Lepidocrocite In Quartz

Calms ADHD & Hyperactivity

➤ By Liz Oakes

Lepidocrocite has a soothing vibration, that calms ADHD and hyperactivity. 

It's energy surrounds you in a bubble of high vibration golden light that is a barrier against negativity. 

This is a mineral that commonly occurs as an inclusion in quartz and it's vibration may be helpful if you are working on healing the inner child. 


Its energy helps you to make contact with angels and spirit guides when you use it in meditation. 

Its metaphysical properties may align you with Divine will as it aids you to release fear.   

It has a beautiful vibration that works strongly within the thymus or higher heart chakra, to encourage you to open your heart to Divine love.  

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Who Should Use It? Lepidocrocite Deepens Intuition

Lepidocrocite has a comforting energy, that will help ADHD and hyperactivity, bipolar and other similar disorders, 

It resonates strongly within the higher heart or thymus chakra, and may heal romantic relationships through its loving energy.

This is a powerful stone to help you to open your heart to Divine love, and it is an excellent stone for emotional healing.


Its high-vibration is lovely used in meditation, as it is known to create golden white light that is protection from negativity.

It has spiritual qualities that assist you to contact the source of all that is and to align with Divine will, as you let go of fear.

Lepidocrocite has a powerful energy that brings all aspects of your etheric body into alignment.

It will aid you to develop your intuitive abilities and your instinct, and aid you to open up your telepathic abilities.

It allows you to be able to contact the Divine mind directly.

This may aid you to bring spiritual insights into your day to day life, and aid you to deal with emotional problems. 

Lepidocrocite QuartzLepidocrocite Quartz

It is a beautiful heart chakra and thymus or higher heart chakra stone. When found within quartz has the additional property of a powerful amplifying effect of its vibration.  

Although it works primarily within these two chakras, Lepidocrocite stimulates and aligns all of the chakras and deepens your intuition.

Healing Properties? Helps ADHD

There are a number of ways that it will help you including:

  • It is a strong stone for calming both hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.
  • It is also said to aid those with bipolar and other similar disorders.
  • It strengthens the blood and it has a strong healing action within the area of the heart chakra.
LepidocrociteLepidocrocite in Quartz Crystal

Its energy has a strong action when used with other healing stones. 

  • It is said to heal the heart and lungs and will aid in oxygenating the cells.
  • It is known to have an active influence to heal the liver and the reproductive area, and helps prevent hormonal shifts. 
  • It will also assist you to heal any holes in your aura caused by drug or alcohol abuse. 
  • It may also help you if you suffer from depression. 

It is particularly helpful for women who suffer from premenstrual depression, as it is known to stabilize your feelings and allow you to feel calmer and less out of control.

It is said to help to dissolve tumors and to encourage cellular regeneration. 

The action of this stone is powerful to help you to work through feelings of grief, or if you are suffering from depression. 

Wearing Lepidocrocite: How Will It Help You?

Wearing Lepidocrocite is beneficial and while jewelry made from this stone is not common you can get pieces such as bead bracelets. 

This crystal kindles love and harmony within the etheric body, and has a strong healing action within the emotional body. 

Its vibration is known to aid you to recognize your strengths and to watch the things that happen in your life without needing to judge the issues.

Lepidocrocite BraceletLepidocrocite Bead Bracelet

It is an excellent stone for emotional healing, and may heal romantic relationships through its loving energy. 

This strong psychic protection stone deepens intuition, and will also assist you to heal any holes in the aura caused by drug or alcohol abuse in the past.

Reiki practitioners may find it beneficial to wear it or use it with clients, as it may transfer the energy to the place in the body where it is most needed.

It helps other stones to work better, so is beneficial to use in combination with most stones.

How To Use Lepidocrocite Crystals

This strong psychic protection stone deepens intuition, and helps you to contact your guides. 

If you have been a person who always needs to control what happens in your life, using this stone may allow you to 'Let Go and Let God'.

Lepidocrocite in Quartz is a strong meditation stone, as it will benefit you by enhancing your ability to make contact with members of the angelic kingdom or your guides.  


If you have not previously made contact with your guides this stone will aid you to find your spirit guide, and start to connect with the angels.

Combine the beautiful Pink Petalite with it, as this combined vibration is powerful to aid you to contact your guardian angels and other spirit guides

The frequency of this stone allows you to release the things that you have within you that create the need to manifest disease. So this is a strong stone for healers to use.

Why Would You Use It? Blocked Thoughts And Feelings

Lepidocrocite is also a strong stone to use to heal your inner child.

If you may have been unable to deal with old childhood and past life memories, you may need inner child healing. 

This stone it may help you to bring the old issues into your conscious mind, so that you can deal with them.

It aids you to release any trauma that you may have stored, related to these inner child issues.


It helps you to accept both your own deep feelings and those of your partner. 

Working within the higher heart chakra, the vibration of this crystal aids you to forgive each other. 

This may aid you to resolve the issues that you may have been dealing with.

It helps you to look to the future, and to ask for and accept guidance from the Great Divine Spirit, so that you may take the right actions in your future life.

Many of you create problems for yourself by your feelings about things you have done in the past to others, that you have had difficulty forgiving yourself for.

These blocked thoughts and feelings can be gently released, once you embrace the vibration of the potent energy of this stone.

LepidocrociteLepidocrocite in Amethyst

Lepidocrocite is a powerful stone to heal romantic relationships. 

Its strong vibration aids you to open your heart to each other and communicate your heart-felt feelings.

Where Is It From? Lepidocrocite Meaning

The meaning of the name of this stone comes from Greek words, which mean scale, thread or fiber.

These stones are primarily found in Madagascar, but it may also come from Spain, India or Australia. 

This mineral often occurs as an inclusion within quartz crystals, and you can see it in photos here combined with Amethyst.  

It has a strong vibration that makes it a valuable ally to use. Stones from Brazil may be called Kokoshanite, and it is sometimes sold as Red Fire Quartz.  

Its color is reddish brown to a darker red, and this may vary, as it depends on what the type of quartz it is included in.

When this mineral is found within Amethyst Crystal its color is commonly more purplish-red, see image below.  

It is one of the minerals in Super Seven or Amethyst Cacoxenite crystals.

Best Crystals To Use With Lepidocrocite

What are the best crystals to combine with Lepidocrocite?

Lepidocrocite carries the frequency of a deep love vibration within it, so it will combine well with any of the higher heart chakra or heart chakra stones. 

Using these together can create amazing metaphysical healing results.

To aid forgiveness in particular, add in either Pink Tugtupite, or the lovely blue-green Dioptase, Green Calcite or Pink Rhodonite, which are all higher heart chakra stones.

Often if you are going through relationship problems, including family breakdown, separation or divorce, the need to communicate clearly and lovingly is required and using it with Rhodonite may be helpful.

If you wish to develop your intuition more fully use it with Vivianite, Wavellite, Prehnite or Iolite.

To aid you to make contact with angels and other high vibration spiritual beings, combine it with Petalite, Elestial Rose Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz or Blue Celestite as this may be helpful.

Rose Quartz is one of the most well known quartz varieties for healing the emotional body.

It is known as an excellent stone to use for crystal healing and this is particularly true when it forms as Elestial Rose Quartz

The combination of these two stones alone is powerful, but the addition of other strong love vibration stones will be beneficial.

You may also use it with Pink Kunzite, Pink Rhodochrosite or Morganite.

These stones may interest Reiki practitioners as they are known to aid the energy flow to go to the right place.  

If you would like to enhance the flow of reiki energy, use this crystal with others that have a beneficial energy to aid reiki practitioners, including with Blue Aragonite, Fenster Quartz, Ascension Stones, Labradorite, Pollucite or Tunellite.

If you are having difficulty handling grief, you may choose to use it with stones such as Diopside, Jeremejevite, Apache Tears, Jet or Aquamarine.


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Lepidocroite aids contact with angels and spirit guidesLepidocroite aids contact with angels and spirit guides
Lepidocrocite in Quartz Meaning Properties and PowersLepidocrocite in Quartz Meaning Properties and Powers

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