple shades, which are quite lovely. I managed to get some of the stones from this new deposit which you can see pictured.

The new higher quality stones are being snapped up by the jewelry trade and are known to be quite valuable to make beautiful jewelry.

Two Colors Of KornerupineTwo Colors Of Kornerupine

They are also available as lower quality stones that can be used for healing, and both the blue crystals and the lavender-blue colors are quite interesting as you will notice in my pictures.

Pieces of the stones that are the bluish lavender shade are smaller so take this into consideration when buying them. 

Use the bluish stones at the throat chakra to release worry or sorrow about situations happening in your life. 

Best Crystals To Use With Kornerupine

What are the best crystals to combine with Kornerupine?

As they are excellent crystals to clear clutter and can aid you to be more organized, you might find it helpful to combine them with other stones that also help you to be more organized.

Specific stones that assist you to be more organized includes Poppy Jasper, Fluorite, Ruby in Kyanite and Lapis Lazuli.

These crystals have an excellent energy to assist emotional healing. While they work well on their own, by pairing them with other stones that boost the healing of your emotions you might find this helpful.

Specific crystals that can combine well with them includes Lake Superior Agate, Blue Hemimorphite, Chrysocolla and Uvarovite Garnet.

Kornerupine are helpful heart chakra crystals that have a good action that is known to help to stimulate feelings of self love and to improve your self esteem.

If you feel that you'd like to enhance how you feel about yourself, use them with other crystals that encourage self love such as Kunzite, Morganite, Garnierite or Strawberry Quartz.

As mentioned above, these stones were first found in Greenland and using them with other stones from this area may be beneficial.

Stones found in the same area include Nuummite, Isua Stone, Aegirine and Tugtupite, and all of these may be beneficial when combined with Kornerupine. 

More Pictures Of These Stones

KornerupineLavender Blue Kornerupine
Green KornerupineGreen Kornerupine

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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