Aids Decision Making & Relieves Stress

➤ By Liz Oakes

Kurnakovite is a fairly rare stone with a very helpful energy that can assist you to release anxiety and stress.

Its energy aids you to manage your money better and may encourage you to discover new and better ways to do this. 

It has helpful metaphysical properties that aid decision making, and helps you to ask the right questions to help you.


It may be particularly beneficial if you have trouble making up your mind because of lack of confidence in yourself and your decisions.

It has powers that aid you to discover things you may have hidden from yourself. In some cases this can relate to past life issues brought forward into this life.

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use to help you to face the truth, even when it may be uncomfortable.

They have helpful properties that may enhance your ability to let go of past issues and move on, and are good healing stones that help to release toxins from the physical body.

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Why Would You Use It? Who Should Use It?

These crystals are known to merge the energy of the solar plexus chakra with that of the crown chakra.

Use it in meditation to align your chakras with your subtle bodies.

Hold your stone while placing your attention at your crown chakra and allowing the energy to adjust, reposition and balance the flow of your energy.

This realignment may help to boost insight and understanding of concepts while also expanding discernment and common sense.

Their energy also creates a good connection down into the earth star chakra.

It has a lovely soothing vibration that you can use to help to relieve any feelings of stress or anxiety you may be feeling.


You may find that its energy is advantageous to use in meditation to help past life explorations.

It is a crystal to assist decision making, especially if you are prone to feeling high levels of fear about possibly making a mistake.

It may be especially useful if you need help to make up your mind about a new direction that you may be thinking of taking your life.

How To Use It: Healing Properties

This crystal is an excellent cleanser and this is on many levels.

On the spiritual level it is quite powerful to assist you gain understanding of things you haven't allowed yourself to be aware of.

Once you are aware of hidden truths in your life you can let them go. Their energy helps to create cleansing on both an emotional and spiritual level. 

Natural KurnakoviteNatural Kurnakovite

Kurnakovite is also said to assist with elimination of fatty deposits in the arteries and the may help the body to regulate your cholesterol levels.

It has good healing properties but use it with care. It has a good role to help to cleanse toxins from the physical body. 

Use this crystal sparingly if you wish to do this, as it has quite a quite strong action.

Note: It has been known to cause stress on the liver and kidneys, so use for short periods until you adapt to its energy.

 Past Life Investigation: How Will It Help You?

These crystals have an excellent vibration to assist past life investigation as they may assist you to discover past life issues related to your current life. 

In many cases you may already have an awareness of these lives and just need to research them and discover more information that problems in your life relating to the past can be resolved.

You can utilize it to help you shed light on issues you may have been hiding, even from yourself.

This includes an innate awareness of situations from a previous life that may be currently affecting you. 


It has beneficial metaphysical properties that boost courage and wisdom and stimulate the confidence to step forward bravely, but knowing the right time to do this. 

Kurnakovite helps to feel more calm when you are stressed about an important decision that you are having trouble making your mind up about.

It has a good energy for you to know what questions to ask about a situation you are having trouble making a decision about, which may lead you to make a better choice.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Kurnakovite

This mineral was first found in Kazakhstan, and was named for a Russian mineralogist and chemist called Nikolai S Kurnakov.

This mineral is found in borate deposits, in places such as Kazakhstan, mentioned above, as well as in Argentina, Tibet, Turkey and California in the United States.

This stone is a member of the Inderite group of minerals, and is a hydrated borate of magnesium. 

It has a triclinic structure and commonly forms as prismatic crystals, which can be quite beautiful to look at.

It habitually occurs as either transparent or translucent quite clear or colorless crystals, or as white or yellowish white stone, as well as some uncommon greyish lilac colored stone. 

 My Final Thoughts

This is a rare crystal but you can buy it at good crystal suppliers.

It has a good energy within the solar plexus and when used there it may help you to manage your money better, and may assist you to discover ways to economize if required. 

They are beneficial crystals to help stress or anxiety and is useful when you are dealing with a need to face the truth about something occurring in your life, so you can deal with it better.


In summary: these crystals are excellent to make a connection between the crown chakra and solar plexus chakra and will help to align the chakras as the energy moves through the body

Use it to regulate and balance the flow of energy from your crown chakra, down through the body to the solar plexus.

The energy will then move down to the earth chakra to connect with Mother Gaia.

It has a strong energy so use it sparingly at first until your system adapts to it.

Best Crystals To Use With Kurnakovite

What are the best crystals to use with Kurnakovite?

These crystals are very helpful to help you to relieve stress and anxiety.

If you need extra help to relieve your stress you may choose to use it with other stones that have a good energy to ease stress.

Some other stones that have a helpful energy that can be used to relieve stress, includes Morado Opal also called Violet Flame Opal, Picasso Marble, Amazonite and Mangano Calcite.

This is a beneficial stone to use to help your decision making ability.

But if its not working as well as you'd like, there are quite a few other stones that will help you to resolve the situation.

Other stones that can assist with decision making includes Tantalite, Blue Topaz, Ethiopian Opal or Herderite.

Although some of these are less common, if you have them try using them together.

These stones have a good energy to help you to discover information related to past lives, you may have lived, and their relationship to issues you may be currently experiencing.

There are a number of other stones that you may choose to combine with them to encourage the resolution of past life issues.

Other stones that are known to aid you when working with past life situations including Ancestralite, Menalite, Dioptase or Kernite.


This stone has a good action within the crown chakra and may be combined with other strong crown chakra stones.

If you have been working with this stone to help your spiritual growth and to create a better connection to Spirit, you may choose to also use it with other crown chakra stones.

Some of the most effective stones to use to stimulates this chakra includes Afghanite, Tanzanite, Libyan Desert Glass, Herderite and Apophyllite.

All of these are strong high vibration crystals.

More Pictures Of Kurnakovite


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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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