Ascension Stone That Aids Communication


Babingtonite is known as an ascension stone, and its crystal properties may assist you to see the situations that came forward with you into this current life that need changing.

When you are working on past life issues, this vibration may help you discover if there are any impediments that are preventing you from living the life you came here to accomplish.

They may aid you to achieve those things that you need to attain by assisting with the release of obstructions that could be holding back your progress.

The vibration of this stone may help you if you need to alter some things in your life, to allow you to attain what you desire. It is known to assist those who have a negative point of view regarding things that they own.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Babingtonite

This mineral was named for the Irish mineralogist and physician William Babington. It is the state mineral for Massachusetts USA.

These translucent or transparent crystals are known to be quite brittle, and may occur as as a druzy coating or as short prismatic crystal clusters.

It was first discovered in 1824 in Norway and has since been found in India, England, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Russia, Germany, Austria, Australia and New Zealand as well as in various locations in the USA including Massachusetts.


It is the blackish mineral in the image above, and this is one of the most common color in which it occurs. 

It contains iron and has a mild magnetic charge, enough to affect a compass.

It is commonly found with lighter colored zeolites, as well as alongside quartz or calcite and often with Prehnite.

While its color color is commonly black, it may also be brown, blackish green or greenish brown.

Metaphysical and Healing Attributes

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This is a stone that has a number of good healing attributes. Its resonance within the throat chakra  works to help you both physically and metaphysically.

In the metaphysical sense, it is beneficial in the area of the throat to use if you have communication issues.

It may particularly help you if you are shy and need help getting words out. It has a useful action to help you to converse more easily with others.

It may assist you to articulate your thoughts with a quite enthusiastic approach to the subject, yet it aids you to speak with discrimination and sensitivity.

The energy of this stone may also assist you to discover if the various relationships in your life are beneficial to you or not. This relates to both close or private relationships as well as professional associations.

It can be used close to or at the throat to treat thyroid conditions, and other health issues related to the area of the throat. It is also known to stimulate your sense of taste.

It resonates strongly at the heart chakra assisting the health of the physical heart as well as aiding  the health of the veins.

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