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 F Section Of The Stones From D To F

Fire AgateFire Agate

The crystals healing properties found on this page are specific to the stones in the F section of the D to F alphabetic category. This is the final part of this section of the alphabet.

Following the picture of each stone on this page there is a short explanation regarding the attributes of the individual stone, which may help you to decide whether they may benefit you.

Where I have written an in-depth article on any specific stone, you will see a link highlighting the name under the picture. Simply click on the link if you wish to learn more about that stone.

Crystals Healing Properties F Section

There is a table below, with a list of the crystals covered on this page.  At the end of the article is a table with the stones divided into chakras, so you can learn which chakras each stone predominantly assists.

Fairy Stones
Fire Agate
Fire Quartz
Fishtail Selenite

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Crystals Healing Properties - F

Faden Quartz is an interesting quartz configuration. If you would like to read more in-depth information about specific quartz configurations, take a look at the article on quartz formations and configurations.

Fairy Stones are also known as the fairy cross. These names have been used in the past to refer to Staurolite stones, which embody a cross within them.

Their crystals healing properties relate to their energy to help you to make contact with the fairy kingdom, as well as to the energy of the earth itself.

The fairy kingdom has a quite lovely sweet energy, and by making a connection with these beings you may also find that you gain a greater appreciation for the earth herself.

Staurolite crystals have historically been used for white magic ceremonies, as they help to boost your connection with natural energy. They are also helpful healing stones and can assist you to beat addictions, and they are also good grounding stones.

Fire Agate has a strong connection to the earth, and its attributes are extremely protective.

It builds a shield of protection around the body, and returns any type of psychic attack back to where it came from.

For anyone who has been working with highly spiritual stones and is ungrounded, this stone will bring you spiritual grounding and zest for living.

It awakens the base and sacral chakras, and it assists sexuality, stamina and aids manifestation.

Harlequin quartzFire Quartz

Fire Quartz is also known under a number of other names including as Agnitite, Flame Quartz or Harlequin Quartz.

This crystals healing properties relate to the inclusions within the quartz, which are usually red Hematite but may also be Lepidocrocite.

The stones vary from pale crystals with little color, through to vibrant bright red ones.

They are excellent stones to aid anyone who feels loathe to participate in activity, as they will make you more adventurous and interested in life.

These are excellent stone to make you feel animated and energetic, and they may stimulate spontaneous action. They are a stone of liveliness and enjoyment of life, and they may encourage you to get out and do more.

Fishtail Selenite is also known as Angel Wing Selenite, and is a powerful high vibration stone.

It is well known for its action to aid spiritual development, and they are also excellent to use as healing stones.

If you are a crystal healer, you may choose to use one of these at the soul star chakra, as they are powerful to aid energy from the spiritual realm to make its way into the body.

These crystals healing properties are quite stunning as they are powerful to cleanse the whole of the aura of negativity. They bring positive emotional healing and assist in calming anyone who feels stressed, as they help to elevate your mood.

FlintFlint Natural English Stone

Flint is an ancient stone, that was used in the past, in every aspect of people's lives, to make tools, knives and other useful objects.

It became a sacred stone that drew the help of the Gods to their lives.

These days we are aware of this crystals healing properties, as they have a strong energy that will cut away spiritual connections that are no longer helpful.

When we are in relationships of any kind, we create etheric ties to each other. These ties can connect very deeply and can create health issues.

Use this stone at any or all chakras, one by one, asking spirit to cut the ties that have bound you to others, and free yourself from the restrictions that these unwanted ties can create.

It is also a helpful protection stone, and is advantageous to assist you to manage your money better and through this increase your personal wealth.

FluoriteFluorite Natural Octohedron Shape

Fluorite comes in a range of colors. The crystals healing properties vary according to the color of various stones, as the different colored natural crystals have different properties.

It will particularly aid thinking as it is stimulating on the mental plane. It acts like a vacuum cleaner clearing out unwanted thoughts that are creating mental confusion.

Many of these stones, including the lovely Rainbow Fluorite, embody a mixture of colors. It is useful to have the mixture within the one stone, as they work within a variety of different chakras.

Specific colored crystals will have a stronger action at particular chakras. The beautiful Magenta Fluorite is a good example, as it is a strong higher heart chakra stone, bringing an increase of love and compassion into your life.


Forsterite comes in shades of yellow, including pale yellow like this one, as well as green, brown, black or white.

It is excellent to enhance communication with your spirit guides, and helps you to clearly understand and receive messages that come through from your guides.

This crystals healing properties relate to its action to boost your ability to overcome health issues of any kind.

It is said to specifically help those with fungal infections and to assist physical motor problems.

Forsterite is a good stone to help you to think clearly, and it calms and soothes your energy allowing you to feel centered and able to deal with problems as they arise.

If it is necessary for your life path to take a deviation off the planned course, it will help you to see when this is of value to your overall life journey.Otherwise it helps you to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Fuchsite is a heart chakra stone that is extremely useful for healers to have in their healing room.

It may be called 'The Healers Stone' as it prevents the healer from 'surrogating' or taking responsibility for another's healing.

It can also be useful in a family situation, where there is a person who becomes the patient on whom others project their desires for the family's health, or lack of.

This stone allows each person in its vicinity to be responsible for their own health, growth and movement forward in their life. Look into its light and gain wisdom from the universal mind.

Fulgurite is a type of glass, very special glass formed by a lightning strike onto sandy soil or sand.

These high vibration stones embody the powerful energy of lightning within them, and makes them a powerful manifestation tool.

By praying fervently and then blowing your prayer out, through the center of the stone, to the universe, many people believe that this is amazingly effective to manifest.

For it to be successful it is best to sit with it in meditation, before you blow through it.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world." Albert Einstein.

Chakra Stones F
Soul Star Chakra
Fishtail Selenite, Flint
Crown Chakra
Faden Quartz, Fairy Stones, Fishtail Selenite, Fluorite, Forsterite, Fuchsite
Third Eye Chakra
Fairy Stones, Fishtail Selenite, Fuchsite, Fulgurite
Throat Chakra
Higher Heart Chakra
Fluorite (Magenta color)
Heart Chakra
Fairy Stones, Fire Quartz, Fluorite, Fuchsite, Fulgurite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Fire Agate
Sacral Chakra
Fire Agate, Flint
Base Chakra
Fairy Stones, Fire Agate, Fire Quartz, Flint
Earth Star Chakra
Fairy Stones, Fire Agate, Flint

Crystal Books

The crystal books shown below are very in-depth crystal reference books. All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

Melody's Encyclopedia, Love Is In The Earth, is a book that covers more than most. This book gives you so much information, and covers so many crystals that on its own is almost a reference library.

Checkout my reviews as there are also a number of other books that are excellent reference books as well. If you wish to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books Click Here.

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