Blue Muscovite

Written By Liz Oakes

Aids Problem Solving, Receive Answers In The Moment...

Written By Liz Oakes

Blue Muscovite has an energy that is useful to help you to decide what action to take about both important and commonplace daily activities.

While finding answers to the small daily issues that arise may seem rather unremarkable, it helps you to connect with Divine guidance in the moment, to instantly get enlightened guidance.

Blue Muscovite

It has an action to assist you to make decisions related to that moment in time, meaning that it helps you to come to the right conclusion right now!

The blue variety has a number of other beneficial crystal properties that I find very helpful, which is why I have a large chunk on my desk to help me on a daily basis.

Where Is It From? Blue Muscovite Meaning

Blue Muscovite comes from Western Australia, and was only discovered fairly recently. It is also known as Lithian Muscovite.

The experts who tested it said that there is not sufficient LiO2 for it to be Lepidolite, and that the color blue is caused by the prevalence of Mn relative to Fe.

It also goes by the  common name Australian Lapis, although there is no relationship to Lapis other than its color.

It is the stone that is also being called Blue Lepidolite, but the name is incorrect as the stone was tested and it was found that it was not Lepidolite.

Although the name Blue Lepidolite is incorrect you can use this name to find pieces of this stone selling in some places, such as at Ebay, see link below.

Why Would You Use Blue Muscovite? How Will It Help You?

The blue variety of Muscovite may help you to decide what to do on a daily basis. This can make a major difference as it can challenge your thinking.

It will aid you to realize that some rather ordinary things can make major changes to your life path. It also stimulates mental telepathy, enhances your intuition, ESP and aids psychic visions.

Blue MuscoviteBlue Muscovite

Like all colors of Muscovite, it activates your problem solving abilities. It may also galvanize your mind and help to bring through solutions that in many instances are quite surprising.

It triggers the higher functions of the brain and stimulates the third eye. This helps to enhance psychic visions or clairvoyant ability as well as other psychic gifts.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." Robin Williams.

Blue MuscoviteMy large Blue Muscovite that sits on my desk

Combining It With Other Stones

There are a number of other excellent stones that stimulate the third eye that you may choose to use with this stone. There are so many beautiful stones that will stimulate this area, and I have included just a few here.

Third eye stones that you might choose to combine with Blue Muscovite includes Blue Barite, Diaspore, Cookeite, Elestial Quartz, Purple Scapolite, Heliodor, Snowflake Obsidian, Howlite and Blue Sapphire.

If you think you would like to develop your telepathic gifts, use any of the stones that known to help to boost this gift.

Some of the stones that stimulate mental telepathy includes Natrolite, Apophyllite, Labradorite and Afghanite.

All of us are intuitive, some more than others and it can be boosted by using this crystal. This is a quite useful ability that can be of great value if you follow your intuition!

To enhance your intuitive gifts, use some of the other stones that stimulate this ability in combination with Blue Muscovite, such as Stilbite, Green Apatite, Albite or Bustamite.

Green ApatiteGreen Apatite

If you do regular meditation you may have found that you already see psychic visions at that time.

Enhancing your clairvoyant abilities can be beneficial and can be boosted by using this stone along with Magnesite, Iolite, Beryllonite or Heliodor.

More Pictures Of Blue Muscovite

Blue and White MuscoviteBlue and White Muscovite aka Blue Lepidolite
Blue MuscoviteBlue Muscovite

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