Polychrome Jasper

Boosts Good Fortune, Happiness & Joy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Polychrome Jasper are said to bring good fortune or luck to your life, and have a lovely happy joyous energy.

They are known as 'The Supreme Nurturer' as when you use them their nurturing vibration brings an improvement to how you feel.

They may enhance feelings of child-like innocence, happiness and joy when you use them.

They are an excellent healing stone with a strong energy to help the health of the physical body, and they are good stones to aid stress and anxiety.

Polychrome JasperPolychrome Jasper

These beautiful stones have a supportive energy that moves down through the base and earth chakras to aid grounding and the release of negativity.

They were only discovered recently so you may not have seen them before. Don't you just love their bright beautiful colors and happy vibration! 

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Interesting Fact: All types of jasper have an energy that works more slowly than many other crystals. 

So it is beneficial to keep a piece of this rare stone on you or near you for a while, for best long term results.

Where Is It From? Polychrome Jasper Meaning

You may also see these stones selling under other names with the nickname Desert Jasper or Royal Savannah Jasper often being used.

The meaning of the word 'polychrome' relates to having or exhibiting many or various colors and this definitely fits these stones.

This beautiful stone is an impure variety of silica that comes in a range of quite bright colors.

These gorgeous crystals were a colorful new discovery having the deep brown colors you see in Picture Jaspers along with other brighter colors.

Polychrome JasperPolychrome Jasper

These stones are a form of chalcedony that usually have a variety of colors, with green and red being predominant, with polychrome jasper’s rich brown coloration also being common.

Many of these stones have interesting patterns and the distinctive bands of jasper including stripes, swirls or a circular pattern.

The name Desert Jasper relates to the colors of Mother Earth such as ochre, tan and dark reddish brown.

They may be found in arid regions in brown banded iron formation rock.

Most are a multicolored jasper with warm red-brown or brick red colors being common. Many pieces are a mixture of yellow, red and green jasper and are quite beautiful.

These red brown colors may occur in combination with colors such as Turquoise color blue, earthy green, white, cream or ochre, basically in shades associated with the earth palette of colors.

While blue Polychrome Jasper is less common, you may notice the blue coloration in some of the images shown, although this blue isn't the usual Turquoise color but a more gray blue.

Where Is It From? Polychrome Jasper Mineral Make Up

Polychrome Jasper was only discovered in 2006 and was found in a quite small area of the desert in Madagascar.

This was why it was first called Desert Jasper and many of the first stones that were unearthed were the browns and reddish brown colors of the desert.

Also called by the name of Royal Savannah Jasper, they are a rare mineral that was a new find by miners who were looking for new deposits of the famous Ocean Jasper.

Royal Savannah Jasper aka Polychrome JasperRoyal Savannah Jasper aka Polychrome Jasper

Following the first discovery, additional deposits were also uncovered in separate mines in close proximity to the first discovery. This has allowed more of this stone to become available.

I have read that apparently these stones are found as really large boulders, which are broken down and tumbled to create a smooth surface before sale.

They are type of opaque jasper and are a sedimentary stone with their mineral makeup being primarily silicon dioxide with iron to create the brownish shades.

So they could be said to a type of quartz crystal with various other minerals that create the bright colors in Polychrome Jasper stone.

Many types of unnamed jasper were found in the same geographical area in the early days of Christianity, but are unlikely to have been this exact stone.

Jaspers were also used by the ancient Egyptians when healers became aware that jaspers had excellent healing properties. 

Said to be the rarest jasper after Ocean Jasper, this particular type of jasper can still be obtained from specialist crystal suppliers.

Beautiful Polychrome Jasper palm stones and tumble stones are readily available.

How Will Desert Jasper Help You?

This beautiful multicolored jasper has a powerful energy that resonates powerfully with the earth power coming from the lower chakras.

It is strongly associated with the fire element, and the primary chakras where the energy of Desert Jasper resonates are the base or root chakra and the earth star chakra.

The base chakra is the lowest chakra in the physical body and the earth chakra is located below the feet within planet earth.

The energy of these stones makes a good connection down to the energy of earth and mother nature from the base or root chakra.

Desert JasperDesert Jasper

It connects you down to the earth star chakra where it aids grounding, then brings the powerful nurturing energy of Mother Gaia up into your body to aid healing.

They are powerful tools that embody the element of fire, and can be used to boost your life force.

They enhance the cycle of life by the movement of energy from the earth into the body, and assist the release of negative energies from the body.

Red is the most well known color for the root chakra so crystals with red in them will be highly effective in the base chakra area.

Polychrome Jasper Properties: Why Would You Use It?

This beautiful bright crystal is an amazing stone with a happy energy that boosts physical vitality and brings positive changes to your life.

They are known to be a magical crystal that helps to construct a magical web of protection around you.

This brings powerful protective spiritual supports into play, shielding your personal aura and energy channels from negative energy.

Polychrome JasperPolychrome Jasper

They are a stone of protection that may be used in meditation for astral travel and to make a strong Spiritual connection.

These brightly colored crystals may also help to balance and align the chakras and they bring good luck and enhance good fortune.

Their energy helps to boost your imagination so they are the perfect stone to assist you to find a new path forward.

They are powerful crystals for creativity that have a beneficial action as a strong stone of courage and determination.

Their vibration benefits new relationships, and they are a great stone when you have a new romance that you wish to succeed.

Polychrome Jasper The Supreme Nurturer: Healing Properties

Polychrome Jasper is easy to buy, and has a number of excellent healing properties.

These stones are known as the Supreme Nurturer and crystal healers have recognized that their energy is a new way to assist your physical body.

They are purported to be beneficial crystals for emotional healing as well as boosting your stamina and improving your physical energy.

They are said to have a strong action to nurture your body and may help allergy and assist the health of the immune system.

Polychrome JaspePolychrome Jasper

They are known to help problems within the physical body, and are said to heal the organs of the stomach, aid irritable bowel syndrome and help the liver and gallbladder.

The healing properties of crystals like these relates to their energy to help improve how you feel and may help you during times of stress and anxiety.

They are known to be a good stone to assist many aspects of your life, and may be particularly helpful when you are worried or tense. 

Polychrome Jasper

Red Jaspers were in use for aiding women to heal as far back as Ancient Egypt when the ancient Egyptians associated it with the menstrual blood of the Goddess Isis.

All type of red jaspers are known to be helpful for healing problems within the procreative area of the body, so red Polychrome Jasper is a potent healing stone.

The healing energies of the red stones is known to be similar to Red Jasper and both are known to be beneficial for pregnant women.

When used for crystal healing, they are known to help the growth of the fetus and are said to assist the baby to be strong and robust.

How To Use It? Wearing Polychrome Jasper

Wearing Polychrome Jasper on your body may help you in a number of ways. In common with other types of Jasper it can take some time to work.

So for best results, have them within your auric field to allow their energy to work more quickly.

Alternatively keep them in the area where you spend the most time as having them in close proximity may aid their energy to benefit you more quickly. 

Polychrome JaspePolychrome Jaspe

The major metaphysical properties of these stones relate to the way they improve how you feel and their action to boost your physical energy.

They are a great stone to bring increased joy, happiness and spontaneous enjoyment of innocent pleasures.

As Polychrome Jasper jewelry is not common, you may prefer to keep them on your body by using a macrame crystal holder.

Macrame crystal holders are easy to buy and if you buy the type with a sliding bead on top the stones you use can be changed easily. 

My Final Thoughts

Keep a piece close to you to bring inner balance, stability and a sense of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Their vibration can trigger good luck and encourage greater enjoyment of life and an increase of high spirits and delight in the small things in life.

Polychrome JasperPolychrome Jasper

They are strong fire element stones that embody an energy of action that primarily relates to their vibration within the lower chakras.

They may help to stimulate feelings that take you back to the innocence of childhood and the natural wide-eyed simplistic nature you were born with.

Best Crystals To Use With Polychrome Jasper

What are the best crystals to combine with Polychrome Jasper?

These crystals have a lovely energy to stimulate positive feelings in your life and by using them with other stones that increase happiness and joy, your life may be improved.

If you feel you could benefit by an increase of happiness, combine them stones such as Cobaltian Calcite, Green Tourmaline, Crazy Lace Agate or Citrine.

These are good crystals to increase the level of wealth and abundance you may be attracting into your life.

To boost this even more there are some quite effective stones you may combine with them for this purpose, including Green Aventurine, Citrine Crystals, Brazilianite, Golden Rutilated Quartz or Green Calcite.

These lovely crystals have a good action to assist you when you are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious. 

Other stones than also help stress may be used in combination with them if you need extra help for your stress.

Some stones to also use that may help are Lilac Lepidolite, Red Spinel, Glendonite or Orange Calcite, that are all excellent stress relief crystals.

While this stone is helpful if you suffer with allergies there are also some other crystals that can assist you to deal with allergies, not a lot but there are a few.

Some of the other stones that aid allergic conditions include Black Tourmaline, Spessartine Garnet, Shungite, Hyalite Opal.

Are you working on boosting the level of creativity you are currently experiencing?

If you need extra help to increase your creative gifts there are a large number of stones that may help you, and that can be combined with these crystals.

Specific stones you might like to use includes Golden Rutilated Quartz, Serandite, Euclase, Golden Yellow Tourmaline  or Sunstone.

Check out the in-depth article on crystals for creativity to learn more.

More Pictures Of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper
Polychrome Jasper Meaning Properties And PowersPolychrome Jasper Meaning Properties And Powers

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