High Vibration Ascension Stone 

➤ By Liz Oakes

Brookite has a high vibration that may aid you to contact angels, and you may also find that you meet specific guides or teachers.

This high vibration stone has a powerful effect within the higher chakras and it has a strong action to aid development of your spiritual gifts.

This crystal may help you on your journey to gain a greater awareness of your spiritual path, and may assist you to attract and retain energy.


It has a quite unusual energy that helps to connect you with beings that are waiting to assist you within the higher realms.

This stone may help you to expand your awareness, and it is extremely effective if you are seeking to become conscious of your spirit guides.

This stone may enhance your ability to make a connection to beings in the higher spiritual realms.

It also aids you to connect with entities from other places in the universe including extra terrestrial beings. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Brookite?

There are quite a few motivations for why you might choose to use Brookite as it is known to be of value to you for the following:

  • These strong crystal energy stones are wonderful assets to use to help you to understand your life better
  • They may help you to discover your reason for being here on the earth at this time.

These are truly positive stones that help your vibration to rise. By assisting you to look at life in a new way, you may become more accepting of the possibilities as your future unfolds.

These stones resonate strongly within the higher chakras. In particular their energy will encourage the opening of the soul star chakra as well as the higher etheric chakras.

BrookiteBlack Brookite On Matrix

If you are already working with a particular guide, you may also find that you may meet a new teacher, who will be your guide when journeying using this stone.

The area within the higher realms that their energy will take you to, is also the dimension of the angels. 

Angelic beings may also be there to assist your progress and ally any fears you may have when you discover areas you have never before been to before.

These stones can help you to see that your spirit and physical body are one being. They can assist you to make contact with your spirit guides for the first time.

Brookite Stimulates The Brain

These crystals will stimulate the crown chakra and the third eye, and will also help you to move upwards within the soul star chakra and above.

Brookite crystals are quite unusual, and have a quite powerful ability to stimulate your higher chakras and areas of your brain that have never been opened.

BrookiteBrookite Stone

They stimulate the brain, and may open your awareness, assisting you to see and perceive things you have not experienced before.

This stimulation of your brain assists you to awaken to new experiences in the spiritual realms.

Their metaphysical properties relate to how they aid you to see things in a new way, recognizing that you are your spirit, a being of light not just a being in a physical body. 

How Will It Help You? 

You may be using it for developing psychic gifts or in meditation to experience its unusual qualities for journeying in the higher realms.

Additionally  you may also find that it is helpful to heal health issues at the same time.

While this crystal is primarily known for its action to boost your spiritual growth, it is also a good healing stone. 

Brookite assists the person using it to attract and retain additional energy, and it grounds high frequency light energy into the body.

It can be a helpful stone to energize the chakras, and its vibration may boost you if you are feeling lethargic or apathetic.

It helps you to stay in the present moment and simply go with the flow. It also assists you to deal with situations that you might be finding intolerable.

Its energy boosts your awareness of beliefs that have brought you to your current situation and that you would benefit by changing.

 Brookite Healing Properties

There are a number of excellent Brookite healing properties and it is said to be helpful for anyone with debilitating health issues.

It is purported to help circulation problems and may help to strengthen the major organs and is known to be advantageous when used following surgery.

It may help you if you have fertility concerns, as they are said to be good crystals for stimulating fertility when it is related to underactivity in your ability to conceive. 


While its action is most well known for its resonance within the higher chakras, it does have a good effect within the sacral and base chakras.

It's energy is known to aid the liver, kidneys and heart, is said to help the skin to deal with UV light, and is known to protect you against EMR's from certain electrical devices. 

It has an action that is known to assist the body to better assimilate the minerals in food, so these are excellent reasons for using it, over and above its powerful attributes within the higher chakras.

Where Is It From? Brookite Meaning

Brookite generally occurs as very small tabular crystals, and they may be found on a matrix of other stone or occasionally in quartz.

Their color varies, but it is usually black, dark grey, or shades of brown including reddish brown and white.

This is a titanium oxide stone that has been found in only a few locations, including England, Arkansas in the United States, Russia and the alps of France, Switzerland and Italy.

The meaning of their name relates to the mineralogist that they were named after, Henry James Brooke.

These stones may occur in combination with minerals such as Albite, Rutile and Anatase, and with quartz crystal.

Brookite In QuartzBrookite in Quartz

While they are fairly uncommon, and may sometimes be described as rare, it is reasonably easy to obtain them if you look for them at specialist crystal suppliers.

While it is not a common stone, it is possible to buy Brookite stone fairly easily. Many specimens shown in the pictures are very small, and this is a quite common size to find them in.

Some pieces have a strong smell, which can be unpleasant, yet others do not have the smell, so this may or may not be the case with the pieces you obtain.

How To Use Brookite

The primary way to use Brookite stone is in meditation. It is an excellent crystal to assist you to make connections with beings in the higher realms.

While these may be beings that are extra terrestrial, you may also make contact with angels or specific spirit guides that are waiting to assist you,  to take your spiritual growth to a higher level.

Brookite is a powerful third eye chakra stone, that needs to be felt and experienced to fully understand its energy.

You can feel it stimulating your brain, sort of like someone tickling you inside your head, and some people experience it as a deep pulsating rhythm at the third eye.


When used on the third eye chakra, you can feel a quite obvious energy that seems to be not only centered at the third eye, but it also radiates upwards within the brain and the crown chakra.

However you feel it expect it to quickly begin to move your awareness higher. You may meet extra terrestrial beings, or you may make contact with nature spirits.

You will progress upwards into a realm of infinite possibilities, on a journey to realms where you may meet guides and beings that are there to help your spiritual progress.

Powerful Ascension Stones

There is no right or wrong way to use these stones, it does depend on what your journey in this life is meant to be.

These are powerful ascension crystals, so allow yourself to flow with the energy there.

If you allow yourself to be open to it, it can change you relationship with the universal mind, helping you to fully connect to the energy of all that is.

Three Small Brookite StonesThree Small Brookite Stones

Each of us can experience this in a different way, and I have read reports of people experiencing amazing visions with stunning geometric shapes.

But whatever you see, expect that it will be quite different to your usual journey in the higher dimensions. 

Brookite can help you to open up various psychic communication gifts, and this can vary from person to person.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

It is also known as a stone that will stimulate the kundalini to rise, as it stimulates and activates the chakra column within the spine.

Working with the kundalini can be a highly spiritual experience, but for some people it can also be very painful.

So please read my article on kundalini activation, to be prepared for what may occur.


If you wish to utilize it to develop your various psychic gifts, you might choose to combine it with specific stones that stimulate the birth of a particular psychic ability.

The size of these crystals is generally very small, but they have an intense action that aids your spiritual growth. 

Because they help to create such a strong expansion of your consciousness, they can help to boost psychic gifts.

Best Crystals To Use With Brookite

What are the best crystals to combine with Brookite?

This is an excellent crystal to combine with other stones as it boosts the energy of the stones you are using it with, while grounding excess energy. 

It is one of the group of high crystal energy stones, and many are well known as ascension crystals.

This group of high vibration stones also includes a number of other powerful crystals that resonate strongly, and it will work well in combination with these stones.

Use it with other powerful stones, such as Libyan Desert Glass also called Libyan Gold Tektite, Moldavite, Nirvana Quartz and Tanzanite crystals. 

If you are working on your psychic communication abilities, you may like to use it with stones that have a good action to stimulate these gifts. 

If this is your intention, you may choose to combine it with other crystals, as it may strengthen other stone's action for this purpose.

Sugilite, Selenite, Apophyllite and Labradorite are four such stones, and are the crystals shown in the pictures below, but there are a lot more stones with pictures on the list in my article on developing psychic communication gifts.

As Brookite may also stimulate the kundalini, if you are using it for this purpose, a number of other stones could be combined with it

This includes Ethiopian Opal, Moldavite, Jet, Purple Sapphire or Tigers Eye.

There are a number of other high vibration crystal that have a powerful effect on the brain.

When holding my Brookite crystal in my hands while meditating with combinations of other stones, I found that I could feel the energy run from my hands up my arms and into my head.

If placed on the third eye you may feel the energy more quickly, but you may need to lie down rather than sit while using it.

If you wish to experience this, you might choose to combine it with other stones that stimulate the brain, particularly stones that also have an effect on that area. This includes Natrolite, White Heulandite, Phenacite and Herderite.

Some people find the energy of Brookite to be too much for them, as it does have a strong stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Keep some of the calming stones close at hand when you first use it, just in case its is too much for you, as it is very stimulating.

Stones that are specifically known to relieve your stress are good choices that you can use to bring you back to a normal state of being.

These include the lithium based stones such as Lithium Quartz, Amblygonite, Pink Tourmaline or Lepidolite.

More Pictures Of Brookite

Brookite for meditation and psychic giftsBrookite for meditation and psychic gifts

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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